Northside People (West) October 21st 2015

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Tel: 01 8621611. Vol.19. No.42 21 Oct - 27 Oct ‘15 WeST Reaching 340,000 ReadeRs Weekly acRoss 3 titles * * target group index 2015 Weekly neWsPaPeRs dublin’s 1 n o . John Paul Mcelligott, son of Vicky Mcelligott, and darren Maher, grandson of kathleen Maher, pictured at the unveiling of plaques and naming of barns after the two ballymun women. see full story on page 2 Community champions Kathleen Maher Vicky McElligott Two major local plans withdrawn Jack Gleeson tWo major planning applications that would have brought over 270 new homes to Finglas and Poppintree have now been withdrawn, it emerged last week. Proposals for 108 homes at McKee Avenue in Finglas and 169 social housing units at the former Mouldpro International Site on Jamestown Road and Poppintree Park Lane West were both withdrawn on Wednesday, October 14. The two plans submitted by Crekav Landbank Investments would have brought 277 homes to the area in a mix of houses, apartments and duplexes. continued on page 2 Exclusive For hom & gardens that are “Never Ordinary” Opening Hours; Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm Saturdays 10.00am to 2.00pm Closed Bank Holiday Saturdays & Mondays • • 01 8441200 Unit 26 Airways Industrial Estate, Santry, Dublin 17 20% OFF Selected Tiles & Bathrooms Be inspired by our new tile displays 9 .99 12” pIzza (2 toppings) + onion rings (3) + chicken tenders (4) + chips + any sauce Unit 6, Laurel Lodge, castleknock, Dublin 15 D15 VX70 01-8210111 087-4487798 Order from us on oR FROM OUR APP WE WILL DELIVER LUNCH TO YOUR OFFICE! MON-SAT FROM 12 NOON SUN FROM 1 PM Download our app to your phone SKIP THE Q!

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Transcript of Northside People (West) October 21st 2015

  • Tel: 01 8621611. Vol.19. No.42 21 Oct - 27 Oct 15 WeST

    Reaching 340,000 ReadeRs Weekly acRoss 3 titles* * targetgroup index 2015Weekly neWsPaPeRsdublins 1no.

    John Paul Mcelligott, son of Vicky Mcelligott, and darren Maher, grandson of kathleen Maher, pictured at the unveiling of plaques and naming of barns after the two ballymun women.

    see full story on page 2

    Community champions

    Kathleen MaherVicky McElligott

    Two major local plans withdrawnJack Gleeson

    tWo major planning applications that would have brought over 270 new homes to Finglas and Poppintree have now been withdrawn, it emerged last week.

    Proposals for 108 homes at McKee Avenue in Finglas and 169 social housing units at the former Mouldpro International Site on Jamestown Road and Poppintree Park Lane West were both withdrawn on Wednesday, October 14.

    The two plans submitted by Crekav Landbank Investments would have brought 277 homes to the area in a mix of houses, apartments and duplexes.

    continued on page 2


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  • 21 Oct 2015 NOrthside PeOPle West

    Grace Cousins, from Skerries, and Deirdre Ni Bhriain, from Finglas, are pictured having fun at an Imaginative Engineering Hardware Hack with Intel and TOG Dublin, which took place as part of the recent CoderGirlHackDay at DCU Innovation campus. The event, which saw participants build and programme their own lighthouses, took place to coincide with International Day of the Girl on October 11. PHOTO: MARC OSULLIVAN


    Continued from page 1

    The development at the former Mouldpro site would have included a community centre, a primary care facility, a leisure centre with a 25 metre swimming pool and a nursing home for up to 120 residents.

    Plans for the development of 108 homes at the former SCA Hygiene Products facility at Mckee Avenue also featured a distribution centre and a new

    four-storey office building.Local Fianna Fil councillor

    Paul McAuliffe (FF) said he was surprised by both the original submission and subsequent withdrawal of the proposals.

    There was no consultation with councillors before these applications were made, he said.

    Id have concerns about plans for large developments being submitted without prior notification and

    consultation with the public representatives.

    Cllr McAuliffe believes the developments would have been isolated from local facilities like shops and schools and that the plans submitted needed further work.

    Crekav Landbank Investments had no comment to make when asked why the plans were withdrawn or if revised applications would be submitted at a later date.

    A computer generated impression of the proposed development at the former Mouldpro site

    Two major plans withdrawn

    Community champions celebrated

    er too and a fantastic help to us when we were starting off. Kath-leen would have loved this place.

    They were two really great people so we decided to do this for them.

    They were like sisters so when we moved up here first and there was two big barns we just thought, thats for the two sisters. From

    that day on weve always said one was Kathleens barn and one was Vickys barn.

    Over 200 locals turned out for the funday at the centre on Octo-ber 4 and a great time was had by all. No doubt both Vicky and Kath-leen would have appreciated that was a fun event with Samba mu-sic, face-painting and bouncy cas-

    Kathleen Maher and Vicky McEl-ligott were at the heart of almost every community campaign in Bal-lymun for decades and their tire-less work and infectious personali-ties will always be cherished.

    One of those campaigns led to the establishment of Ballymun Horse Owners Association.

