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North Star Alarm Services is a home security company based out of Orem, Utah. They provide nationwide service. With excellent technology and fast response times, we believe they could be an up and coming security provider. With some reported installation issues and unexpected fees, however, their is still improvement to be made. For our full review of NorthStar Alarm Services, read this report, or visit

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  • 1. NorthStar Alarm Services

2. NorthStar Alarm ServicesNorthStar Alarm Services has been in business since 2000. Headquarteredin Orem, UT, NorthStar also operates sales offices in Alabama, Arkansas,Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina,Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, SouthCarolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Washington.NorthStar is an authorized Honywell Security Products Dealer andpartners with Rapid Response Monitoring to provide digital and two-wayvoice monitoring. 3. NorthStar Alarm Services Installation and other upfront costs are typically about $350 Base monthly costs are $29.95 Five year service contracts Fast response times In business since 2000 Authorized Honeywell Security Products Dealer 4. As an Authorized Honeywell (NYSE: HON) Security Products dealer,NorthStar Alarm Services is able to provide high quality equipment totheir customer base. Honeywell is a Fortune 100 company, known fortheir technological innovations. They have involvement in a wide varietyof industries, including the security, automation, computing, energy anddefense sectors, and their customers include consumers, corporations,and governments.NorthStar provides their customers with a broad range of equipmentsolutions that enhance security, energy savings, automation, and remoteaccess and control. 5. Equipment offered by NorthStar Alarm Services includes: Touch screen control panels Wireless sensors: Door/Window Sensors Smoke and CO Detectors Glass break detectors Motion Detectors Flood sensors IP cameras for live viewingremotely Key fob remotes Medical alert systems Electronic and remote controldoor locks Smart garage controls Smart thermostats Lighting and Appliance controls Voice Control Email and Text notifications and more 6. Installation and upfront costs typically total about $350. Once a contracthas been established and needs determined, NorthStar will arrange for aqualified professional to come install the security system throughout thehome.Complaints found online often surround installation and service calls. Themost common complaints regarded two issues, unexpected costs andfunctionality issues. Customers sometimes felt they were mislead bytechnicians when their service or installation bill included additional,unexpected costs. In several instances complaints claimed theirequipment did not function correctly, even after the installation by aqualified professional. 7. NorthStar has all the potential of becoming a leader in Home Security.With fast response times, very good equipment, concern for customersatisfaction and a growing customer base, the capability is all there.However, there is still room for improvement. Complaints are not difficultto find regarding installation or service, which is, depending on thesituation, partly to blame on customer education on the part of NorthStarand partly to blame on customers not reading their contract.NorthStar is a member of the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Associationwhich adds to their credibility. Also, the fact they have now been inbusiness nearly a decade and a half is a good sign. 8. We think NorthStar Alarm Services is worth keeping an eye on andconsidering in your search for a home security company. Their equipmentprice, and fast monitoring service are a plus, while their length of contract(5 years), limited customer support and installation issues count againstthem.If you do decide on NorthStar Alarm Services, be sure to thoroughly readany contracts and request detailed quotes to avoid unexpected costs.