OIL GAS/PRIMITIVE AUCTION - North Star Auction GAS/PRIMITIVE AUCTION Owners: 2 Local Collectors th...

download OIL GAS/PRIMITIVE AUCTION - North Star Auction GAS/PRIMITIVE AUCTION Owners: 2 Local Collectors th Saturday, February 9 @ 10:00 AM (Preview: 5:00 -7:00 PM, February 8 th) LOCATION:

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Transcript of OIL GAS/PRIMITIVE AUCTION - North Star Auction GAS/PRIMITIVE AUCTION Owners: 2 Local Collectors th...


    Owners: 2 Local Collectors

    Saturday, February 9th @ 10:00 AM (Preview: 5:00 -7:00 PM, February 8th)

    LOCATION: 4-H Building, 3715 East Bismarck Expressway, Bismarck, ND

    This sale features a nice selection (the nicest weve had for several years) of oil and gas related items, general advertising and signs, and primitive items. This is a partial list and additional items (particularly signs) will be added to the sale. If you collect oil and gas memorabilia, you dont want to miss this sale! Note that this sale is being held at the 4-H Building a map showing the location of the 4-H Building is attached at the bottom of the listing (scroll all the way down). Thanks.



    Wayne/Martin & Swartz 80 Cyclops High Base Wayne 60 Phillips 66

    Wayne 60 Tydol (opps, its back in the auction!!) American 207 with Clock Face (no picture)

  • National A38 Porcelain LUBESTERS:

    1928 American 48 Glass Cylinder Lubester (restored) 2 Standard Oil Lubesters Wayne Lubester Glass Cylinder Type Lubester

    GAS GLOBES: (original unless other-wise noted)

    1920s Red Crown 1920s Tidex (16 metal frame)

    Standard Oil Glass Flame (1947-1961) Texaco Green T on Glass (1944-1968)

  • Sinclair Dino (1961-1970) Sinclair Dino Supreme (1961-1970)

    Conoco Minuteman (1984 Repro) Phillips 66 (1982 Reproduction)

    Several Brass Gas Pump Nozzles Visible Pump Gallon Markers

    Mobil 5 Pegasus Lighted Sign

    Conoco Lighted Island Sign

    BF Goodrich Tires Lighted Sign

    PORCELAIN SIGNS: (DSP = Double Sided Porcelain)

  • Solite Gasoline

    Texaco - Porcelain Flange (both sides shown)

    Champlin 2 Red Crown 30 DSP (1 Rough)

    Conoco 30 Sinclair-Pennsylvania Oil

    Mobil Regular & Premium Pump Plates

  • Contains Lead Pump Signs Cities Service Pipeline TIN SIGNS:

    Quaker State Large

    Cooper Tires/Jacobsen Oil Goodyear Tire Service

    Amoco Dealer

    Delco Light (2)

    Asplund Garage

  • Interstate Batteries Grant Batteries Danger No Smoking

    Williston Basin Gas Pipeline

    40+ Traffic Signs (all different): Railroad Crossing, Speed Limit, Etc.

    Quaker State Round Thermometer Texaco Sky Chief Glass Sign

    6) 2-Sided Gas Station Service Signs Cities Service Aviation Repro Sign

  • 2 Standard Oil Can Racks + Stainless Can Rack 64 Can Rack on Wheels

    Standard Oil Bottles w/ Rack

    Rocker Cans: Westland, Gold Medal- Kunz Oil, Phillips 66 (restored)

  • Quart Cans: Red Owl (rare), 4 Cities Service, Cities Service Koolmaster, 5 Havoline, 2 Texaco, Pennzoil, Mobil, Northland, Etc.

    Misc. Oil Cans: 2 Texaco 5 Qt., 2 Gal. Texaco Valor, Cities Service &

    Farmers Union 5 Gall., Marvel Mystery 1 Gall., Midwest Oil ACE 2 Gall., Eureka Harness Oil w/ Orig. Wood Crate, IH, Superala & Our Own Hardware Seperator Oil, Mobil & Standard Outboard, Asst. Outboard Motor Oil

  • Grease Tins: Several 1# Grease Cans, Westland 25# & 60#, Phillips 66

    10#, Farmers Union 5# (old logo) & 10#, Standard Permalube 5#, H. Earl Clark 5#, Northland Oil 2#, Quaker State Wheel Bearing

    Misc. Tins: Heet & Rustmaster, Prestone & Atlas Permaguard Anti

    Freeze, Pep Boys Bulb Tins, Tire Patch Kits, Atlas Polishing Cloth

    Penn Oil Barrel w/ Pump Salesman Sample Oil Kit Goldenrod Oiler

  • Cities Service Map Rack w/ Maps 1948 Anco Wiper Box

    Standard Oil & Texas Co. (Texaco) Measuring/Proving Cans

    Misc. Handy Oilers Squirt Oilers, Water Can, Etc.

