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Children Then & Now By Mallory Frost


powerpoint on children now and then that i had to do for english

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Children Then & NowBy Mallory Frost

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Back then, divorce was not an option. Most of the families never divorced. They had big, loving families.

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Now, 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Most children don’t live with one of there parents, or even there siblings, which is breaking up there families

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Back then, children went outside and played. They didn’t have much technology to keep them in doors all day so they had to entertain themselves by sports and running around. Just like when Scout and Jem played around outside all day long.

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Now a days, kids stay inside and watch T.V. or play video games. There is so much technology that a child could be entertained all day without being bored. This allows the children to not go outside and get exercise.

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When kids were outside, they ran and played. Which kept them well fit and organized. They also ate more healthy than we do now, they didn’t have fast food to go to so they didn’t have greasy food.

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Kids these days eat so much and they don’t exercise. 1 out of 3 kids in America are considered overweight. There are fast food restaurants

around every corner and greasy, fatty foods are very easily accessible.

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Children in the 1920’s stayed in school. It was very uncommon for a child to drop out of school. Parents also disciplined there kids when they

did wrong, making there children better and well-mannered.

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It is cool now a days to be rebellious and bad. 34.9% of teens dropout of high school per year. Children are slacking on there homework and there parents don’t discipline there children. Parents will celebrate when there children doesn’t have an F on a report card, when they should be punishing them for not having and A

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Time of your life

In the modern world we are lazy and we have lost our imagination. We can learn some things from the old youth: We need to have the time of our life.

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