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  • 1.Open Happiness and Enjoy Lifes SimplePleasures With Coca-Cola Corporate, January 21, 2009 New Global Integrated Marketing Campaign for Coca-Cola Embraces Positive Outlook in Evolution of Award-Winning "Coke Side of Life" Campaign To Launch in U.S. Tonight on "American Idol" And Worldwide Over Next Few WeeksAtlanta - Building on the award-winning "Coke Side of Life" campaign, The Coca-ColaCompany today invites the billions of people around the world who love to pause and refreshthemselves with a Coke to "Open Happiness" and continue to enjoy one of lifes simplepleasures. That is the central message for "Open Happiness" -- Coca-Colas new globalintegrated marketing campaign that launches in the U.S. this week.Open Happiness will serve as the platform for all integrated marketing for brand Coca-Colaglobally. The first televised spots will break tonight on "American Idol" on FOX in the U.S.,with more to air in the following weeks, including during the broadcasts of the Super Bowlon NBC and the Academy Awards on ABC. The fully integrated campaign -- including newpoint of sale, promotions, outdoor and print advertising, digital and music components andmore -- will roll out throughout the first half of 2009 in markets around the world."Throughout its history, Coca-Cola has always tried to express a refreshingly positive view ofthe world," said Joe Tripodi, chief marketing and commercial leadership officer, The Coca-Cola Company. "Open Happiness builds on that heritage, recognizing that even with thedifficulties and stress of modern-day life there still are opportunities, every day, to find amoment to recognize lifes simple pleasures. This new campaign reminds people that Coke isalways there to offer that small moment of fun and refreshment when you need it."Open Happiness is an evolution of the Coke Side of Life, a campaign that featured award-winning commercials such as "Video Game," "Happiness Factory," and "Its Mine" and wasused as the primary marketing platform in nearly every one of the more than 200 countriesaround the world where Coca-Cola is sold. The new campaign will continue to invite peopleto bring positivity, optimism and fun into their lives through engaging creative and anupdated message. The campaign also was developed to provide a clear role for Coca-Cola, setting the stage for a rich in-store and shopper experience."Open Happiness is designed to work at every level -- from national advertising all the waydown to coolers and store shelves, with a clear call to action at the point of purchase,"continued Tripodi. "The combination of inspirational marketing and in-store execution incollaboration with our bottling partners worldwide will ensure we continue to reinvigorate thesparkling category."The campaign will break first in the U.S. with print ads and new television commercialsairing this week. Outdoor advertising and in-store executions will appear by the end of the

2. month. Music will also play a central role in the new campaign beginning with a new musictrack featured in one of the ads that will be released as a single. The music is a collaborationfeaturing the combined talents of Gnarls Barkleys Cee-Lo, Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy,Brendon Urie from Panic at the Disco, Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes and Grammy-nominated Janelle Monae and produced by Polow Da Don and Butch Walker."Central to Open Happiness is the simple notion of enjoying an ice-cold Coca-Cola andtaking a small break from the day to connect with others," said Katie Bayne, chief marketingofficer, Coca-Cola North America. "With this new campaign, thats exactly what wereinviting people to do more often -- open a Coke and share a little happiness."In addition to the Open Happiness campaign, the entire Coca-Cola Trademark in NorthAmerica will have significant advertising and marketing support. Two new Coke Zero adsdebuted on the premiere of American Idol last week and later this month, the successful DietCoke Red Dress program, in conjunction with The Heart Truth, will begin its second year.Coca-Cola will also have new advertising under the "Open Happiness" theme in celebrationof Black History Month. Visitors to will be able to preview the twonew Coca-Cola spots that will air during the broadcast of the Super Bowl on NBC.The global campaign was developed in partnership with Wieden + Kennedy, the globalagency for brand Coca-Cola since 2006.About The Coca-Cola CompanyThe Coca-Cola Company is the worlds largest beverage company, refreshing consumers withmore than 450 sparkling and still brands. Along with Coca-Cola, recognized as the worldsmost valuable brand, the Companys portfolio includes 12 other billion dollar brands,including Diet Coke, Fanta, Sprite, Coca-Cola Zero, vitaminwater, POWERADE,Minute Maid and Georgia Coffee. Globally, we are the No. 1 provider of sparklingbeverages, juices and juice drinks