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  • 8/3/2019 October 21st e-Newsletter



    Neighborhood Assemblies forParticipatory Budgeting

    - Monday, October 24th.- 6 PM-9 PM.- Brooklyn Tabernacle of

    Praise, 1274 Utica Avenue.- Tuesday, October 25th.

    - 6:30-9:30 PM.- Glenwood Houses

    Community Center, 5816

    Farragut Road.- Saturday, October 29th.- 1:00-4:00 PM.- Nazareth Regional High

    School, 475 East 57th Street.- Monday, October 31st.

    - 6 PM-9 PM.- The Gold Room, 6th Floor,

    Brooklyn College StudentCenter, East 27th Streetand Campus Road.

    - Wednesday, November 2nd.- 6:30-9:00 PM.- St. Pauls Lutheran

    Church, 3913 Avenue J.

    - 69th Precinct Halloween Party- Saturday, October 22nd.- 2 PM-5 PM.- I.S. 211, 1001 East 100th


    - Brooklyn Blizzards YouthOrganizations Kids Fun Day andChild Abduction Workshop

    - Saturday, October 29h.- 12 PM-5 PM.- P.S. 289, 900 St. Marks


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    A Message from Jumaane

    Dear Friends,

    I was so glad to see the great response to my first e-newsletter, and I could notbe happier that I can finally present my second one to you! In addition, please note thenew section, One-on-One with Council Member Williams, where I have taped a shortvideo message on YouTube. Click on the screen capture image to watch my first personalconversation with you. I hope you like my first attempt at this new form of social mediaoutreach, and if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

    For those of you who have been following the news, Im sure you know this hasbeen a busy period for me. First and foremost, I want to thank everyone that has given me

    so much support these last few weeks, particularly in the wake of the events at the WestIndian Day Parade on Labor Day. You should know that I am committed to reforming theNYPD police culture, including its use of stop, question and frisk, and increasingaccountability in the department. I am also just as committed as before to reducing theviolence in our communities. Both of these missions are complementary and work towardthe same goal of ensuring we create a safe place for our young people to learn and grow.

    I hope everyone in my district is getting engaged with participatory budgeting!This is an exciting process that gives my constituents the power to decide how to spend $1million of my capital budget, which is ultimately YOUR taxpayer dollars. Neighborhoodassemblies are happening as we speak, so please reference Whats Happening Aroundthe 45th? for upcoming dates and call my district office at (718)629-2900 for moreinformation. You can also visit www.pbnyc.org . Just remember: YOUR money, YOURvoice, YOUR vote!

    Thanks again! I hope to see you down at Occupy Wall Street in Zuccotti Park!


    Council Member Jumaane D. Williams October 21, 2011 E-Newsletter

    On September 7th,Council Member

    Jumaane D. Williamsrallied the members ofLocal 372 at the TweedCourthouse to oppose

    the layoff of nearly 800school aides, parentand community

    coordinators, healthaides and family


    These people areessential to our

    childrens education,and Council Member

    Williams will continuefighting for them.

    mailto:[email protected]://www.pbnyc.org/http://www.pbnyc.org/mailto:[email protected]
  • 8/3/2019 October 21st e-Newsletter


    Heroes of the 45thMonique Waterman, President, East Flatbush Village, Inc.

    1) What work do you do in the 45th?

    East Flatbush Village is a non-profit organization that provides youth between the ages of3-18 in at-risk communities with creative and educational recreational programs that weredesigned to promote a strong self-esteem, build confidence and provide positiveoutlets that keep those children away from gun violence within their community.

    2) Why did you decide to get involved in the community?

    The organization was founded by myself and my husband, Eric Waterman. Our fourchildren were our inspiration to get involved in helping the youth and the community as awhole.

    3) Tell me a valuable experience you had in your service.

    Our organization was directly involved in the organizing and planning of the "Not In My


    \On October 15th, Council MemberWilliams, pictured with Rev. Jesse

    Jackson, participated in the March for Jobsand Justice in Washington, DC, in honor

    of the new MLK Jr. Memorial.

    On October 14th, Council MemberWilliams, along with his Chief of Staff Ede

    Fox and thousands of supporters,

    celebrated at the Occupy Wall Streetprotest in Zuccotti Park.

    From September 18th to the 23rd, CouncilMember Williams performed as KingBowelle, as depicted here, and as Nat

    Turner in The MAAFA SuiteA HealingJourney at St. Paul Community Baptist

    Church .

    Update from City Hall

    Council Member Jumaane D. Williams October 21, 2011 E-Newsletter

    Hood March and Concert for YouthService, which was made up ofteenagers frustrated with the levelsof increasing violence within theircommunity and, in many cases, theirhouseholds.

