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Transcript of OBOE REPERTOIRE/ ...


    Unaccompanied Oboe

    • Fantasy, Arnold

    • Sequenza, Berio

    • Suite Monodique, Bozza

    • Six Metamorphoses After Ovid, Britten

    • Parable, Persichetti

    Unaccompanied English Horn

    • Parable, Persichetti

    • Solo from Tristan, Act III, Wagner

    Oboe and Piano

    • Sonata in g minor, J.S. Bach

    • Fantasie Pastorale, Bozza

    • Insect Pieces and Temporal Variations, Britten

    • Sonata, Dutilleux

    • Sonata, Hindemith

    • Sonatine, Milhuad

    • Marceau de Salon, Kalliwoda


  • • Epitaph, Lutoslawski

    • Variations and Concerto, Pasculli

    • Suite, Piston

    • Sonata, Poulenc

    • Sonata, Saint Saens

    • Three Romances, Schumann

    • Sonata, Wolpe

    English Horn and Piano

    • Divertissment, Bozza

    • Lied, Bozza

    • Pastorale, Carter

    • Concerto in c minor, Handel (transcription)

    • Sonatina, Hindemith

    • Sonata, Yvon

    Oboe with Orchestra or String Orchestra

    • Concerti, Albinoni

    • Concerto in d minor, F, double concerto (Ob. Vln.), J.S. Bach

    • Concerto, Carter

    • Concerto Cimarossa

    • Conerto, Corigliano

    • Flower Clock, Francaix


  • • Concerto, Goossens

    • Concertos in Bb, g minor, Handel

    • Concerto in C, Haydn

    • Hummel, Introduction, Theme, and Variations

    • Symphony Concertante, Ibert

    • Concerti, Jacob

    • Concerto in c minor, Marcello

    • Concerto, Martinu

    • Concerto, Milhaud

    • Concerto in C, K314, Mozart

    • Concerto, Rochberg

    • Concerto, Strauss

    • Concerto in F minor, Telemann

    • Concerto, Vaughan Williams

    • Concerti, Vivaldi

    English Horn with Orchestra or String Ensemble

    • Pastorale, Carter

    • Quite City (with trumpet), Copland

    • Concertino, Donizetti

    • Rhapsody, Jacob

    • Concerto, Persichetti

    • Fantasy, Piston


  • • Concerto, Reiche

    Oboe with Chamber Strings

    • Oboe Quintet, Bliss

    • Phantasy Quartet, Britten

    • Quartet, Mozart

    • Quartet, Jacob


    • Arias/Sinfonias, Bach

    • Shepherds of Province (Ob, EH), Bozza

    • Trio (2 Ob, EH), Beethoven

    • Quatour (EH, vn, va, vc ), Francaix

    • Duo for Flute and Oboe, Ginastera

    • English horn Quartet, Mozart

    • Trio, Poulenc

    • Variations (for oboe and band), Rimsky-Korsakov

    Orchestral Excerpts, Oboe

    • Symphony #3, Beethoven

    • Symphony #4, Tchaikovsky

    • Tombeau de Couperin, Ravel


  • • La Scala di Seta overture, Rossini

    • Don Juan, Strauss

    • Violin Concerto, Brahms

    • Symphony # 1, Brahms

    • Symphony #2, Brahms

    • La Mer, Debussy

    • Symphony #7, Beethoven

    Orchestral Excerpts, English Horn

    • Symphony #9, Dvorak

    • Roman Carnival Overture, Berlioz

    • Nocturnes, Debussy

    • Symphony in d minor, Franck

    • Tristan and Isolde, Wagner

    • Symphonie Fantastique, Berlioz

    • Three Cornered Hat, Falla

    • The Swan of Tuonela, Sibelius

    Performance Recordings

    • Albrecht Meyer

    • Eugene Izotov

    • John Mack

    • John De Lancie


  • • Allen Vogel

    • Heinz Bolliger

    • Alex Klein

    • Hansjorg Schellenberger



    Oboe Reeds

    MSRP $21.95 @ doolywoodwinds.myshopify.com

    MSRP $15 - $25.00 @ mmimports.com

    MSRP $17.50 - $27.40 @ bocalmajoritystore.com

    • If a student cannot receive handmade reeds from their private instructor, Midwest Musical Imports has a wide selection of handmade reeds produced by professionals. Midwest tailors their reeds to the level of the player, and supplies reeds for beginners as well as advanced players.

