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  • 7/31/2019 Nosferatu Revised Characters



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    SKINQuote: Remember me? W e were at that delightful

    gallery opening a few weeks ago. You told such wonderful

    tales of the O ld Cou ntry. Say, do be a doll and help get past

    this bouncer, will you?

    Prelude: You hate yourself and what you have be-come, so youve learned to specialize in being otherpeople. Back in the limelight of your mortal days, you

    always wanted to be an actor, but you never made it

    farth er th an a few drama classes. You jump ed from job tojob , but each time, you never really felt comfort ab le

    revealing how you felt to your co-workers . Ins tead, you l ied

    frequen tly, fabricat ing a false

    past and pretending you

    knew more about vari-ous subjects th an you

    really did.Eventually, you

    moved to another

    city, hoping to escape

    from the tangle ofl ies youh a d

    m a d eo u t o f

    your l i fe , but ly ing to people gave

    you an adrenaline rush unlike anyth ing else. Someon e must havebeen watchin g over your shoulder because he decided to curse

    you with a true identity th at was almost impossible to escape.N ow youre an un speakably h ideous monster, but because you

    can impersonate others with your supernatural abilities,

    youve finally become a con summate actor. Youll be pur-

    suing a wide variety of roles un til th e end of time... or un tilyou get caught.

    Concept: Youre a scam artist skilled at impersonat ion.

    C reeping around while invisible will event ually get oth er neo-nates in trouble, but you choose to hide in plain sight. You lead a

    double life, min gling with th e vampires of one society while secretly

    informing another. You are a vital piece of your conspiracysinformation net work. W hat ever you do, dont get caught.

    Roleplaying Hints: Your coterie, pack or brood willprobably want you to impersonat e a wide variety of mort als.

    Mak e th e most of th is. Use your altern ate personas to spreadch aos and con fusion, as much as you can get away with . You

    can do an amazing imitation of the prince, th e leader of a local

    gang, an up-and-coming politician just about anything withen ough preparat ion. A s lon g as you dont h ave to be yourself, you are

    Everyman ... or, at least, every mans night mare.

    Equipment: Your haven includes a trunk filled with variousprops for your favor ite ro les. Its also got a big album of pho tos fromyour previous life... and youve cu t your face o ut of every one.

  • 7/31/2019 Nosferatu Revised Characters



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  • 7/31/2019 Nosferatu Revised Characters



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    BROODHENQuote: O ur clan mu st ally to ensure our survival; the

    needs of the brood must come first!

    Prelude: Before your Embrace, you were in secure enough

    to define your identity by the various groups to which you

    belonged. You had a vicious habit of playing politics and areruthlessly efficient at gathering dirt on anyone who would

    destroy your authority. After your Embrace, you naturally

    gravitated toward a brood of Nosferatu desperately in need of

    organization . Now you play clan polit ics with an edge... and you

    dont care who get s cut t o pieces in your ascension to power.

    Youre well-conn ected with oth er N osferatu an d won t

    let anyone forget it. W hile you can call upon th e resources of

    your local brood, you also insist that any other Nosferatu in

    th e city should be an int egral part of its activit ies. You speak

    about your clan as though every Sewer Rat carries a

    membership card and attends regular meetings. While all

    Nosferatu in a brood are supposed to be equals, youre loyalenough t o con sider yourself more equal th an oth ers.

    Concept: You run con trary to man y of th e standard

    ideas of Nosferatu society. For you, the brood must

    always com e first. Your coterie will ask you to h elp th em

    with m any of th eir problems, but for every dilemma you

    solve for them, you must insist th at th ey do someth ing

    to h elp the N osferatu. Th e upside of th is is that youre

    int im ately familiar with al l the resources th e N osferatu

    of your ci ty have, from t he slums to th e sewers.

    Roleplaying Hints: W hile dealing with your coterie,

    youre fairly easygoing, but you take a litt le too much p ride in

    describing how much Clan Nosferatu has accomplished.

    A nd unfortunat ely, youre far too good at trading information

    for them t o shut you out of the local Hostings. W hile your

    att itude t oward politics is atypical for your clan , youre far too

    much of an individual to let th e oth ers sway you.

    Equipment: ma ps of a

    few in s ign i f i can t

    sewer tunnels (to

    parcel out to the

    neonates), little

    black book,

    cell phone,



  • 7/31/2019 Nosferatu Revised Characters



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    DARKCRUSADERQuote: I am the reflection of your sins, com e to take

    you to H ell.

    Prelude: Even before your Embrace, you viewedthe world through the eyes of a pariah. Held in con-

    tem pt by parent s an d peers alike, you were the t arget ofridicule and ostracism. Th e world and you simply foundlittle of mutual liking, and you preferred the solace of

    escapism, retreating into a dreamland of obscure au-

    th ors, comic boo ks and fanta sy.

    O ne n ight , you foun d yourself in a situation alltoo real, as th e wrong people took an exception to

    your presence. You had been beate n up be fore, butthe gang beating you received was truly savage.

    Beaten beyond human endurance, you crawled

    miserably on broken hands and shattered knees,seeking help or perhaps just a place to die. You

    found both. T aken into th e world of the D amn ed,you were re-formed from the worm you had beeninto a twisted but powerful night-moth. Now,

    armed with righteous fury, you crusade against

    bigots, brutes, rapists an d ot hers you deem as unfitto live.

    Concept: Dont let anyone convince you that

    th e W orld of Darkn ess is paint ed in shades of gray,th at t he bad guys are just misunderstood, that moral-

    ity is relative or that everyone has a rationale for what

    th ey do. T he yre just trying to con fuse you. Youve got atalent for two things: finding evil and destroying it.O nce youve done th e first, you wont h esitate t o do th e

    second. W hile youre eager to app ly a few Size 12 boot sand judicious Poten ce to th e m ost h orrific problems you

    face, youre also a keen ( an d overcon fiden t) in vestigator.

    Roleplaying Hints: You see the world in black an d

    whit e. You may be damn ed for all etern ity, but t ha ts no tgoing to stop you from doing what you think is right...

    even if everyon e else th inks its wrong. Obviously, you see

    yourself as a he ro, but youre more of a villainto everyon e else. W ith your propensity for

    violence a nd your vigilante met hods, youllstop at not hin g to destroy what you dont

    und erstand. Youre inexo rably drawn t o

    the most horrific and despicable evils

    on the planet... and wont admitth at youre one of them .

    Equipment: leather

    jac ke t , b lack jea n s,

    heavy boots, blackg loves , b lack

    mask (for addedm y s t i q u e ) ,

    l e n g t h o f

    chain, leadpipe