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This is the public venture pitch of Novertur, the business matching network for internationalization. Contact [email protected] for further information.

Transcript of Novertur | Venture Pitch

  • PROSPECT / INTERACT / TRADE NOVERTUR The business matching network for internationalization Novertur International SA Av. dOuchy 64 1006 Lausanne Switzerland Venture Pitch February 2014 Switzerland 2014-Q1
  • The Problem SMEs have difficulties finding partners abroad ? ?? Organization of support (EPAs, CCI) have limited networks Consulting firms are expensive Business networking is time consuming and costly Opportunity: There are 50M SMEs spending: - 18 bn$ in trade shows - 51.6 bn$ in internet marketing - Tens of bn$ in trade consulting 2
  • The Solution (1) Key stakeholders of SMEs internationalization SMEs B2B service providers Trade organizations Web Application ( 1. Matchmaking 2. Web 2.0 Identify complementary business partners Network and build trusted relationships To save time and money for SMEs 3
  • 4
  • The Technology Financing Development Partner/support Advanced matchmaking algorithm based on business characteristics (big data analysis, semantic, clustering technics) Patent Pending 5
  • The Competition Key competitive advantages Matchmaking Trade organizations Key competitors (substitutes) and differentiations Clear ownership of network contacts to company Focus on SMEs and international trade Web 2.0 features connections and interactions for networking Network-based trust and trust building Online automated and rapid matching Free (or at least affordable) 6
  • The Marketing Strategy 1 Internet marketing Paid search Display adv & remarketing Social media marketing Inbound marketing (SEO, Blogging, Content mkt) E-mailing Build trust system (network effect) Unlock features SEO (user content) 2 Leverage trade organizations 1:1 Partnership 3 Virality virtuous circle 7
  • The Business Model A diversified revenue model structure Freemium Enterprise Sales Solutions Advertising Share of revenues: 30% 50% 20% 8
  • The Team Florent Schlaeppi CEO Co-founder Marketing Executive Internet eBay Inc former employee Big data analytics, online advertising, business development MSc International business, BSc HEC Lausanne, BSc engineering Luca Salzano CMO Co-founder Strategic marketing and media professional (Kudelski) Internet marketing guru MSc International business, BSc Political Sciences Marius Aeberli Creative Director Co-founder Design Interactive designer Strong internet business experience BSc ECAL Big data Finance Non-Executive Benoit Perroud CTO Board member VeriSign Inc senior engineer Big data guru MSc computer sciences EPFL Jacques Billy CFO Board member Former CEO of Elsevier Finance SA Non Executive Director at Poytech Ventures & Business angel MSc HEC Paris +2 developers (shareholders) 9
  • The Status Q1/2014 2011 Idea 2012 2013 Dev 2014 Seed Live to market (3k users) 2015 Series A Growth (1M users) 2018 Exit 3300 companies & 21 non-profit trade organizations registered (in 4 months) First subscriptions sold R&D co-financed by Swiss government (CTI) Confirmation of the need Achievements 4 years 100 M$ exit strategy Clear acquisition strategy Where is the value 10
  • Contact and trial Novertur International SA Av. dOuchy 64 1006 Lausanne Switzerland Florent Schlaeppi (CEO) +41 79 362 25 61 [email protected] More information: Twitter: @Novertur For trial account, send an email to: [email protected] 11