    Both women were instrumen-tal in helping parents develop the organisation. They led locals in the conversion of an old, derelict building into make-shift stables for their childrens horses.

    Years later, local horse owners

    now have a fantastic facility in Meakstown and the contributions from Kathleen and Vicky have nev-er been forgotten.

    Thats why the owners and sup-porters of the local equine centre decided to honour the duo by nam-ing two of its barns after them and hanging commemorative plaques on the buildings.

    Vicky started up the Horse Owners Association many moons ago and it was her dream to get the equine centre, explained San-dra Nichol of the association.

    Kathleen was a great support-

    Jack Gleeson

    tWO community champions of Ballymun were honoured earlier this month when commemorative plaques were unveiled in their memory at a funday in Meakstown Equine Centre.

    Vicky McElligott Kathleen Maher

    tles rather than a solemn affair.Kathleen passed away in 2002

    having been involved in almost every community campaign in Ballymun for a quarter of a cen-tury.

    A fierce fighter and a formida-ble foe against those who stood in the way of community pro-gression, she was at the centre of battles with pubs that refused to serve women in bars, officials who thought they knew what was best for Ballymun and bullies who de-nied rights to the disadvantaged.

    She spearheaded the NOW project (New Opportunities for Women) and co-founded the Womens Resource Centre in Bal-lymun with her beloved pal, Vicky McElligott.

    Vicky herself was also a superb

    activist and a powerful voice in the local community right up until she passed away earlier this year. The mother-of-eight regularly badg-ered Joe Duffy on Liveline making sure local issues were brought to national attention.

    Her love of animals stretched beyond horses and she was active in the Ballymun Animal Caring Association (BACA). She also trav-elled to Tanzania for a National Geographic documentary that filmed an exchange between Afri-can and Irish women.

    Described as a force of nature in Ballymun, Vicky was a fearless community campaigner who al-ways fought for the underdog.

    Both she and Kathleen were true giants of community activ-ism.

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  • 21 Oct 2015 NOrthside PeOPle West

    now looking like the authorities had had a change of heart. It got me thinking, though. Should the Government not be making it easier for parents of chronically ill or disabled children to access free healthcare regardless of their means instead of dishing out GP consultations to a 10-year-old with a snotty nose and a cough?

    Perhaps universal GP care for under-12s is not the way to go. It could result in local surgeries be-ing overwhelmed and is open to abuse. Instead, I would favour a system where the cost of GP care

    for minors is subsidised by the State, with perhaps a nominal fee of 20 applied to every visit for middle earners. This would deter over-fussy parents from clogging up waiting rooms with

    children presenting with minor ailments. Crucially, it would also free up money that could be bet-ter spent elsewhere and provide universal free healthcare to those who need it most.

    THERE is nothing worse than an unanticipated visit to the doctor when trying to manage your household finances.

    When adults feel unwell, most of us will soldier on for as long as possible before bowing to the inevitable and paying our GP a visit. With the consultation fee, prescription costs and any over the counter medicines required, there is rarely much change out of 100.

    But when it comes to our childrens health, we are gener-ally reluctant to cut corners. This is especially true of babies who cant articulate how sick they are feeling so parents have to rely on

    instinct alone.Prior to the introduction of

    free GP care for under sixes this year, bringing your infant to the doctor was always costly and sometimes unnecessary but always worth it for the peace of mind it gave.

    The announcement in last weeks Budget that free GP care was to be extended to all children under 12 sounded on the face of it like a positive development. But the news was tempered by the fact that it wouldnt be happening until late next year.

    In addition, it was met with a frosty response from the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) which argued that the renewal of the current GP contract had not yet been negotiated.

    In this context, it seemed to be a case of the Government promising something it was not yet in a position to deliver; more aspirational than set in stone.

    On the Prime Time Budget special, a member of the audi-ence a Garda spoke movingly of his battle to secure medical treatment for his seriously ill child. Their application had initially been refused but it was

    Comment: Tony McCullagh, Dublin People group editor

    Free GP care for children under the age of 12 was announced in Budget 2016. STOCK PHOTO

    Rethink needed on free GP care for under-12sopinion >>

    Should the Government not be

    making it easier for parents of chronically ill or disabled childen - regardless of their means - to access free healthcare instead of dishing out GP consultations to a 10-year-old with a snotty nose and a cough?

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    Language award for St Marys heroA REAL local hero has been pre-sented with a European Lan-guage award for her outstand-ing work at St Marys School for Deaf Girls.

    Shirley Higgins set up a choir at the school five years ago and from small beginnings its gone from strength to strength. The girls have even sang to hundreds of thousands of RTE viewers on Brendan OConnors Saturday Night show.

    I was asked to set up the choir and the girls just loved it, says Shirley. They kept asking me could they do it again so we started with just 11 girls and now all the girls are doing it.

    The girls in the choir get to choose the songs they want to do and Shirley says it gives them a great insight into music.

    They themselves have said they look at music in a whole new light, she continued. They dont look at it as just a song, its a com-pletely different mode of commu-

    nication for them. its also great way for young people who are hearing to learn sign language.

