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  • OECD Publishing 2017 Subscriptions Price List


    OECD Journals and Statistical Periodicals OECD Statistical Packages and IEA Statistical Databases OECD iLibrary Themes OECD iLibrary Packages IGOs iLibraries packages

  • The mission of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) is to promote policies that will improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world. OECD iLibrary is the global knowledge base containing all OECD books and papers mostly published since 1998 – as well as a vast collection of statistics, covering more than 80 countries. Some datasets have figures going back to when the OECD started in the early 1960s, and an important digitization project means that several key periodical series are available in their entirety. As one of the most comprehensive online resources on the world economy, society, education and environment, OECD iLibrary is a powerful research tool for people working at academic institutions, in the private sector and at governmental or non-governmental organisations.

    Users can search and directly access chapters, articles, books, tables and databases. These content items are available in different formats – PDF, XLS, Web (HTML), DATA, READ, ePUB, CSV – and languages.

    OECD iLibrary is a subscription service for institutions providing convenient access to their users via IP authentication and/or username/password. Available as a complete collection, or by subject theme, or individual journal and statistical database, subscriptions are either for “Online”, or “Online and Print”. “Online” includes access to the current issue and the back catalogue of all editions online.

    The archive CD-ROMs for the statistical databases are being replaced by an online archive. “Online and Print” includes a copy of every print publication that is published during the subscribed period.

  • Premium Services on OECD iLibrary: • Access to content in all available formats, adapted to user’s needs – i.e. HTML for quick view/copy/paste,

    PDF for downloading, printing or copying and pasting, ePub for reading on mobile devices, XLS to work with figures.

    • Feature-enriched environment when working with databases and datasets including citation tools.

    • Statistical database subscriptions provide comprehensive access to datasets and their related statistical periodicals and “ready-made” tables, prepared by OECD Statistical Editors for quick inclusion straight into user’s workflow.

    • Online Archive Data Service in CSV format, enabling a complete dataset to be downloaded in a single click for quick integration into the statistical software of choice. CSVs are the online equivalent of the former CD- ROMs - no more storage and mounting issues.

    • Registration management to control institution-wide use for an unlimited number of concurrent users via IP authentication and/or username/password. Federated authentication via Athens and Shibboleth is now also offered for subscribers in the UK and US.

    • For Academic institutions, subscribed content can be included in course packs ,MOOCs and reserves in all formats, without the need to request or pay for further permission.

    • Bibliographical records for all content offered in MARC21 XML format.

    • COUNTER Release 4 compliant usage statistics: 8 reports via email request or 2 reports via SUSHI protocol.

    • Discovery Services now index full-text content available via OECD iLibrary: OCLC’s WorldCat Discovery and Proquest’s Summon already available; EBSCO EDS and Ex Libris Primo forthcoming.

    • Extensive network of representatives worldwide and direct access to global OECD customer service team.

  • Premium Services on OECD iLibrary: • Mobile device-friendly home page with browse by country and by theme feature, listing of forthcoming books

    and news about OECD iLibrary developments.

    • Ability to refine search results by applying filters including keywords, dates, content type, or adding country or theme indexation.

    • Statistics home page with a broad set of indicators linking to related datasets and publications improving discoverability of OECD data.

    • Tables of Content display improved to show availability of tables and graphs within chapters.

    • Summaries in all languages are now displayed on the publication page as fully integrated components above the Table of Contents.

    • Continued efforts in digitising OECD content:

    o Full issues of the OECD Observer and the OECD Yearbook added from 1962 onwards with article level publishing starting in 2016.

    o European Conference of Ministers of Transport content added from 1954 onwards.

    • The Commonwealth iLibrary – Publications from The Commonwealth Secretariat now available via a separate subscription.

    • Norden iLibrary - Publications from the Nordic Council of Ministers now available via a separate subscription.

    • UN iLibrary – Publications from the United Nations, now available via a separate subscription.