    • Bocal Majority is another reed resource, and provides the option to order reed bundles that include ten reeds.

    • MG Reeds provides some of the best reeds in Texas. These reeds are carried in H&H stores throughout the state.

    • Ideally, students should receive reeds from their private instructors. Private instructors can tailor and adjust the reed to meet the needs of the student.

    One of the following reed cases can be chosen depending on socio-economic environment, availability, or preference.

    Reed Cases

    Holds 4 to 6 - $20.00 @ bocalmajoritystore.com

    • Refrain from purchasing peg-style cases for

    beginner students, as young students may accidentally pop the reed out of the case and damage the reed.

    • Tips of the reeds should face toward the hinges of the reed case to prevent students


  • from damaging the tips of the reeds. • When looking for reed cases, look for well-

    ventilated cases. Cases with ventilation will have small openings on the sides adjacent to the hinged side. Ventilated cases prevent mold.

    One of the following can be chosen when assisting students with proper maintenance regarding corks.

    Selmer Tuning Slide and Cork Grease

    MSRP $4.60 @ wwbw.com

    • The Selmer cork grease is a liquid and lasts

    much longer than the normal ChapStick- style grease.

    • Caution should be used when using this because it is very sticky.

    • Must be stored in a plastic Ziploc bag as it may explode.

    • If it hits something in the case or if exposed to heat, it will damage other maintenance kit items.

    • To apply, squeeze a tiny bit of the grease up and down onto the cork. Then, making a ring with the thumb and forefinger, work the cork grease into the cork to create enough friction to properly lubricate the cork.

    Woodwind Cork Grease

    MSRP $2.25 @ wwbw.com

    • Must be stored in a plastic Ziploc bag as it may explode or melt.

    • Do not leave out at home unattended, as younger children may actually use it as ChapStick.

    • To apply, squeeze a tiny bit of the grease up and down onto the cork. Then, making a ring with the thumb and forefinger, work the cork grease into the cork to create enough friction to properly lubricate the cork.


  • GEM Swabs Silk Oboe Swab

    MSRP $8.49 @ wwbw.com

    • Do not use a cloth swab or a “shove-it”

    (currently called “Pad Guard”), which are often found with “attic horns.” Neither of these items will take sufficient moisture out of the body of the instrument. They also tend to get stuck.

    • Very absorbent and features a tapered cut to limit the chance of getting stuck in the instrument

    • The oboe must be held upside-down so the swab can be dropped through the bell and through the bottom of the upper joint with slight tugs. When holding the oboe, one hand must be at the bottom of the upper joint. Do not yank or pull the swab from side-to-side, but rather up and down. Pulling the swab too forcefully or quickly may result in the swab getting stuck inside the upper joint of oboe.

    • Do not pull the swab completely through the oboe. Upon feeling any resistance, the swab should be removed from the bell end. Forcing the swab through may damage or warp the wood of the upper joint.

    • Hand wash the swab with dish soap or Woolite and warm water.


  • 8x10 Plexiglass


    • Roadman will not supply. • Prices vary depending on where mirrors are

    purchased. • Mirrors purchased through Binswanger can

    be purchased in bulk and cut to a desired size. They will also be made of plexiglass.

    • Purchasing mirrors at a home improvement store is also an option; however, mirrors will have to be individually cut by a band parent or yourself.

    • No matter where mirrors are purchased, it is vital that they are made of plexiglass and not glass. Students will not hurt themselves on the corners of the mirrors; nor will the mirrors shatter when dropped.

    • To receive a better price, attempt to find other band directors who would be willing to place an order as well. Assuring the company that you will place annual orders may also result in a discount.

    • Self-portrait mirrors from art supply stores are acceptable.

    • Car clip-on mirrors are not recommended because they are too small and the hinges break easily.

    • Makeup mirrors are not recommended because they are too small and oddly shaped.

    • It would be best if there was a box for the mirrors in each separate class location. Students can then easily obtain a mirror out of the box before class and return the mirror after class.