    Shirley has been working at St Marys for almost two decades, mainly teaching home economics and science as well as Irish Sign

    Language, and the choir has be-come a real benefit to the school.

    Its helped students become more confident and independent. Theyve also had opportunities to perform in amazing places such as Bonn in Germany at the

    Beethoven Fest and at the Titanic Experience in Belfast.

    Last month the choir earned St Marys and Shirley a prestigious European Language Label award, which she was presented with at a special ceremony at Farmleigh.

    Angel Kinihan and Alexia Liao from St Marys School for Deaf Girls with Choir conductor Shirley Higgins at Farmleigh for the European Language Label prize giving ceremony. PHOTO: DARREN KINSELLA.

    Locals furious over learner driversRESIDENTS in local housing estates are fed up with learner drivers clogging up roads with an incredible 68 driving instructors giving lessons through Willow Park and Pinewood in Dublin 11.

    Sinn Fin Dublin City Councillor, Cathleen Carney Boud, says shes made representations to officials on behalf of residents from the estates and is calling for a compound site to be used instead of local roads.

    Residents have raised concerns that the use of their estates as part of the driving test routes has been ongoing for the last 20 years and the numbers of learner drivers practising and being tested there have increased to the point where it is now a con-stant nuisance to the residents, particularly the elderly, she said.

    The estates are being used for motorbike, car and tow-truck learners. Residents cars have been damaged, vehicles are mounting paths and there have been occasions when learner drivers have been verbally abusive to frustrated residents.

    According to figures obtained by Cllr Carney Boud, 68 regis-tered approved driving instructors use Pinewood and Willow Park Estates because its on the local test route. Cllr Carney Boud says the statistics also show an average of 12 driving tests taking place per day.

    I have suggested that a compound site be allocated by the office of public works which would certainly help to alleviate the problem and I call on the OPW to prioritise this request as a mat-ter of urgency in the interest of safety, she added.


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  • 21 Oct 2015 NOrthside PeOPle West

    event held last month in Mount-view Community Centre.

    The St Michaels House ser-vice user showed great prom-

    ise when he took up the sport under the guidance of trainer

    Robbie Kenny, who runs Coolock

    Alan strikes gold!A NORTHSIDE man was cel-ebrating recently after winning a gold medal in his first-ever martial arts competition.

    Alan McHugh (25), from Bal-lymun, was thrilled with his achievement after joining Coolock Taewondo Club only six months ago. Alan won his medal at an

    Taekwondo Club based in Glin Community Centre.

    Alan attends classes on Mon-day and Thursday evenings and his training has paid big divi-dends.

    His proud mum Fiona, said:

    This is a big deal for Alan. He only got involved in the sport six months ago when his key worker at St Michaels House suggested that he should get involved in interests outside of his centre in the Omni.

    Alan with coaches Michael Rooney and Damien Cleary. PHOTO: DARREN KINSELLA

    Alan McHugh who is a member of Coolock Taekwondo Club with the medal that he won.

    That winning feelingMOUNTVIEW Fortlawn Community Campus was nominated for a prestigious quality honour at this years National Q Mark Awards, held recently in the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel.

    The Q Mark certification is awarded only to companies that achieve the highest standards of quality and excellence, with Q Mark criteria ensuring legal qual-ity requirements are exceeded rather than simply adhered to.

    Irene Collins, Managing Di-rector, EIQA (Excellence Ireland Quality Association), said it was fantastic to see a local organisa-tion nominated for an award.

    Its an enormous achieve-ment, particularly as this year has seen the highest number of attendees at the star studded event, she continued.

    Companies who hold the Q Mark demonstrate to their cus-tomers that the highest stan-dards of quality and excellence are at the heart of their business and that is something that is re-ally worth celebrating!

    Pictured at the awards ceremony are (l-r): Margaret McLoughlin (Director, Mountview Fortlawn Community Campus); Cllr Adrian Henchy (Fingal County Council); Rafe Costigan (Community Officer, Fingal County Council); Ide DeBairtiseil (Senior Executive Officer, Community Culture & Sports, Fingal County Council; Mick Harrop (Campus Manager, Mountview Fortlawn Community Campus); Alan Donnelly (Chairperson, Mountview Fortlawn Community Campus); Margaret Geraghty (Director of Services, Housing & Community, Fingal County Council); Martin Roper (Technical Director EIQA).

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    Call for local Irish language secondary schoolMINISTER for Education, Jan OSullivan, is being asked to make pro-vision for an Irish language secondary school in Dublin 15.

    Cllr Roderic OGorman (GP) says hes written to the minister asking for her de-partment to provide funds for a gaelcho-liste in the next round of secondary school planning.

    The Dublin 15 region currently has a number of thriving gaelscoileanna, he said.

    However, after completing their primary education, there is no local pro-vision to continue secondary education through the medium of Irish.

    Colaiste Mhuire, which is currently the sole option for students in this area, is both a significant distance away and

    not easily accessible from the Dublin 15 area.

    No one would ever suggest that stu-dents should have to travel that distance in order to attend an English language secondary school.

