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Using Open Badges To Reward & Evidence Competence

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  • 1. Using Open Badges To Reward & Evidence Competence

2. History RWA established for over 20 years in the UK Financial Services sector as a business & training consultancy. In 2007, RWA launched an e-learning platform (The OBELISK) to help UK insurance brokers evidence and maintain competence. The UK regulator (was FSA, now FCA) state that you must be competent to do the job that you do and there MUST BE regular assessment and supervision of that competence. In 2012, we joined up with Aviva to grow the platform and have since been on a journey to educate and engage professional advisers to want to learn and assess their knowledge. Currently have 5,000 users and growing 3. What Is Competence? Knowledge Understanding Application Someone who is deemed competent has the knowledge needed for a job, they understand how to do the job and can then apply the knowledge and understanding to defined standards 4. Formative Learning Gap Analysis Assessment Learning Gap Analysis Revisited Evidence & Reward Its more important to find out what you dont know (not what you do know) as that is where the risks to your business lie. 5. Regulator: Tell me how you evidence your competence Employee: I took a 20 question online assessment. I scored 50% and looked at the knowledge and understanding gaps to find out what I didnt know and understand. I then focused on filling those gaps through peer discussion, online learning, reading and face to face training. When I was satisfied that I had learned the knowledge and understood the issues I then went back and did the assessment again. This time I scored 90% and knowing that the 10% I did not know and understand was not a measurable risk to my client my supervisor was satisfied that I was now competent, under supervision, to work with clients. In Very Simple Terms 6. Evidence & Reward Heres my learning file! OR 7. Evidence & Reward Look at what Ive achieved! 8. RWA & Open Badges Started using Open Badges 12 Months Ago Now have over 100 Badges that can be earned based on completing competency based assessment and learning. Developing a second tier of badge rewards for non competency based tasks. User of the Month Badge awarded to 1 user per month Night Owl Badge awarded to those who use the system after 7pm Mobile User Badge awarded to those who use the system on a mobile browser To date we have issued 815 Open Badges 9. RWA & Open Badges We design all our badges in house, using our creative design team Badges follow a similar style to match our branding RWA set the criteria for earning a badge Majority are therefore system generated as triggered once assessment criteria is met Majority have an expiry date of last day of year encourages learners to re-assess competence every year to keep badges up to date. 10. Our Biggest Badge Earner 20 Open Badges in 2 Months 11. Our Biggest Badge Earner Why do I train? - I want less gaps in my knowledge than my teeth. What motivates me? - Being part of a great team and just simply wanting to give a brilliant service. Why OBELISK? - It's great fun collecting the badges, brings back fond memories of the girl guides Kind Regards, Miss July 2014 - Julie Bristow 12. Badge Stats Total Female Male Nearly 50:50 split between male and female badge earners. 13. Other Stats 88% of all OBELISK usage takes place conducting an assessment (not learning) 7% of all OBELISK usage takes place in the evenings at home or at weekends By end of 2014, we should have achieved 1m platform log clicks in 1 year 2007 2012: It took us 5 years to achieve the same figure. 14. What Does This Mean? Competency based learning and assessment is working as a means to engage the professional learner. Open Badges contribute to that engagement as they reward learners and aid motivation. Moving away from formal CPD towards personal development Give individuals the tools to better their knowledge and competence and they will use them. 15. Challenges & The Future Not everyone is engaged with the idea of earning a badge Badge does not represent formal CPD in a professional environment Backpacks and Portability are not easy to promote Sharing badges on social media Use in mobile applications Use in CVs and appraisal forms General public awareness 16. Questions Tom Wood Director RWA e-Learning [email protected] Twitter: @TheRealTomWood LinkedIn: Feel Free To Connect & Chat Further