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OMNIDIA – Quick tour. OMNIDIA 5.5. OMNIDIA 5.5. OMNIDIA 5.5. OMNIDIA 5.5. OMNIDIA 5.5. Diatoms – main screen. OMNIDIA 5.5. OMNIDIA 5.3. OMNIDIA 5.5. OMNIDIA 5.5. OMNIDIA 5.5. OMNIDIA 5.5. OMNIDIA 5.5. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of OMNIDIA – Quick tour

  • OMNIDIA Quick tour

  • OMNIDIA 5.5

  • OMNIDIA 5.5

  • OMNIDIA 5.5

  • OMNIDIA 5.5

  • OMNIDIA 5.5Diatoms main screen

  • OMNIDIA 5.5

  • OMNIDIA 5.3

  • OMNIDIA 5.5

  • OMNIDIA 5.5

  • OMNIDIA 5.5

  • OMNIDIA 5.5

  • OMNIDIA 5.5Images are stored in a separate database (Album.df1). New images can be added using the CID program (Classeur Images Diatomes)

  • OMNIDIA 5.5

  • OMNIDIA 5.5Advanced search. For example here, search of all FRUSTULIA type species .

  • OMNIDIA 5.5Advanced search results. Click on one line to display details for this record. Most result tables in Omnida can be ordered by clicking on columns headers.

  • OMNIDIA 5.5The help screen (?) explains the different search functions available.

  • OMNIDIA 5.5How to: Find species

  • OMNIDIA 5.5For example, lets find the species containing the name Coste

  • OMNIDIA 5.5Omnidia finds 45 records satisfying the query. Click on one line.

  • OMNIDIA 5.5

  • OMNIDIA 5.5Profile of species selected for IBD calculation. Click on one line.

  • OMNIDIA 5.5

  • OMNIDIA 5.5

    Presence probability of this taxon, for each water quality value.

  • OMNIDIA 5.5

  • OMNIDIA 5.5Inventory Main screen

  • OMNIDIA 5.5Displaying totals per family or types.

  • OMNIDIA 5.5

  • OMNIDIA 5.5Details of the 17 indices calculated by Omnidia. Each formula is displayed in the help menu.

  • OMNIDIA 5.5You can display indices original values instead of converted /20

  • OMNIDIA 5.5Click on Notes/20 to convert the values. Conversion formulas are available in the help menu.

  • OMNIDIA 5.5Access to IBD graphs

  • OMNIDIA 5.5Omnidia selects and display corresponding species and their abundance with a 1000 ratio.

  • OMNIDIA 5.5The graph shows a profile for species selected in the previous table.

  • OMNIDIA 5.5How to: find an inventory.

  • OMNIDIA 5.5List of inventories. Lists can be sorted, printed and exportedClick on a line to see this inventory on main screen.

  • OMNIDIA 5.5Display on screen the ecological values for this inventory.

  • OMNIDIA 5.5

  • OMNIDIA 5.5

  • OMNIDIA 5.5

  • OMNIDIA 5.5Graphic display of the new value IDSE of L. Leclercq.

  • OMNIDIA 5.5How to: find a taxon in a list of inventories.

  • OMNIDIA 5.5Specify query.

  • OMNIDIA 5.5Select the inventories for the search. (CTRL key for multiple selection).

  • OMNIDIA 5.5Search results are ordered by abundance %. Click on a line to display this inventory. Type CTRL+E to go back to search results.

  • OMNIDIA 5.5

  • OMNIDIA 5.5

  • OMNIDIA 5.5Inventories requestor.

  • OMNIDIA 5.5Print options

  • Results on screen

  • OMNIDIA 5.5

  • If more than 40 inventories are found, the results will be exported in an Excel compatible file.

  • OMNIDIA 5.5

  • Indices can also be exported to Excel(Original values or /20)

  • OMNIDIA 5.5

  • OMNIDIA 5.5

  • OMNIDIA 5.5All indices formulas are in the help menu

  • OMNIDIA 5.5Details of ecological values.

  • OMNIDIA 5.5Inventories data archive and exchange can be done using the Omnidia standard export format.

  • OMNIDIA 5.5Select in the list the inventories to export

  • OMNIDIA 5.3Specify export file name (.prn)

  • The .prn format can be opened by Excel

  • Preview of the Omnidia format

  • OMNIDIA 5.5Import of Omnidia file (created with Excel, saved as tabular text file).

  • OMNIDIA 5.3Select the file you wish to import. Omnidia will perform data integrity check and search for any redundant data.

  • OMNIDIA 5.5Ecological values for a selection of inventories.

  • Note: the above values can easily be exported to Excel (Select/copy+paste).

  • OMNIDIA 5.5How to: create a new inventory.

  • OMNIDIA 5.5First: specify the date, temperature and other details for this record.

  • OMNIDIA 5.5Then, select species and specify their abundance. Total values are recalculated automatically.

  • OMNIDIA 5.5Omidia will help you find the species you are looking for, if you type the first reference characters.

  • OMNIDIA 5.5A double click on a line let you modify this record.Double click

  • Now the preparation can be printed, on screen or on paper.Note: a screen display can be printed using the I menu on top right corner.



  • OMNIDIA 5.5

  • ******************************************************************************