  • Partner iLibraries The Commonwealth iLibrary The publications of The Commonwealth are available online in a single research repository built on the same platform as OECD iLibrary – www.thecommonwealth-ilibrary.org The Commonwealth is the world’s oldest political association of states and publishes around 30 new books per year on different topics such as agriculture and food, development, economics, education, finance and investment, governance, industry and services, social issues migration and health, taxation and trade.

    Norden iLibrary The Nordic co-operation is one of the world’s most extensive forms of regional collaboration, involving Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Åland. The publications of the Nordic Co- operation are available online: www.norden-ilibrary.org . Norden titles have a particular focus on climate and environment, sustainable development, health and social welfare, education and research, labour and employment.

    UN iLibrary The United Nations iLibrary (www.un-ilibrary.org) , launched in early 2016, is the first comprehensive global search, discovery, and viewing source for digital content created by the United Nations. It provides users with a single digital destination for seamlessly accessing the content published by the United Nations Secretariat, and its funds and programs. Every year, around 500 new titles will be added to the United Nations iLibrary. The collection covers topics such as Agriculture Rural Development and Forestry, Children and Youth, Democracy and Governance, Disarmament, Economic and Social Development, Environment, Migration, Trade and Finance, etc.

  • OECD Journals and Statistical Periodicals

    The 2017 Price List includes a number of OECD Statistical annuals. Each one is available with ready-made tables and in a range of formats. The benefits of subscribing to a statistical publication:

    • Tables available and downloadable in a range of formats: PDF, XLS and Web (HTML).

    • Subscription price is the same as the print, yet includes online access.

    • Every publication is divided into chapters and tables, all individually indexed and referenced by country or variable (up to 300 objects per publication).

    • Online access to all available back issues.

    • Perpetual access, even after subscription expiry.

    • Institution-wide online access via IP authentication and/or username/password.

    • Automatic notification when renewal is due.

    • Print copy despatched (if subscribed to ‘Online and Print’) immediately upon publication release.

    • Save space and money by subscribing to the ‘Online only’ version.

  • OECD Journals and Statistical Periodicals

    (1) Only available as subscription by Volume

    Title Issue(s)

    per annum PC Code Version (**) EUR USD GBP JPY MXP

    Agricultural Policy Monitoring and Evaluation PC73213 online 44 59 36 5 420 747 1 PC73226 online and print 68 91 54 8 550 1 160

    Annual National Accounts of OECD Countries (1) PC73434 online 302 393 235 38 960 5 050 5 PC73403 online and print 464 600 361 60 010 7 730

    Education at a Glance PC73222 online 75 99 59 9 470 1 280 1 PC73235 online and print 116 151 93 14 470 1 970

    Energy Prices and Taxes PC23397 online 338 438 261 43 600 5 660 4 PC23396 online and print 484 621 376 60 500 8 010

    Geographical Distribution of Financial Flows to Developing Countries PC73573 online 75 98 60 9 140 1 260 1 PC73564 online and print 116 150 89 14 270 1 930

    International Trade by Commodity Statistics (1) PC23366 online 780 1 000 588 98 980 12 900 6 PC23365 online and print 1 200 1 560 918 149 100 19 970

    Main Economic Indicators PC23360 online 506 647 391 63 380 8 400 12 PC23359 online and print 783 1 010 605 96 640 13 120

    Main Science and Technology Indicators PC23425 online 91 120 72 11 060 1 550 2 PC23424 online and print 139 182 108 17 610 2 330

    OECD Compendium of Productivity Indicators PC73607 online 44 59 36 5 420 747 1 PC73606 online and print 68 91 54 8 550 1 160

    OECD Development Co-operation Report PC73192 online 75 98 60 9 140 1 260 1 PC73224 online and print 116 150 89 14 270 1 930

    OECD Economic Outlook PC23249 online 114 146 86 13 860 1 890 2 PC23248 online and print 177 226 138 21 820 2 920

    OECD Economic Policy Reforms PC42637 online 54 71 43 6 540 924 1 PC42101 online and print 84 1