Nov2009 Colloquium

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Beyond PowerPoint

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Slideshow from TTU Musicology colloquium series addressing uses of Web 2.0 technology in music history pedagogy.

Transcript of Nov2009 Colloquium

Best Practices versus "Not-Best" Practices

Beyond PowerPointBest & "Not-Best" PracticesPowerpoint:

Powerpoint: as presentation

Powerpoint: as follow-up


Email: as communication

Email: as followup


Wikis: collaboration, resources, "question banks"

blogs as sources:

blogs as sources: information & inspiration

blogs as sources:

blogs as sources: understanding student cognition

The Cloud: storage

The Cloud: presenting

The Cloud: video

iTunes university: content & promotion

Endnote & Springnote

Websites:Websites: student

Websites:Websites: faculty

Screen-sharingAudacity, audio, commentary

Delicious versus "bookmarks"

RSS, Google Reader, "bundles"


power-using:power-using: collections

power-using: browsers


Facebook: communications


Facebook: promotions


Content as recruitment

Web 2.0 "Best Practices" for musicologists