Online Retailing Using Facebook

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This presentation is part of our E-commerce webinar series happening every quarter. The target audience are Retailers, Brands and Online sellers.

Transcript of Online Retailing Using Facebook

  • 1. Online Retailing using facebook7th webinar of the retail ecommerce seriesan embitel initiative20th Jan 2011 Better eCommerce 2010 Embitel

2. Speaker Founderdmc digital media center GmbH, ChairmanEmbitel, Indiawww.embitel.comDaniel [email protected] Studied Computer Science at University of Stuttgart Entrepreneur since 1992 Investor and business angel for 5+ IT companies Working in retail e-Commerce for last 15 years Responsible for development of e-retail sites like Neckermann, KodakBetter eCommerce 2010 Embitel 3. Top10 brand fan pages worldwide No 1:No 2: No 3: No 4:No 5:approx.approx. approx. approx.approx.27 mill. 21 mill.18 mill.17 mill. 14 mill. fans fansfansfans fans No 6:No 7: No 8: No 9: No 10:approx.approx. approx. approx.approx.13 mill. 12 mill.12 mill.10 mill.9 mill. fans fansfansfansfansBetter eCommerce 2010 Embitel 4. Top fan pages in India Better eCommerce 2010 Embitel 5. facebook stats 600+ Million users worldwide 50+ mio. users change their status every day Users spending approx. 30-120 minutes per day !!! BREAK !!! Better eCommerce 2010 Embitel 6. E-CommerceOffering and selling ofproducts and servicesSocial CommerceLeverage social mediato increase salesSocial Media Online platforms to support communication and interaction of users Better eCommerce 2010 Embitel 7. Agenda The 6 dimensions of social commerce Meet where you shop & shop where you meet Facebook and its integration methodologies Case Studies Outlook into "Facebook as a marketplace?" & SuggestionsBetter eCommerce 2010 Embitel 8. The 6 dimensions of socialcommerce Better eCommerce 2010 Embitel 9. The 6 dimensions of social commerce Ratings & reviewsSocial ads & appsForums & communitiesSocial media optimizations Social shopping Recommendations & referrals Better eCommerce 2010 Embitel 10. The 6 dimensions of social commerce 1/21. Ratings & reviews 4. Social media optimization customer ratings & reviews News feeds ratings & reviews of experts Deal feeds sponsored reviews Media sharing customer testimonials Social media events Link Building2. Recommendations & referrals Social bookmarking 5. Social ads & apps Referral & reward programs Social ads Social recommendations Social apps Social widgets3. Forums & communities Discussion forums Q&A forums Retail blogs Own customer communitiesBetter eCommerce 2010 Embitel 11. The 6 dimensions of social commerce 2/26. Social Shopping Social media stores Portable social graphs Facebook Connect Social Plug-in Googles Friend Connect Fluids Fluid Social Facebook commerce = Social shopping Group shopping Co-browsing Group gifting Social shopping portalsBetter eCommerce 2010 Embitel 12. Meet where you shop &shop where you meetBetter eCommerce 2010 Embitel 13. Meet where you shopBetter eCommerce 2010 Embitel 14. Meet where you shopDirect traffic Paid marketing Search enginesArea of user activity Better eCommerce 2010 Embitel 15. Shop where you meetBetter eCommerce 2010 Embitel 16. Shop where you meetArea of user activityBetter eCommerce 2010 Embitel 17. Facebook and its integrationmethodologies Better eCommerce 2010 Embitel 18. Two ways of facebook integrationCompany allows user to connect with friends or other userswhere the user is shoppingFacebook connect / Open graph protocol Company allows user to shop, where they meet friends and other usersFacebook application technology (app technology) Better eCommerce 2010 Embitel 19. Two ways of facebook integrationCommunity building facebook OpenGraph implementation Integration facebook plugins Content creation Implementation of integrated facebook tools Content management Integrated user management Community concept Recommendations Processes and Tools Ratings Information sharing . facebook app implementation Implementation facebook community apps Implementation facebook shops Product portfolio Community specific features Better eCommerce 2010 Embitel 20. Integration methodologiesBetter eCommerce 2010 Embitel 21. facebook mobile / placesfacebook mobile and facebook places facebook applications are available for many mobile platforms (android, iphone, etc.) Many Web-Interface are already optimized for browser-based surfing Using facebook places, user can: automatically submit its location search for friends nearby Location based services and location based marketing can by implemented by combiningfacebook mobile and facebook places Better eCommerce 2010 Embitel 22. facebook mobile / placesfacebook deals - a multichannel case Adds features to facebook places User can check-in into registered locations via facebookplaces, such as Restaurants Clubs Shops Registered locations / places can offer certain deals. Thefollowing deals are available: Individual deals: User gets a certain discount Friend deal: User and a friend getting a certain discount Loyalty deal: Returning client gets a certain discount Charity deal: For each user, a certain donation is performed Today only available in US Samples: GAP gives 10.000 free jeans to users checking into GAP brick-and-mortar stores H&M gives discount of 20% Starbucks and McDonalds donating 1 USD for each user checking into one of their locationsBetter eCommerce 2010 Embitel 23. facebook mobile / placesfacebook deals - examplesCheryl Cole Cheryl Cole has approx. 