Open Badges (Jisc Online Conference 2013)

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Slides to accompany a presentation by Doug Belshaw and Tim Riches at the Jisc Online Conference 2013:

Transcript of Open Badges (Jisc Online Conference 2013)

  • 1.Jisc Online Conference 2013

2. Using Open Badges to credential knowledge and skills in your organisation The Open Badges Infrastructure (OBI) allows anyone to display and exchange trusted digital credentials. They enable people and organisations to capture the types of skills, knowledge and behaviours that we value but often nd it dicult to recognise with traditional credentialing. This session will explore Mozilla's Open Badges Infrastructure and how it can be used to credential everything from learning to aliation. There will be an opportunity to ask questions specic to the Further and Higher Education sectors. 3. Who are you? Dr. Doug Belshaw Mozilla [email protected] [email protected] 4. Who are you? Tim Riches CEO,[email protected] [email protected] 5. Mozilla! (global non-prot) 6. Digital badges have been around for ages 7. ...but theyre dicult to verify and theyre easy to copy 8. Enter Open Badges! (or more accurately, the OBI) 9. Image CC BY Kyle BowenOpen badges contain hard-coded metadata 10. 11. This is how it works 12. A person or organisation issues a badge 13. Earner chooses to put it in their backpack 14. Collections of badges can be shared to unlock new opportunities and possibilities. 15. An Open Badges backpack 16. Example of metadata in an Open Badge 17. 18. 19. Some of the organisations involved in the ecosystem 20. Get startedNOW! 21. 3rd-party badge issuer Get started now, data on someone elses serverUse a pluginAdd to existing installation, host own dataRoll own solution (API)Hire a developer, own your data, tight integration 22. 3rd-party badge issuer Get started now, data on someone elses server 23. 24. Coming soon... 25. Our Goal with BadgeKit To improve the badging experience for issuers, learners and consumers, making open badging simple and easy to do. 26. A set of open, foundational tools to make the badging process easy and simple. 27. D I ssueiscoverB uild A ssess ollect S hare C 28. BadgeKit Timing & Cost Pieces of BadgeKit are already in use with select partners. The public beta launch of the full MVP BadgeKit is targeted for early March 2014. BadgeKit is open source, so the tools are available for usage for free. Mozilla can support a deeper engagement - hosting, integrating, customizing and/or supporting - for additional fees.