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description Understanding Yelp!, CitySearch, Insider Pages, Merchant Circle, Yahoo Local and reviews you see next to Google Maps. Find out what to do when (not if) you get a NEGATIVE consumer review on one of these sites. Also, learn the impact these reviews play on the increasingly popular idea of mobile or social search.

Transcript of Online Reviews Webinar

  • 1. What Can You Do About Online Reviews? presented by Randy & Donny Vaughn

2. Who Are We Talking About?

    • Also Angie's List, Judy's Book, Craig's List
    • Industry specific
    • Local newspaper/TV/radio website reviews

3. Who Uses Reviews?

  • You already use consumer review sites for judging:
    • HOTELS

4. Why Is This So Important?

    • Most business is local (outside of tourism)
    • Local search (via desktop or mobile device)

5. Facebook & Twitter Chatter

    • Fan Pages createabuzz about abusiness
    • Friends share goodandbad reviews intheir status updates
    • Twitter is a feedingfrenzy for WOM

6. Sample Review 7. Sample Review 8. "Can't I Just Ignore Them?" Ignorance may be bliss, but it can also lead to a HUGE MISS! 9. The Reality of Online Reviews

    • Happy customers walk away happy; dissatisfied customers like torant and rave
    • 70% of customers use their mobile device to find a business online
    • Not all do e-commerce, but most do research
    • Interaction with your brand or business leaves either a positive, negative or indifferent impression(only one is worth anything; the latter 2 are both detrimental)

10. Your Reputation is At Stake! "The time to build an audience is before you need it. You need people for whom you add value, a small army of followers who can help you when you need it." (M. Hyatt) 11. Know What's Being Said

    • Ask customers, new employee, friends
    • Monitor chatter in local paper or industry publications (letters to the editor)
    • Google news alerts, Twitter
    • Search all the review sites

12. Negative Reviews: What Can You Do? 13. Negative Reviews: What Can You Do?

    • Most consumer review sites offer the verified business owner the opportunity to respond to the accusation
    • Most sites have policies to remove reviews, but they WILL NOT REMOVE it just because you don't like it

14. Negative Reviews: How Will You Respond? Ignore it - pretend it's no big deal 15. Negative Reviews: How Will You Respond? Track down the reviewer and make 'em pay! . . . but is it worth the risk of your reputation? 16. Negative Reviews: How Will You Respond? Listen well and make changes 17. Negative Reviews: How Will You Respond? Report a terribly malicious review to the owners of the site . . . expect little! 18. Negative Reviews: How Will You Respond? Respond to the facts . . . tactfully and professionally 19. Negative Reviews: How Will You Respond? Make conversion the goal! now! 20. Negative Reviews: How Will You Respond? TIME BOMB: Simmer before you respond NEW CUSTOMER: Respond quickly LONG-TIMER: Respond personally 21. Negative Reviews: How Will You Respond? Admit that you failed their expectations . . . but without the "but"! 22. Negative Reviews: How Will You Respond? Let 'em go . . . some customers are not worth it! 23. BE PROACTIVE! BE PREPARED! 24. Set Up Business Profiles

    • Google Local Business Center
    • Bing Local Listing Center
    • Yahoo Local
    • Yelp!
    • Citysearch
    • MerchantCircle
    • insiderpages
  • . . . optimize each profile!

BASIC INFO - DESCRIPTION - COUPONS PICS CATEGORIES - LINKS PIN DROP LOCATOR 25. The best way to bury bad press is to flood the conversation with great press! 26. GET POSITIVE REVIEWS! 27. A BETTER STRATEGY

    • Never make up reviews
    • Move from comment cards to online reviews
    • Print out online reviews to put in a binder
    • Make it easy - share a link
    • 5. Direct customers to various review sites
    • 6. Call on Facebook Fans


    • Recognition works but don't bribe
    • Authenticity is huge for your customers!
    • WOW makes WOM!
    • Customer service
    • High-value content behind the stars
    • Content doubles for SEO value

29. More resources for you: services

    • Web Design
    • Customized Facebook Fan Pages
    • Social Media Strategy
    • Marketing Coaching
    • Graphic Design
    • Branding Consultation