    4) How can people get involved?

    Come to a Youth Anti-ViolenceInitiative (YAVI) event and to theCVC meetings, which are heldmonthly in the district office ofCouncil Member Williams.

    Council Member Williams has partnered with Council MemberDan Garodnick of Manhattan in an effort to push reforms to theNew York City Charter. The charter is what organizes our citygovernment, and there are a number of concerns with how itcurrently reads. Namely, Council Member Williams feels thatthere is an inequitable balance of power between the Mayorand the City Council, which limits the latters ability to bestserve its constituents.

    Both Council Members Williams and Garodnick are currentlyexploring potential amendments to the charter that wouldaddress the legislative and budgetary limitations facing theCity Council. This could include changes to the CivilianComplaint Review Board and the Mayors revenue estimateprocess.

    One of the goals behind this charter reform is to use the

    proposals as a litmus test for mayoral candidates in 2013.Knowing where our leaders stand on the balance of power incity government is key to understanding their governingapproach.

  • 8/3/2019 October 21st e-Newsletter


    GET ACTIVE!Students from Brooklyns Tilden Educational Campus and East Flatbush Villageare uniting with their neighborhood community for their first ever DanceMarathon and Healthy Living Fair, a fundraiser to benefit HealthCorps and

    Council Member Jumaane D. Williams October 21, 2011 E-Newsletter


    Citizen Pruner Care Course:TreesNY212) 227-1887

    Emergency Food Stamps Hotline:Human Resource Administration (HRA)877) 472-8411

    Family Court Assistance:Legal Information for Families Today (LIFT)212) 343-1122

    Legal Aid718) 722-3100

    First Time Home Buyers:Midwood Development Corporation (MDC)718) 376-0999

    Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) of East Flatbush718) 469-4679

    Foreclosure Defense:Erasmus Neighborhood Federation (ENF)718) 462-7700

    South Brooklyn Legal Services718) 237-5500

    Foreclosure Prevention:CAMBA Legal Services718) 287-0010 ext. 40240

    Erasmus Neighborhood Federation (ENF)718) 462-7700

    Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) of East Flatbush718) 469-4679

    Midwood Development Corporation (MDC)

    718) 376-0999Immigration Services/TPS:Brooklyn Defender Services (BDS)718) 254-0700

    CAMBA Legal Services718) 287-0010

    CUNY Citizenship NOW! at Medgar Evers College718) 270-6292

    Information and Non-Emergency Services:311ob Training & Placement:

    CAMBA Workforce Development718) 282-0108 ex. 79301

    The Hope Program718) 852-9307

    Workforce1718) 246-5219

    Landlord/Tenant Issues:Erasmus Neighborhood Federation (ENF)

    718) 462-7700Flatbush Development Corporation (FDC)718) 859-3800

    Midwood Development Corporation (MDC)718) 376-0999

    South Brooklyn Legal Services718) 237-5500

    Rental Arrears:Housing Court Answers212) 962-4795

    Vulnerable Adults:Adult Protective Services212) 630-1853

    Water Bill:NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Bureau ofCustomer Services718) 595-7000

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    Stay In Touch with Council Member WilliamsDistrict Office:4517 Avenue DBrooklyn, NY 11203Phone: (718) 629-2900Fax: (718) 451-2136

    City Hall Office:250 Broadway, Room 1882 NewYork, NY 10007Phone: (212) 788-6960Fax: (212) 442-1564

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    One-on-One with Council Member Williams

    Neighborhood Highlights

    On September 29th, the Caribbean Family Health Center on 3414 Church Avenuewelcomed Council Member Williams to read aloud with children and tour thepediatric facility as part of the Read Out and Read program.

    On October 3rd, Community Board 17 formally launched its Civilian ObservationPatrol, a crime watch program enlisting dedicated residents to observe their

    neighborhood and report incidents that require police attention. Council MemberWilliams is proud to have assisted in this effort and looks forward to increasedcommunity engagement in East Flatbush.

    On October 26th, Council Member Williams, in conjunction with AssemblyMember Karim Camara and the 67thPrecinct Clergy Council, will join in A Cup of

    Joe, a community discussion on crime and public safety with Brooklyn DistrictAttorney Charles J. Hynes. Please come out, voice your concerns and at Mt. ZionChurch of God, located at 203 East 37 th Street.

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    and East Flatbush Village to support theirunique programs.

    Attendees will enjoy dance contests,entertainment, exhibit booths andrefreshments.

    Please show your support on October 29thfrom 10 AM-6 PM at Tilden EducationalCampus. Call (718) 826-0807 to learn more.

    mailto:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zSFjmsidVomailto:[email protected]:[email protected]