Norwegian Ornaments 2016

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Escorted coach tour summer 2016. The best of Norwegian western coast and two greatest cities in the Viking Land!

Transcript of Norwegian Ornaments 2016

  • Budget escorted coach


    the best of Norway



  • Oslo DAY 1

    Arrival to Oslo, the capital of the Kingdom of Norway. From Gardemoen, the airport of Oslo, you can get to the citys center by the high-speed train Flytoget, specialized bus Flybuss, or taxi. We will organize the transfer from the airport to the hotel for those people who are willing it for an additional fee. Check inthe hotel located in the citys center.A meeting with a tour leader. Accommodation in the Comfort Brsparken hotel or in a similar hotel.

  • GolA breakfast in the hotel. After the breakfast, you will have a fascinating 3-hour-long sightseeing bus tour throughout Oslo with a visit to the Oslo City Hall and Gustav Vigeland Sculpture Park. Those people who will wish to get to know more about Oslo are able to join one of the optional excursions. THE OPTION A (its dates are specified in the optional excursions section). In the second part of the day, all willing people can take an additional 3-hour-long bus tour (an option) with a visit to the Norsk Folkemuseum in the open air, where are exhibited the homes of the Norwegians and Sami people since 1500, as well as where you can find one of the most beautiful wooden Kirchen that was preserved in Norway from the early Middle Ages. The second museum of this tour will be the astonishing Museum of Vikings, where you can have a look not only at authentic shallops but also at home utensils and things that were used by people of that epoch in long campaigns. THE OPTION B (its dates are specified in the optional excursions section). After the sightseeing tour, all people who want are able to take an additional 3-hour-long excursion (an option) that includes sailing across the Oslo Fjord with a visit to the Fram Museum (polar explorations and expeditions of N. Nansen and R. Amundsen) and the Kon-Tiki Museum (Thor Heyerdahl and his marvelous journeys). Once the excursions are ended, you will move to the area of the mountain plateau Hardangervidda. Accommodation in the Dagali hotel or similar.

    DAY 2

  • Flm DAY 3After a breakfast in the hotel, you will immediately start your way to the Sognefjord the longest and deepest fjord in Norway. This fjord is also called as The King of Fjords. In a small town of Flm, all visitors will have three options: you will have an opportunity to have a ride on the world-famous Flm Railway, go on 2-hour-long sailing across Sognefjord, Aurland and Neroy fjords on a sailboat, or indulge in an unforgettable journey through the alpine Snowy road where you will have a look at fjords from a birds flight as well as you will drive through the famous Laerdal Tunnel, one of the longest tunnels of Norway. People who will want to combine all the three given options will be able to do it during this busy, full of emotions day. There will be enough time for it. And those who will want just to stay alone, surrounded by nature, will be able to do it without even leaving the town of Flm. At the end of the day, when the group will get together again, we will go to rest and have a night at Oppheim Hotel & Resort.

    UNESCO World Heritage


  • UNESCO World Heritage


    BergenAfter having a breakfast at the hotel in Oppheim, you will start your way to Bergen, one of the oldest and biggest cities of Norway, which had been its capital up to 1299 AD. Our local guide will tell you a magnificent story about the city and answer yourquestions. A free evening for a solo acquaintance with the city, shopping and entertainment. Accommodation in the Comfort Holberg hotel or similar.

    DAY 4

  • HardangerDAY 5

    A breakfast in the hotel. Heading towards Hardangerfjord the apple paradise of Norway. On the road of amazing beauty, we head to the one of Norways unique waterfalls Steinsdalsfossen. We will visit one of the apple farms, where one can not only snack something but also have an opportunity to buy local products. The area of Hardangerfjord is deservedly considered as one of the most picturesque areas. We are glad that you will have an opportunity to see it and enjoy its beauties.

    Accommodation in the Brakanes hotel or similar.

  • WaterfallsDAY 6

    A breakfast in the hotel. Today we will have a long and intensive way that will take practically all the day. But you will have no time to sleep and be bored on your way.

    We will pass the new bridge that, since not so long ago, connects the shores of Hardangerfjord and climb the beautiful canyon located near the waterfall Vringfossen. The mountain plateau Hardangervidda, considered to be the biggest mountain plateau in Europe, is a national park of Norway. Also, you will have a look at Geilo, a ski resort of Norway. Accommodation in the Comfort Brsparken hotel or similar.

  • OsloA breakfast in the hotel. Free time. Check out at 12.00 You will be able to reach the airport by train or special bus. For an additional fee, all people who want will get an ordered transfer to the airport. Despite the fact that your journey is going to reach its conclusion, you will have an opportunity to spend your time in one of the biggest duty-free places in Europe a huge city of shops that will be available for you while you will be waiting for boarding. And even though the main impressions you get to your home in your memory or cameras, we think that you will not refuse to take a souvenir for fond memories about Norway.

    DAY 7

  • 2016

    WHAT IS INCLUDED Hotel accommodations in the hotels of 3 4 *** stars 6 nights Provided transport (tourist coach) the days 2 6 English-speaking tour leader the days 1 7 Breakfasts in the hotels (from 2nd day up to 7th day) 2 dinners in Oppheim hotel & Resort and Brakanes hotel (Hardanger) 3-hour-long bus tours throughout Oslo with a local guide (2nd day) 2-hour-long walking tour in Bergen with a local guide (4th day) Printed materials with information (one per order)

  • Day 2, A 3-hours bus tour to Folkemuseet and to the Museum of Vikings 57

    Day 2, B3-hours excursion to Fram and Kon-Tiki museums including a mini-cruise on a sailboat across the Oslo Fjord


    Day 3, A Flm Railway (Flm Mydral Flm) 59

    Day 3, B Cruise across Sognefjord, Aurland and Neroy fjords 38

    Day 3, CThe bus tour on the Snowy road that includes a visit to the observation platform and the tunnel Laerdal