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  1. 1. THE ONE STORY THEORY How is the One Story theory important to the studyof literary fiction? What is intertextuality? allusions, parodies Who is Carl Jung and what is an archetype? 12 Common Archetypes Who is Joseph Campbell & what is the monomyth? The Heros Journey
  2. 2. Delving into the One Story Theory(as addressed in How to Read Literature Like a Professor)
  3. 3. IntertextualityInter=in/insideText= literatureExamples of Intertextuality
  4. 4. Intertextuality comes in the form of: ALLUSIONS-subtle/blatant references to otherliterary texts PARODIES-humorously imitating the original copy
  5. 5. The Archetype Godfather A psychologist who theorized thatthe universal, mythic charactersreside within peoplesunconscious. He recognized universal patternsin all stories and mythologiesregardless of culture or historicalperiod. First applied the term archetypeto literature.Nope,This one,not thisGodfatherCarl Jung
  6. 6. A Simple Definition an archetype is an original model or type whichother similar things are patterned afterFrom the Greek roots: Archein= original/ old Typos= pattern, model, or typeTranslates to original pattern
  7. 7. The 12 Common ArchetypesEGO TYPES The Innocent The Orphan The Hero The CaregiverSOUL TYPES The Explorer The Rebel The Lover The CreatorSELF TYPES The Jester The Sage The Magician The Rules
  8. 8. The Archetype Infograph Project: A Model
  9. 9. Joseph Campbell: Monomyth Joseph Campbell took Jungsideas and applied them toworld mythologies. Mono= one HERO= Someone who hasgiven his or her life tosomething bigger than oneself Authored A Hero with aThousand Faces which refinedthe concept of hero and theheros journeyThis is George Lucas, you know, theguy that created Star Wars
  10. 10. Some reasons Heros go on aJourney The quest for identity The epic journey to find the promised land/to found the good city The quest for vengeance The warriors journey to save people The search for love The search of knowledge The tragic quest: penance or self-denial The fools errand The quest to rid the land of danger The grail quest for human perfection