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  1. 1. 800.695.8191 Expert Radiology Review for Law Firms In a simple, 3-step process, you can securely upload radiologic exams for prompt, professional interpretation. 1. Register Online at 2. Upload Exam 3. Receive written or verbal expert opinion. 3 Simple Steps to Your Online Radiology Review In a simple 3-step process you can securely upload radiologic exams for prompt, professional interpretation. 1. Register Online at 2. Upload Exam 3. Receive written or verbal expert opinion.
  2. 2. Expert Opinion Quick, convenient, accurate. Medical imaging is at the center of healthcare decisions today. Imaging interpretations are critical to accurate diagnoses and errors can lead to a series of negative events for patients. When quality of care is in question, you need accurate radiology second opinions you can trust. In the past, finding a U.S. based, board-certified and fellowship trained physician was time consuming and difficult. Now theres MetisMD, direct online access to radiologists for second opinion exam interpretations. You can be confident that your case will be supported by precise information from MetisMDs team of expert subspecialists. We provide thorough assessments of radiologic exams, including MRI, CT, X-ray, Ultrasound, Mammogram, and nuclear medicine. Connected RadiologySM Helps You Proficiently Prepare. MetisMDs Connected RadiologySM is a distinctive portfolio of radiologic services specifically designed to meet the needs of law firms. At you can choose from our menu of services around-the-clock and have access to accurate detailed radiology reports and verbal opinions. Our scope of expertise spans the entire continuum of relevant radiology and imaging procedure information. We will take the time to explain our findings so you can be properly prepared for your case. Heres how your firm can utilize MetisMDs Connected RadiologySM MetisMD LegalConnect: Provide an Expert Opinion for images and records Verbal and/or written opinions In person attendance for depositions and/or trial testimony Detailed patient record review MetisMD CompConnect: Age of Injury Report (AOI) for work-related injuries Age Score - assess whether a specific finding is acute, sub-acute or chronic Provides additional information not typically covered in an original radiology report Comment on consistency of the finding with the mechanism of the injury With Connected Radiology,SM MetisMD provides your firm with the most timely and accurate diagnostic information for your cases, in the most cost-efficient manner. Get started today with Connected Radiology.SM Get connected at Errors reading MRI and CT scans are a major contributor to misdiagnosis. According to one recent study that identified diagnostic errors over a several year period, 54 percent resulted from the interpretation of general radiology, with CT and MRI reading errors accounting for 32 percent of those errors.1 All MetisMD radiologists are: U.S. board-certified and fellowship-trained physicians highly respected specialists with at least ten years of experience published within their field of expertise based in the U.S. 1 Diagnostic Imaging, December 1, 2010 To Err is Human; Analysis Finds Radiologists Very Human