Open Tree of Life at Evolution 2014

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Open Tree of Life, v 1.0 Karen Cranston National Evolutionary Synthesis Center @kcranstn @opentreeoflife Community-enabled phylogenetic synthesis
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Transcript of Open Tree of Life at Evolution 2014

  • Open Tree of Life, v 1.0 Karen Cranston! National Evolutionary Synthesis Center! @kcranstn @opentreeoife! Community-enabled phylogenetic synthesis
  • Gordon Burleigh! Keith Crandall! Karl Gude! David Hibbett! Mark Holder! Laura Katz! Rick Ree! Stephen Smith! Doug Soltis! Tiffani Williams! + many postdocs, grad students and undergrads @NESCent: Karen Cranston, Jonathan Rees, Jim Allman
  • If we had the tree of life complete = contains all biodiversity! dynamic = updates when new results published! digitally available = browse, query, download
  • Synthesize published phylogenetic trees! Enable comment & feedback on synthetic tree! Allow updating through upload of new data
  • Expectation: Tree of life that represents our collective phylogenetic knowledge! Reality: Tree of life that illustrates digital availability of open phylogenetic and biodiversity data
  • Inputs: Published phylogenies Taxonomic hierarchies lter / weight input trees synthesize into binary tree process feedback input new data sets complete tree of life
  • NCBI taxonomy (578 taxa) Soltis et al APG III phylogeny (30 taxa) Dipsicales graph
  • Dipsicales graph Synthesized tree; phylogenetic structure with all 578 taxa
  • More details about synthesis Smith, Brown, and Hinchliff. "Analyzing and Synthesizing Phylogenies Using Tree Alignment Graphs." PLoS computational biology 9.9 (2013): e1003223.!! Cranston: Technical and social challenges to synthesizing the tree of life! Smith: Exploring graphs for mapping and synthesizing phylogenies
  • 2.22 million tips ! ! 7 taxonomies, including NCBI, GBIF, SILVA! ! ~3000 phylogenetic studies; 335 in synthetic tree tip = lineage with >= 500 descendants! grey = lineage with > 1 tip from a phylogeny Open Tree of Life, v 1.0
  • node provenance
  • edge provenance
  • >10000 per year ~ 4% deposited in TreeBASE / Dryad publishedphylogenies estimates from Stoltzfus et al 2012, Drew et al 2013 phylogenetic knowledge digitally available phylogenetic knowledge increase to 16% by contacting authors directly
  • TREE Fig._S1 = [&R] (2,1,((3,7),(4,(6,(33,(15,((20,(47,((51, (49,50)),(46,(48,(52,16)))))),(((44,45),((18,(12,(13,(43,42)))), ((41,((39,38),(40,17))),((35,9),(34,(36,37)))))),(32,(((21,19), ((30,14),(22,((11,31),((27,25),(23,((28,(24,8)),(10,(26, (5,29)))))))))),((((72,(63,57)),((65,64),((66,67),(68,(69,(70, (71,54))))))),(((82,59),(60,(61,(62,55)))),((80,(81,56)),((53, (77,78)),((75,73),(76,(58,74))))))),((88,((86,87),((85,84), (83,89)))),(79,((91,(93,(95,(92,(96,(94,90)))))),((100,(99,98)), (97,(((168,((172,185),((159,101),(109,157)))),(((181,(179,180)), ((102,(183,187)),(175,(176,(178,177))))),(212,((195,(210,211)), (199,((201,(196,202)),((194,197),((203,(192,205)),(204,(193,((209, (208,206)),(198,(200,207))))))))))))),(113,(((154,((169,170), (103,191))),((131,126),(128,((134,135),(129,(125,((132,130), (104,133)))))))),((((190,166),((162,171),((116,120),(115,114)))), ((122,(188,(186,108))),((118,(119,105)),(117,(158,(184,189)))))), ((123,124),(((148,((165,161),(174,182))),((106,121),(163, (167,127)))),((173,(156,(155,160))),(164,(((136,137),(139, (138,107))),((153,145),(112,(((146,143),(144,(140,141))), ((142,152),(147,((110,111),(149, (150,151))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))); thermore, a paraphyletic relationship of phorids and syrphids would support the hypothesis that their shared special mode of extraembryonic development (dorsal amnion closure) (26) evolved in the stem lineage of Cyclorrhapha and preceded the origin of the schizophoran amnioserosa. To test this hypothesis, we used a relatively recent phylogenomic marker: small, noncoding, regulatory micro-RNAs (miRNAs). miRNAs exhibit a striking phylogenetic pattern of conservation across the metazoan tree of life, suggesting the accumulation and maintenance of miRNA families throughout organismal evolution Fig. 1. Combined molecular phylogenetic tree for Diptera. Partitioned ML analysis of combined taxon sets of tier 1 and tier 2 FLYTREE data samples (lnL = 344155.6169) calculated in RAxML. Circles indicate bootstrap support >80% (black/bp = 95100%, gray/bp = 8894%, white/bp = 8088%). Nodes with im- proved bootstrap values resulting from postanalysis pruning of unstable taxa are marked by stars (black/bp = 95100%, gray/bp = 8894%, white/bp = 80 88%). Colored squares on terminal branches indicate the presence, in at least one species of a family, of ecological traits as shown to lower left. The number of origins of each trait was estimated with reference to the phylogeny, the distribution of each trait among genera within a family, and the known biology of the organisms. Wiegmann et al. PNAS Early Edition | 3 of 6 EVOLUTION re-root! clean up taxon labels! add annotations
  • How do I get OpenTree data? browse:! synthetic tree:! taxonomy: ! input trees: phylesystem ! API access: wiki/Open-Tree-of-Life-APIs
  • @opentreeoflife @iEvoBio Using a git-based datastore for community contributed phylogenies : Emily Jane McTavish! Using peyotl and Open Tree of Life APIs : Mark Holder! Taxonomic data exchange as expression and synthesis of phylogenetic claims : Jonathan Rees
  • For further information:! Tree-for-all! A hackathon to develop / access Open Tree of Life data and services Tree of Life OPEN September 15 to 19! University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Applications open now! Due July 8!