    Over 450 names have been registered with a committee seeking to establish the school - Coiste Bunaithe Choliste na Tulchann for entry from 2017.

    The Lets Talk About Drugs media awards are launchedJack Gleeson

    THE hidden harms of alcohol and the effects of drug use are the two themes that will take centre stage for the 2016 Lets Talk About Drugs National Youth Media Awards it was announced last week.

    The awards are designed to get conversations started about substance abuse in Ireland to try and reduce some alarming sta-tistics revealed at the launch of this years competition.

    Drug use among Irish youth is above the EU average and Ireland now has the fifth highest rate of drug-related deaths among un-der 25s in the EU. In addition, a UN report in 2013 found that con-sumption levels of new synthetic drugs in Ireland were three times the EU average. Speaking at the launch of the 2016 awards, Tony Duffin, Director of the Ana Liffey Drug Project, encouraged young people to enter the competition.

    Their contributions will help in the challenge of communi-cating the risks associated with drugs and alcohol among young people, he said.

    Minister of State with respon-sibility for the National Drug Strategy Aodhn Rordin wel-comed the launch of this years awards.

    My first official engage-ment as Minister of State with Responsibility for the National Drugs Strategy was to attend the awards ceremony for the 2015 competition, he said.

    The standard of entries was outstanding and it was clear to see from the young people I met at the ceremony that it had got them talking about the misuse of drugs and alcohol and the effects that both can have, not only on

    young people but the family as a whole. Coming from a back-ground in education I believe that targeting young people with prevention in mind is one of the most important things we can do.

    Joe Doyle, spokesperson for HSE National Social Inclusion Of-fice who fund the web-site and the media awards said the competition helped highlight problems caused by abuse.

    Parental alcohol and drug use and domestic violence are the two most prevalent problems associated with the occurrence of child abuse and neglect, he explained.

    If we are to tackle this prob-lem, it is vital that young people and their peers learn and talk about the dangers of drugs and alcohol in a way that gets the message across to them.

    To enter, students are asked to create a short video, an audio clip, a news article or a poster on either of this years themes.

    The age categories for enter-ing are 12-14; 15-17; 18-21 and 22-25. Winners from the four age categories will receive an iPad Mini and the overall winner will get the cash prize of 2,000. Winners will also have their work published on

    Closing date for entries is Fri-day, January 22, 2016. For full competition details, examples of previous winners visit

    Pictured at the launch of the 2016 Lets Talk about Drugs Media Awards opened by Miriam OCallaghan in the Department of Education Clock Tower Building is Miriam OCallaghan with 2014 Best Film (12-14 yr olds) Category winners, Blaze Youth Club. PHOTO: JOE KEOGH


    Treating Irelands Wastewater.Its all part of our 7 Year Plan.


    Safeguarding your water for your future.

  • 21 Oct 2015 NOrthside PeOPle West

    Former pharmacist prescribes meditationJack Gleeson

    A FORMER Castleknock phar-macist who switched from tra-ditional to alternative medi-cine is promising to show how light can heal at a wellbeing festival this weekend.

    Patricia Sheehan resigned as a chartered chemist after 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry because she found it didnt em-power people to get involved in their own health and healing.

    Patricia, who lives in Cas-tleknock Park, has spent the last 14 years training people on how to use their own inner potential energy to heal, be happier and more productive.

    I just didnt think you should depend on outside influences to heal yourself, she says.

    If I had a headache, I never took a tablet. Instead, Id go for a run.

    Patricia, who now specialises in guided meditations, will be making an appearance at the Mind, Body, Spirit and Yoga Festi-val in the RDS this weekend from October 24-26.

    She created a company called Pure Light Activations Medita-tions and during the festival shell

    be explaining how it works.This activates your light es-

    sence and brings more light into the cells to invigorate and refresh your cells for improved health and well being, she says.

    Pure Light Activations are de-signed to clear your surrounding energy and allow your body to sense the energy and lightness, which in turn lets you fulfil your career, relationships and sport-ing paths.

    The Mind, Body, Spirit and Yoga Festival will feature Patri-cia as well as 150 exhibitors and over 75 life-enhancing talks and workshops from positive psychol-ogy and personal development experts.

    People can look forward to a truly stimulating, vibrant and po-tentially life-changing experience at Mind, Body, Spirit, says festi-val organiser Louis OSullivan.

    Patricia Sheehan

    St Mochtas legend rememberedA FORMER legendary chairman of St Mochtas FC was given a fitting tribute recently when the clubs new Astro and Club Complex was officially opened.

    The cutting edge complex is named in honour of Christy Hughes who was instrumental in the development of the club for more than half a century.

    Christy lived opposite the clubs school pitch and always had words of wisdom and en-couragement for the players.

    He sadly passed away at the age of 92 in 2011 but his name now lives on at the Christy Hughes Centre of Excellence.

    Tnaiste Joan Burton and Min-ister for Health, Leo Varadkar, joined local volunteers and club officials on October 10 in cutting the ribbon at the new facility.

    The centre includes a new clubhouse and astro-turf training pitches.