and ready-to-drink teas and coffees. Through the worldslargest beverage distribution system, consumers in more than 200 countries enjoy theCompanys beverages at a rate of 1.5 billion servings a day. With an enduring commitment tobuilding sustainable communities, our Company is focused on initiatives that protect theenvironment, conserve resources and enhance the economic development of the communitieswhere we operate. For more information about our Company, please visit our Web site NOTE: Downloadable images from the new campaign as well as viewing filesof the television commercials are available in the Press Center at ### 3. India"Thanda matlab Coca-Cola!" ("Cold means Coca-Cola!") (2000s) [2]"Pio sar utha ke" ("Drink with pride")"Jo chaho ho jaye, Coca-Cola enjoy!" ("Whatever you wish will come true, enjoy Coca-Cola!")"Burrrrrrrrr" ("Refreshment" )(2011)Sar utha ke piyo....The new Coke AdWell, we thought we had seen it all, people using humor, subtle use of brand colors, associating abrand with a feeling-like victory, Joy and what not- but coke has come up with a new ad that playson the "pride" Factor. Associates the manner in which a person would drink coke (with their headsup), with pride. Its a wonderful and innovative ad, creativity to move away from clichesCoca Cola Piyo Sar Utha Ke commercial Reviewsfirst reviewed by Paulomi79Sort Reviews By :oReviews: 2Blogs: 0Send GiftsSend MessageTrust this membero Read 1269 timesComments (1)great show for coke and aamir kamalrnair | Oct 18, 2005 05:20 PM Members Rating: 5Coca Cola Piyo Sar Utha Ke commercialCamera Effects:Concept:Execution:Model Choice: 4. Model Performance: Jingle:it is again Aamir trying things innovative.the coke ad is really contemporary andcool.and the new tagline it is great,simple,every layman could relate the tagline andthe whole ad is optimistic and spreads a positive vibe for the people.The tag is again Aamir trying things innovative.the coke ad is really contemporary and cool.and the newtagline it is great,simple,every layman could relate the tagline and the whole ad is optimistic andspreads a positive vibe for the people.The tag line Piyo Sar Utha Ke suits well for the softdrink plusthe execution of the 45 second ad is simply great with equal importance for all the elements in thead. the photography is nice,the music is really suiting the mood of the ad and the modulation shift ofAamirs voice is well recorded.Coke continuing Aamir as their brand ambassador has given themwhat they wanted.The coke for all seasons is very much related as Aamir for all seasons even if heacts very few movies, or even his mangal pandey dint do great business , the bottom line iswhenever he comes in an ad or a movie we have huge expectations from him.The coke series of adswith him has been successful for him and also for the company.on the whole the perfection tag isnot only with aamir but on all the deparments of the Ad.Coca Cola India Shadow CampaignCoca-ColaFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, searchThis article is about the beverage. For its manufacturer, see The Coca-Cola Company."Coca-Cola Classic" redirects here. For the NCAA football game, see Coca-Cola Classic (collegefootball).Coca-ColaType Soft drink 5. Manufacturer The Coca-Cola CompanyCountry of origin United StatesIntroduced 1886ColorCaramel E-150d Cola, Cola Cherry, Cola Vanilla, Cola Green Tea, Cola Lemon, Cola LemonFlavor Lime, Cola Lime, Cola Orange and Cola Raspberry.Variants See Brand portfolio section below Pepsi RC Cola Cola Turka Zam Zam Cola Mecca-Cola Virgin ColaRelated products Parsi Cola Qibla Cola Evoca Cola Corsica Cola Breizh Cola Afri 6. The Las Vegas Strip World of Coca-Cola museum in 2003Coca-Cola is a carbonated soft drink sold in stores, restaurants, and vending machines inmore than 200 countries.[1] It is produced by The Coca-Cola Company of Atlanta, Georgia,and is often referred to simply as Coke (a registered trademark of The Coca-Cola Companyin the United States since March 27, 1944). Originally intended as a patent medicine when itwas invented in the late 19th century by John Pemberton, Coca-Cola was bought out bybusinessman Asa Griggs Candler, whose marketing tactics led Coke to its dominance of theworld soft-drink market throughout the 20th century.The company produces concentrate, which is then sold to licensed Coca-Cola bottlersthroughout the world. The bottlers, who hold territorially exclusive contracts with thecompany, produce finished product in cans and bottles from the concentrate in combinationwith filtered water and sweeteners. The bottlers then sell, distribute and merchandise Coca-Cola to retail stores and vending machines. Such bottlers include Coca-Cola Enterprises,which is the largest single Coca-Cola bottler in North America and western Europe. TheCoca-Cola Company also sells concentrate for soda fountains to major restaurants and foodservice distributors.The Coca-Cola Company has, on occasion, introduced ot