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How can open standards and APIs be used to improve public service delivery in the developing world? What are the challenges and lessons learned from developing and implementing a common open data standard globally? What is the role of the tech community and API specialists in such a process? Pernilla Näsfors is working as a Development Data Specialist at the World Bank, helping recipients of aid to open up and standardize the data in their country systems. At the Nordic APIs Stockholm conference on March 31, 2014, Pernilla Näsfors was sharing her experiences from working with other international aid donors and local governments at the World Bank, and from her previous job as the product manager of the website at the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), one of the first Swedish government websites with an open API.

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  • Open Standards and APIs for a Better World Nordic APIs Stockholm 2014-03-31 Pernilla Nsfors Twitter: @pernillan
  • An investment in better information is an investment in better development - APC Colombia (La Agencia Presidencial de Cooperacin Internacional de Colombia)
  • World Bank Goals - Ending Extreme Poverty - Decrease the percentage of people living with less than $1.25 a day to no more than 3% by 2030 - Promoting Shared Prosperity - Promote income growth of the bottom 40% of the population in each country
  • The Open World Bank What We Know (Data, Research & Knowledge) Open Data Initiative Open Knowledge Repository Knowledge Reports What We Do (Operations, Finances & Results) Projects & Operations Open Finances IEG Evaluations Mapping for Results Corporate Scorecard AidFlows How We Work (Partnerships for Openness) Open Aid Partnership Open Government Partnership Knowledge Platforms Kenya/Moldova Open Data Portal Access to Information Policy
  • Open Aid Partnership - Turning aid reporting upside down -
  • World Bank APIs - Indicators (time series data) - Projects (World Bank operations) - World Bank Finances - Climate Data - RESTful with (at least)JSON and XML -
  • > 8000 Indicators Environment External Debt Agriculture Economy Gender Public Sector Urban Development Health Climate Change Trade Poverty Private Sector Social Development Aid Effectiveness Infrastructure Rural Development Energy Science & Technology Education Social Protection & Labor Growth
  • - Hub for statistics and documents about Swedish development cooperation from the 70s until today - API launched 2011 - Moving to IATI API
  • IATI = International Aid Transparency Initiative
  • Multi-stakeholder
  • Traceability
  • Publish Once Use Often IATI$ CRS$ FSS$ FTS$ EDRIS$ IFAF$ AIMS$
  • Dogfooding - Using your Public API as a Private API is likeEating your own dog food - Organizations who use their own IATI data for visualizations etc tend to increase their data quality
  • IATI APIs - IATI Datastore - - OIPA by Akvo & Zimmerman & Zimmerman - - AidData -
  • Challenges - Timely, comprehensive and forward looking data - Data quality - Traceability with e.g. budget and unique organization identifiers - Access and use of data - Governance
  • How Can You Contribute? How do you think you and your organization can contribute to creating a better world using your skills and expertise?
  • #ICT4D = Information and Communication Technologies for Development Follow e.g. @SidaICT4D
  • #OKFEST14 = Open Knowledge Festival Berlin, 15-17 July 2014 - Open Minds to Open Action - & @okfestival - Working Groups: e.g. Open Development / #opendev - Local groups: & @okfnse
  • Thank You! Now Go and Save the World! Pernilla Nsfors Twitter: @pernillan