    Next year new floodlights will be built at the centre thanks to

    a funding boost of 68,651 from the Govenments recent Sport Capital Allocations. Speaking at the opening An Tnaiste paid tribute to local volunteers for the

    work they have put into building up the club.

    Everyone involved in the club can be very proud of how much it has developed, both in terms

    of success on the field and in the fantastic new facilities on the club grounds, she said.

    The club is very much the heart of the local community.

    Minister for Health, Leo Varadkar and Tnaiste Joan Burton with Noel Crawford and Jim Nulty of St Mochtas FC at the offical opening of the Christy Hughes Centre of Excellence

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    Bursary goes to Northsidehistory lover

    studies, seven will be enrolling in adult education and evening courses and three will be sup-ported to develop their business ideas.

    Elizabeth Kehoe won a Step-ping Stones award from Clid Housing who manage the Killar-ney Court development.

    Every year Clid presents bursary awards worth a total of 10,000 to support its tenants in their education or pursuit of a business idea.

    Elizabeth dreams of setting up a local history group as she lives in an area with a rich past.

    If you tell people about how special and important their com-munity is, from a historical point of view, theyll be more proud and more invested in it, she says.

    I am really glad that Stepping Stones has recognised that sup-porting my studies will hopefully

    have a long-term positive benefit for my community.

    Elizabeth was a nurse and so-cial worker in the UK for a long time and is now determined to pursue her passion for local his-tory. She volunteers in the Little Museum in Dublin and has dis-covered a love for imparting local history knowledge.

    Clid Customer Services Direc-tor, Christine Dibelius said: We share Elizabeths passion and vi-sion, and are thrilled to support her and all of the awardees in the pursuit of their dreams!

    This year, 29 Clid tenants were awarded a grant through Stepping Stones. Nineteen will be supported with their third level

    A LOCAL resident from Killarney Court in Dublin 1 is looking for-ward to looking back when she goes to study history at Trinity College thanks to bursary award.

    Elizabeth Kehoe from Killarney Court will be studying history in Trinity College thanks to the Stepping Stones award

    Software testing jobs in Dublin 15TEN new jobs are to be created at a software testing company that recently moved its offices to Blanchardstown Corporate Park.

    Established less than three years ago and assisted by the Local Enterprise Office in Fingal, Test Triangle currently employs seven staff.

    The new jobs are mostly in test-ing roles as the company looks to more than double its work-force over the next 12 months. The company helped with the recently released Passport Card and provides software and appli-cation testing solutions to clients throughout the world.

    We believe that there is huge potential to provide testing ser-vices across the globe from our base in Ireland, which allows Test Triangle to attract the best tal-ent, said founder and MD of the company Praveen Madire.

    Pictured at the official opening of the new Test Triangle offices were (front to back): Mayor of Fingal, David OConnor; Head of Fingal Local Enterprise Office, Oisin Geoghegan; Chief Executive of Fingal County Council Paul Reid with Test Triangles Dermot Weldon, Kevin Coughlan, Praveen Madire, Rajesh Adi, Mahesh Thummala, Jimit Patel and Srinivas Allampally.


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  • 10 21 Oct 2015 NOrthside PeOPle West

    The Eureka Rebellion is considered one of the key events in the birth of Australian democracy.

    Remembering the Eureka Rebellion

    IN December 1854, gold diggers at the Eureka Gold Mines in Ballarat, Aus-tralia, rose in armed rebellion against the Colonial Authorities and the Brit-ish Army.

    lion is interesting. Many of the rebels were Irish and its leading architect was Peter Lalor, a brother of the famous Irish revolutionary James Fintan Lalor.

    Tension at the mines had been grow-ing for some time. The colonial admin-istration was particularly corrupt and had little interest in the rights of work-ers. From the miners point of view, the administration was only interested in lining their own pockets.

    This was confirmed in 1851, when the authorities introduced mining licenc-es, as a legal device for taxing the gold miners.

    The diggers rejected the licences and protests began. The administration began to use intimidation to enforce their rule, by instructing the police and British Army to check licences twice a week.

    The situation came to a head in Octo-ber 1854, when a pro-British gang in the town, led by the local publican James Bentley, murdered a Scottish digger named James Scobie.

    Due to their standing in Ballarat, the magistrate refused to convict and the gang were acquitted.

    The miners decided to seek justice

    themselves. On October 17, a large crowd of diggers protested at Bentleys Hotel and Bar, which were burned to the ground.

    The arrest of three miners in connec-tion with the fire, sparked a mass meet-ing that decided to establish a Diggers Rights Society.

    On November 11, following the arrest of seven more miners including Irish-men, the Ballarat Reform League was established to peacefully campaign for diggers rights.

    With peaceful tactics soon failing, the miners decided it was time for open re-sistance.

    A new militant leadership, led by Peter Lalor, was elected. Lalor imme-diately ordered the establishment of a military organisation.

    The search was now on for arms. In a defiant move the diggers also unveiled their own flag, The Southern Cross, which has since become the Australian Flag for Independence.

    The miners took an oath which read: We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties.

    Lalor now ordered the building of a

    Although the rebellion was savagely supressed, the diggers won widespread support and their actions are credited with the introduction of universal suf-frage for white males.

