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  • 1. The 1896 SummerOlympics, officially known asthe Games of the IOlympiad, was a multi-sportevent held in Athens,Greece, from April 6 to 15,1896. It was the firstinternational Olympic Gamesheld in the Modern era.

2. 1896 Olympics Games wereregarded as a great success.They were celebrated inthe Panathinaiko Stadium, theonly Olympic stadium used inthe 1800s.The highlight for the Greekswas the marathon victory bytheir compatriot SpyridonLouis.The most successfulcompetitor wasaGerman gymnast CarlSchuhmann, who won fourevents. 3. On April the 6th the games of the First Olympiad were officiallyopened. The Panathinaiko Stadium was filled with about 80,000spectators, including King George I of Greece, his wife Olga, and theirsons. Most of the competing athletes were aligned on the infield,grouped by nation. After a speech by the president of the organizingcommittee, Crown Prince Constantine, his father officially opened theGames with this sentence:"I declare the opening of the first international Olympic Games in Athens. Long live the Nation. Long live theGreek people." 4. Athletics Cycling Fencing Gymnastics Shooting Swimming Tennis Weighlifting Wrestling 5. On the morning of Sunday April 12, King George organized a banquetfor officials and athletes. During his speech, he made clear that, asfar as he was concerned, the Olympics should be held in Athenspermanently. The official closing ceremony was held on Wednesdaythe 15th.Afterwards, the king awarded prizes to the winners.The King then formally announced that the first Olympiad was at anend, and left the Stadium, while the band played the Greek nationalhymn and the crowd cheered. 6. AUSTRALIACHILE GERMANY AUSTRIADENMARK GREAT BRITAINBULGARIAFRANCE GREECE 7. HUNGARY SWITZERLAND ITALYSWEDENUNITED STATES 8. Ten of the 14 participating nations earned medals, in addition to threemedals won by mixed teams.During these inaugural Olympics, winners were given a silver medal,an olive branch, and a diploma, while runners-up received a coppermedal, laurel branch, and diploma. The IOC has retroactively assignedgold, silver and bronze medals to the three best placed athletes in eachevent to comport with more recent traditions. 9. Women were not allowed tocompete at the 1896 SummerOlympics. However,onewoman, Stamata Revithi, ranthe marathon course on April11, the day after the men hadruntheofficialrace.Although she was not allowedto enter the stadium at theend of her race, Revithifinished the marathon inabout five hours and 30minutes. 10. And thats all about the Olimpic Games in Athens 1896.