Opportunity Shaping

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Test whether your business or startup idea is a true opportunity. I help clients be clear, credible and compelling. Please follow me on LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/influencer/36792 or visit http://www.kasanoff.com

Transcript of Opportunity Shaping

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  • Is the change enduring? Are all the essential elements present? Is this the right time for you? Are you the right person to capitalize on this change? Do other people care? Is your idea built on some significant change in the world? Is your pitch understandable and repeatable? We will test your idea on seven levels, starting from the bottom and working our way up. Shutterstock
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  • AVOIDING COMMON MISJUDGMENTS You can download a larger version here.
  • Siarhei Tolaki/Shutterstock Linked In: Articles | Profile Slideshare: Presentations Website: Kasanoff.com Book: Smart Customers, Stupid Companies Phone: 203.341.9448 Email: [email protected]