    As a result, the Eureka Rebellion is considered one of the key events in the birth of Australian democracy.

    From an Irish point of view the rebel-

    Daith Riain

    stockade at Bakery Hill as a rallying point for the diggers. This was not a defensive or military structure, but the authorities viewed it as an act of war.

    Following the mass burning of li-cences by the diggers the authorities decided to act.

    At 3am on December 3, a large force of police and British soldiers ap-proached the stockade and attacked. The diggers defended themselves, but were soon overrun by the better trained professional forces.

    The police and soldiers then set about massacring the miners. Rebel women showed tremendous courage by

    throwing themselves on injured miners in an attempt to save them.

    Despite this bravery, some 27 diggers were killed and more are believed to have died from their wounds.

    The rebellion was over, but its after-math would have widespread repercus-sions for British rule in Australia. Peter Lalor survived the rebellion and became regarded as a hero. He later stated: we were compelled to take the field in our own defence, we were unable (through want of arms, ammunition and a little organisation) to inflict on the real au-thors of the outbreak the punishment they so richly deserved.

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    For more information or to discuss our services call our digital division at:

    email: [email protected]

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    PRICE REGION: 350,000











    Kevin Flanigan Estates 01 - 8453459



    Give a Dog a Home Today!Phone us on 01 8791000


    of the

    Dogs Trust is based in Finglas, just off exit 5 on the M50. Map and directions can be found on their website at You can also pop up for a visit. Dogs Trust is open six days a week from 12-4pm. The centre is closed all day Tuesday. You can also find Dogs Trust on Facebook at or Twitter @DogsTrust_IE.

    Dublin People Newspaper Group has teamed up with Dogs Trust to help find homes for over 200 lost and abandoned dogs.

    Our Dog of the Week is elegant greyhound, Teddy. Teddy is four-years-old and can be quite giddy when he first meets you. He likes to jump up to say hi, so would be suited to older children who he wont knock over!

    Teddy likes dogs and could happily live with another canine but he doesnt like to share his toys with others. He likes to chase small things, so smaller dogs and other pets couldnt share a home with Teddy.He adores his food and is extremely charming. If you think you could offer Teddy a loving home, contact Dogs Trust on 01-8791000.


    Remember to keep your pets safe at Halloween


    What to do if your dog gets lostCorina Fitzsimons

    WE HAVE had a lot of queries here at Dogs Trust recently from people who have lost their dogs.

    No matter how careful you are to make sure that your dog cant wander off or escape from your property, even the most obedient canine can disappear on occasion.

    Hopefully your dog will find his way home or will be returned by a kind member of the public. But if he doesnt you should contact the following:


    Dogs that are found stray-ing will usually be picked up by a local dog or animal warden and taken to a holding kennel. You should be able to contact your local dog warden through your local council.

    The Dog Warden must legally hold onto a stray dog

    for five days before they can rehome him, pass him onto a rehoming organisation or have him humanely put to sleep.

    Contact all rescue centres in your area - you can find a list in the Golden Pages under Animal


    VETERINARY SURgERIES Phone around all of the vet-

    erinary surgeries in your area. Someone may have handed your dog in to them, or in some cases, they may have been involved in an accident and have been brought for treat-ment.

    Leave your details with the vet and they will contact you, should a dog of his description come into the surgery for treat-ment.

    Also inform FIDO or your microchip database that your dog is lost, as they should notify you if someone tries to change the details.


    Occasionally a member of the public will take in a stray pet and look after it until the owner is found. We do not advise people to do this, but if they do they must contact the dog warden.

    It is worth checking the local

    vet surgeries, supermarket noticeboards, shops, libraries, local newspapers and other public notices to see if anyone is searching for the owner of a dog that fits your pets description.

    Ask if you can put notices up in these places preferably a colour poster with an up-to-date photograph of yourdog

    Make sure to have your dog microchipped to increase their chances of being reunited with you if they go missing. It is now a legal requirement to have your pup microchipped, and from April 1, 2016, all dogs in Ireland need to be microchipped and have a certificate of compli-ance to confirm this.

    You can have your dog microchipped at your local veterinary practice. Get in touch with them directly to make an appointment.


  • 12 21 Oct 2015 NOrthside PeOPle West


    The chic French clothing company is one of those hidden treasures that Irish mums and in the know followers of fashion have been keeping to themselves for quite a while! The French style house has both childrens and womens wear collections, all of which are original and bang-on-trend, without over-stretching the budget. Ladies fashion is covered by the Captain Tortue flagship brand, Miss Captain, (below) which offers stylish, casual layering, and easy to wear dresses and separates in sizes 6 to 20. The Miss Trend range features slightly edgier pieces that stand out as a fashion statement, and are effortlessly striking. The collection is

    inspired by key trends from the international catwalk shows and has a distinctly European Chic feel about it. Graphics and geometric prints with faux leather and subtle spots are key features in the Miss Trend collection. The signature piece of the collection is a stunning Trench Coat with faux leather sleeves, zip and double-breasted button detailing, (right) which is a new twist on an old favourite. Captain Tortue is sold exclusively by independent consultants at personal viewings and group style shows. Shoppers can preview new collections on Facebook or online at before contacting their local consultant about individual or group shopping options.