    Old Car Door w/ Old Red Trail/US 10 Emblem License Plates Chevrolet Wonderbar Radio

    Chevrolet Super Sport Hubcaps; Other Hubcaps

  • Oldsmobile Deluxe & Stewart-Warner Car Heaters

    1920s Auto Refrigerator Ford GT Posters

    Old License Plate Toppers

    Cast Iron Light Wall Sconces w/ Globes Red Porcelain Gas Station Light

    Several Porcelain Shop Lights & Lg. Yard Light

  • Nice Hanging Sign Bracket


    Maytag Mod. 92M Kick Start Motor w/ Original Maytag Plug (running


    KSJB-Jamestown Neon & Old Style Beer Neon Clocks (nice!!)

    Budweiser Dale Earnhardt Jr. Neon sign

    1 & 5 Gum/Peanut Vending Machines w/ Keys

    SIGNS (non-oil & gas):

  • Large Case Eagle Hitch Farm Machinery Tin Embossed (rusted

    but restorable)

    Fairbanks Morse Scales Porcelain

    Lions Club Porcelain Minnesota Valley Breeders Tin

    White Circle Food Stores Porcelain

    3 Large Tin U-Save Food

    3 Tin Hires Surge Dairy Newman

  • Credit Cards Welcome Jacques Seeds

    John Deere Press Grain Drills Calibration Bud Light Exit Sign

    Small Union Pacific Porcelain Ashley Porcelain

    4-H Club Several Key Stop Stencils Stop Tank Car Connected

    WAPA Porcelain

    Miscellaneous Signs (new and old)

  • Various Street Signs w/ Holders

    2 Aermotor Windmill Fins Cargill Seeds Round Thermometer

    Estwing Store Display Hammer & Hatchet (plastic, approx. 18-24


    Linemans Phone w/ Dial

    8 Budweiser Steins

  • 3 Cistern Pumps & 2 Well Pumps

    1956 North Dakota Brand Book

    Great Northern RR Ax & Can NR Cast Iron Ash Shovel & Mail Bag Holder Soo Line Water/Oil Can

    Cast Iron Meyers Hay Carrier/Lifter (complete) Old Balloon Tire Bicycle Metal Drill Wheels

    2 Metal Minnow Buckets Nail Keg Electric Butter Churn

  • Well/Barn Pulleys 2 Plastic Decoys

    L&H Elec. Brander Vintage Coleman Lantern & Stove (w/ original box)

    Dehorner 2 Large Crosscut Saws

    Large Circular Saw Blade

    Old Oil Drilling Bit Handmade Cast Iron Horse & Chicken Figures on Stands Old Mail Boxes

  • Adv. Dust Pans & Thermometers Pop Bottles & Wood Crates Water Skis Set of Pool Balls Glass Battery Jar

    2 NOS Presto Fire Extinguishers Sitting Bull Poster

    2 Diamond Willow Canes Some Traps

    Deer Horns 2 Dart Boards Diamond Pitching Horseshoes Approx. 100 Horseshoes & Various Bits

    Misc. Tools: 4 Craftsman Grinder (new), Large Gear Puller,

    Hammers, Axes, Iron Workers Wrenches, Tool Boxes

    36 lbs of Lead

  • TOYS

    3 NAPA Trucks (2 w/ Sound) JD Model A Tractor Melroe M-200 & M-610 Skidsteer Loaders Miscellaneous Diecast Vehicles

    Buddy L Gravel Truck Hubley Jr. Tractor

    Marx Semi-Truck w/ Trailer Old Fire Truck Texaco Fire Truck

    Dump Truck

    North Star Auction & Appraisal Company Auctioneers: Dean Moos, Lic. #622, Clerk Lic. #450

    Rich Fadness, Lic. #563; George Schatz, Lic. #389

    (701)667-2935 www.northstarauction.com

    Terms: All statements made the day of the sale take precedence over any printed ads. Not

    responsible for accidents. Cash or good check. Lunch will be available.