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  • 1. Online Consumer ReviewsYou need online reviews for your business toincrease your reputation.

2. Online Consumer ReviewsHaving an online review of yourbusiness is the most importantpart of getting someone to callyou. 3. Online Consumer ReviewsRemember, an unhappy customer would tell 10people. Most importantly, unhappy customer caninfluence hundreds if not thousands of people byleaving a unfavorable online review for other peoplethey do not know to read.For you to get positive reviews, you MUST havesuper excellent customer service . 4. Online Consumer ReviewsWhy you do not have online reviews as much as youdlike? Your clients are busy They are not interested writing reviews Youre customer service is just OK and not super excellent 5. Online Consumer ReviewsWHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU!Cornerstone Marketing Services can: We can post you clients reviews according to their zip codes. Reviews posted are what youre clients have written about you in your office. 6. Online Consumer ReviewsWord of mouth is definitely the best!Facts:When asked what sources "influence your decision touse or not use a particular company, brand orproduct 71% claim reviews from family members orfriends exert a "great deal" or "fair amount" ofinfluence.(Harris Interactive, June 2010) 7. Online Consumer ReviewsWord of MouthFacts:Recommendations from family and friends trumpall other consumer touch points when it comes toinfluencing purchases, according to ZenithOptimedia.(AdAge, April, 2008) 8. Online Consumer ReviewsIf a consumer cant find a friend/family that knowsyour business, they use online reviews.Facts:90% of consumers online trustrecommendations from people they know;70% trust opinions of unknown users.(Econsultancy, July 2009) 9. Online Consumer ReviewsWhy you need to invest on online consumer reviews:Facts:When making purchase decisions, North AmericanInternet users trust recommendations from peoplethey know and opinions posted by unknownconsumers online more than advertisements ontelevision, on the radio, in magazines andnewspapers, or in other traditional media.(Nielsen Online, April 2009) 10. Online Consumer ReviewsSince the consumer do not know anything aboutyou, they go online to research / find reviews aboutyou.Facts:Some 70% of Americans say they consult productreviews or consumer ratings before making apurchase, according to an October 2008 survey byPenn, Schoen & Berland Associates, a research andconsulting firm.(Business Week, October 2009) 11. Online Consumer ReviewsOnline reviews offered by Cornerstone MarketingServices are part of Reputation Management Services.Call:Michael408-868-5500Cornerstone Marketing Servicesinfo@cornerstonemarketing