    Ensure your skin is prepared for the colder season with ziajas moisture-infused and revitalising Argan oil range. Argan oil has been used for centuries to transform the skin, thanks to its high content of omega fatty acids and antioxidants. The Ziaja Revitalising Argan Face Cream is a light and ultra absorbent face cream that instantly improves skin tone as well as hydrating, smoothing and protecting the skin. The Argan oil base strengthens the skin barrier,

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    Say hello to the product that is going to make your life so much easier. The new Diamond Oil Glow Dry boosts your blow-dry with heat-responsive silicones that deliver lightweight care, diamond-like shine and fast, easy style. The ultra-lightweight formula helps reduce blow-dry time and adds instant shine. Suitable for all hair types and textures and safe for colortreated and chemically


    By Edel Cox of The Beauty Dial (




    Falling for Zell am SeeTony McCullagh reports from the slopes of Austria

    IF YOUR idea of fun is falling over repeatedly, choking on mouthfuls of snow while little kids whiz around you, laughing, then this would have been an ideal way to begin your ski holiday.

    Our first morning in the Austrian resort of Zell am See had started off well as we trekked the short distance from Hotel Martha to the ski lift station in the centre of this picture postcard town, set against the backdrop of a magnificent lake and stunning alpine scenery.

    With an air of optimism we boarded our first gondola of the day, agreeing we would warm up our ski legs with a few cruising blue runs naturally, wed work our way up to the more challenging reds and blacks as the week progressed.

    My companions hit the slopes like seasoned pros while I cautiously trailed behind, like a drunken Bambi on rollerblades.

    Something was wrong I couldnt turn left! No matter how hard I tried, the damn ski wouldnt go in the direction I wanted it do. As I veered dangerously towards the edge of a forest, there was only one thing to do face plant! I repeated this graceless, humiliating move time and time again until I eventually gave up the ghost and took off my skies in frustration.

    It was a long walk back to the village.Later, over consolation beers with my

    buddies, I desperately tried to analyse what had gone wrong. Could it be that I had lost my skiing mojo, perhaps for good?

    The next morning we had arranged a days ski guiding with the Outdo ski school company. Our expert guide, Michael, originally from Denmark, listened sympathetically as I recounted the previous days disaster. Reassuringly, he said he would fix me.

    He didnt have to try too hard. My skiing ability had miraculously returned

    to normal and I was able to effortlessly follow in the tracks of my guide.

    I eventually figured out what had gone wrong. If, like me, you fall into the category of intermediate skier, do yourself a favour and check that your boot is properly clicked into your ski bindings. Otherwise you wont be able to turn no matter how good a skier you are!

    Problem solved, I was now able to fully immerse myself in everything that Zell am See and neighbouring Kaprun had to offer. In total, the region is home to 138km of slopes, catering for skiers of all abilities, from beginners to fearless black run veterans.

    Both the Schmittenhhe and the Kitzsteinhorn are perfect for intermediate skiers and those who want something a little more challenging. The Schmitten and Maiskogel areas are particularly popular with families.

    The skiing season in Zell am See-Kaprun starts in autumn and extends into early summer. In fact, on the Kitzsteinhorn glacier you can ski and snowboard on snow covered slopes for 10 months of the year. It can get a little crowded up there (and pretty cold!) but this high-altitude ski area is well worth experiencing.

    The ski shuttle bus transfers you from mountain to mountain swiftly and its free of charge if you hold a ski pass.

    Zell am See itself offers a fantastic selection of pubs and restaurants. When you scratch the surface of this deceptively quiet village youll be able to aprs ski with the best of them in its lively late night bars. Foodies are also in for a treat our personal favourite was a restaurant called Genuss Werk. The food was so good that we ate there four nights in a row.

    The Austrian ski experience doesnt get much better than Zell am See. Put it on your destination wish list for 2016.

    For further information visit or call 01 2401700. See also

    PHOTOS: Zell am See-Kaprun Tourismus PHOTOS: Zell am See-Kaprun Tourismus

    Zell am See : get the facts This winter Topflight will have winter ski charters direct to Salzburg from Dublin, Cork and Belfast International Airports.

    Zell am See is just over 1.5 hours transfer from Salzburg Airport.

    It has 138km of runs in the area. The highest lift on the Kitzsteinhorn Glacier is at 3,029m.

    This season a six-day lift pass will cost 240 and five days ski school is 205 a great way to get your

    ski legs back and also to get to know the area.

    Zell am See is a fantastic all round resort, with great aprs ski, lots to do for families and a beautiful pedestrian centre with stunning lakeside walks.

    Topflight prices for one week start at 589 for the Pension Hochwinner to include charter flights and full luggage allowance, transfers and one weeks B&B in a 3-star pension. The 4-star Hotel Waldhof with spa and half board - costs from 899. Check out or call 01-2401700.

    PHOTOS: Zell am See-Kaprun TourismusPHOTOS: Zell am See-Kaprun Tourismus

    This winter Topflight will have winter ski charters direct to Salzburg from Dublin, Cork and Belfast

    Zell am See is just over 1.5 hours transfer from Salzburg Airport.