2.900.000 fans on facebook( The campaign named Poster check-in competition.Each user who checked-in next to a billboard, marketingthe new album, had the chance to win 2 tickets forconcert. The campaign ran in UK with some 13.000 participants.Nike Nike has approx. 2.900.000 fans on facebook The campaign supported the launch of a new product(Varsity Destroyer Jacket). The market the product,Nike started a partnership with US-basedfast-food chain KOi Fusion facebook user who checked-in at certain KOi Fusionlocations, ordering a Destroyer Burrito, received afree jacket. Also Twitter was used to give hints on participatingKOi Fusion outlets. Videos are available:( eCommerce 2010 Embitel 24. facebook credits facebook wants to establish facebook credits as a universalcurrency. Whenever a transaction is done, facebook keeps 30% ofrevenues. Currently, it is mainly used to pay virtual goods in facebookgames. Also used to make donations.( facebook credits can be purchased using credit cards mobile phones PayPal earned with facebook apps But: facebook credits can be used to pay in brick-and-mortarstores of Target, Wal-Mart in US and Tesco in UK. At BestBuyusers can buy facebook credits Via the payment provider MOL, facebook credits can be usedin over 500.000 stores, mainly in Asia and Australia. Better eCommerce 2010 Embitel 25. Case studies Better eCommerce 2010 Embitel 26. 1-800-FlowersSells directly on facebook 1-800-Flowers has approx. 50.000 fans onfacebook( Users can shop on the fanpage on wall within news-feed Fully integrated shop, including checkout processand payment After checkout, user can share his purchaseinformation with friends facebook app can also be integrated in externalwebsites Extensive use of reviews, ratings and commentsBetter eCommerce 2010 Embitel 27. Delta airlinesTicket sales on facebook Delta airlines hat approx 100.000 fans on facebook ( v=app_119581404755652 ) User can inform themselves on flight schedules, ticket prices, offerings Buy flight tickets including payment After checkout, user can share his purchase information with friends facebook app can also be integrated in external websitesBetter eCommerce 2010 Embitel 28. Wal-Mart Crowd SaverGroup buying Wal-Mart has approx. 2.300.000 fans on facebook ( Wal-Mart regulary starts temporary sales campaigns , by offering big discounts on products Only if the offer product is liked by a certain number of facebook users (e.g. 3000) , the products are offered for the low price. Group buying seems to be a highly effective method to promote products within the community Better eCommerce 2010 Embitel 29. Skoda I like!Group buying for cars The campaign is based on The more you like,the less you pay! The more facebook users click I like on , the lower theprice of the car For each I like, the price is reduced by 1,00 . Each campaign is limited to 48 hours. Good example to show, how I like can also beused. Better eCommerce 2010 Embitel 30. Retail connected to facebookQR-Codes and facebook QR (Quick Response) codes are similar tobarcodes, which can easily be recognized bysoftware (e.g. on smartphones). If user scans QR-code, the company / product willautomatically be liked by the user. QR-Like-codes for facebook pages can begenerated by services, e.g. . Such QR codes can be placed in magazines,newspapers, products, billboards, shop windows,signs, etc.(even on TV!) technologies like QR codes combined withgeo coding will bring social shopping intoretail(lets call it street commerce ;-)Better eCommerce 2010 Embitel 31. Outlook into "Facebook as amarketplace?" & SuggestionsBetter eCommerce 2010 Embitel 32. Definition of marketplaceDirect traffic Paid marketing Search enginesArea of user activity Better eCommerce 2010 Embitel 33. Definition of marketplaces Aggregator of product offerings Increases product portfolio by adding portfolio of partner Leverage existing traffic (visitors) to increase revenue Use opportunity of up-selling Might or might not own the client Might or might not have order responsibility Examples: india times shopping Better eCommerce 2010 Embit