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Here\'s a guide to help teachers use the DTT approach. Very simple and neat!

Transcript of O. Ivar Lovaas Model of ABA: Lesson Guide

  • 1. D iscrete T rial T eaching The Application of an ABA Strategy for Children with Autism & Other Disabilities Paula R. Ulloa ED657 Advanced Techniques: Multiple & Severe Disabilities July 18, 2008 The Lovaas Method implements:
  • 2. You should be able to
    • Demonstrate how to do a discrete trial
    • Demonstrate the use of prompting strategies
    • Demonstrate the use reinforcers
  • 3. ABA Umbrella PRT PECS FCT DTT NET
  • 4.
    • Simple and concise instructions
    • 1x Rule
    • Avoid instructions or cues to gain attending behaviors
    • 3-5 seconds & caveats
    Response Feedback
    • Immediate
    • Positive Feedback
    • Corrective Feedback
    I R F!
  • 5. A Instruction B Behavior C Feedback 3-5 secs 2-3 secs.
  • 6. Prompts: No No Prompt vs. Errorless Learning
    • Full Physical Prompt
    • Partial Physical Prompt
    • Gestural Prompt
    • Positional Prompt (proximity)
    • Within Stimulus Prompt (correct option)
    • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    • Verbal Cues
    • Inadvertent Prompts
  • 7. A Instruction B Behavior C Feedback Prompt 3-5 secs 2-3 secs.
  • 8. Improving the Quality of A Response Differential Reinforcement (complete a reinforcer assessment)
    • A+
    • Correct answer/good attention and engaged
    B Correct answer, attention is off C Incorrect answer but good attention and really tried. arrr..
  • 9. DTT Process A Instruction B Behavior C Feedback Reinforcement? Prompt 3-5 secs 2-3 secs.
  • 10. What just happened?
    • DTT can be effective for any student that needs more structure
    • Researched-based specifically as an intervention for autism
    • Easy to learn & use
    • Consistency among environments & personnel is key
  • 11. Hmmm..
    • Is this the BEST method of intervention for individuals with autism?
    • How does ABA:DTT affect socialization and development of social skills?
    • How can we use ABA:DTT with other interventions for autism?
  • 12. References
    • Guam Public School System Division of Special Education Autism Program
    • The Lovaas Institute www.lovaas.com
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