    It has 138km of runs in the area. The highest lift on the Kitzsteinhorn Glacier is at 3,029m.

    This season a six-day lift pass will cost 240 and five days ski school is 205 a great way to get your

  • 14 21 Oct 2015 NOrthside PeOPle West

    Gordon, Business As Usual by Ruth ChipperfieldGORDON Cochran travelled by public transport around Dublin, into County Wicklow, and to Galway, always busy, planning the next trip, completely at home on trains and buses.

    The staff welcomed him into their workplaces, they recognised him as one of their own.

    The employees of two separate companies individually and collectively embraced this one small man.

    Gordon, now 62, has an intellec-tual disability. With almost no

    speech, hes an enthusi-astic communicator

    with a natural gift for making friends.

    Believing he was a businessman like his dad, he strode through the streets wearing a suit,

    carrying a briefcase, a rolled umbrella and The Irish Times. He saw that

    a briefcase was an essential accessory. But an empty briefcase is a disaster, so Gordon ac-

    quired newspapers, buying them when he had money or lifting any that were unattended, tidying up any that were left on trains and buses. The Irish Times was his favourite; the Financial Times, left by a harassed banker was an occasional treat.

    Gordons father stored his papers in his study. In spite of the locked door, documents found their way into Gordons briefcase. After his mother taught him to write his name, Gordon happily personalised docu-ments and books.

    He moved to live in Lydia House, one of the Peace-haven Trust homes in Greystones. Journeys began to take a big slice of his day, but that was ok, travel was what he did best. The railway staff knew him, the

    train drivers hooted at him, he shared their tea-breaks.

    Leaving trains aside, when this friendly little man arrived in the city, there were buses. They went everywhere, and the numbers were useful for writing on a newly acquired docu-ment. The drivers at Donnybrook Bus Garage

    appreciated his help in directing the tidy parking of the buses.

    Gordon has had undreamed-of adventures. He visited Disneyland

    in Paris, Florida Disneyworld and other thrilling US destina-tions.

    This story begins with the marriage of Gordons parents,

    Will and Lydia Cochran, in 1937 in Blessington, Co Wicklow.

    He was born when they lived in Clontarf in North Dublin. His parents

    personal faith guided their acceptance of this little floppy baby and the decisions they would make about his future.

    Lydia Cochran, his mother was co-found-er of the Peacehaven Trust, which manages three residential facilities for people with Special Needs, in Greystones, Co Wicklow.

    Gordons life has been full of challenges, and inevitably there have been sorrows. There have been many, many joyful times, and occasions of high comedy, coupled with exasperation. He has been gravely ill, and his care in the Peacehaven Lydia House has been beyond praise. He is greatly blessed.

    Ive been beside him for much of the time, because Gordon is my very special brother.



    About the AuthorRUTH has read constantly, from Enid Blytons stories in early childhood, to biog-raphy and memoir, literary novels, crime novels and thrillers, newspapers and the Bible.

    Her joy and pre-occupation has been with words, reading them,speaking and writing them. Gordon, Business as Usual was written after major changes in her brother Gordons life.

    Ruth was a member of the founding committee of the Peacehaven Trust in Greystones, Co Wicklow, where Gordon lives.

    She is married to Keith, with three adult married children, and six grandchildren, aged from five to 18.


    little man arrived in the city, there were buses. They went everywhere, and the numbers were

    ment. The drivers at Donnybrook Bus Garage

    adventures. He visited Disneyland

    Toms story is a snapshot in timeA POIGNANT, personal story by Sutton-based freelance writer Tom Rowley has been chosen for in-clusion in a new book, Around The Farm Gate, a unique collection of 50 stories by different authors detailing their experiences about the Ireland in which they grew up.

    Toms story, The Bend at the Church, leads off the collection and recounts his memories as a young boy growing up in the 1960s on a 16-acre farm near Castlebar in Co Mayo with his mother, two brothers and sister.

    His father worked on the construction sites in England and only got home to visit them twice a year.

    Tom, who now lives in Binn Eadair View in Sutton, worked for more than two decades with the Irish Independent as a se-nior journalist and news editor. He later worked as communica-tions manager for the celebra-tion in 2000 of the Millennium in Ireland and afterwards spent almost 10 years as press advisor to the late Fianna Fail Govern-ment Minister Seamus Brennan.

    Today, he is a frequent con-tributor to Sunday Miscellany on RTE 1 radio, The Sunday Times,An Irishmans Diary in The Irish Times and other publications.

    The Around The Farm Gate

    collection, edited by author and former journalist PJ Cunning-ham, is a collaboration between the popular RTE Radio 1 Coun-trywide programme, The Irish Farmers Journal and Ballpoint Press Ltd.

    It was launched recently at the National Ploughing Champi-onships in Ratheniska, Co Laois.

    The book is a treasure trove of stories that are brief snap-shots in time as they capture the activities of people striving to earn their daily bread in differ-ent settings across the country. The book offers a rare glimpse of our recent history, encapsu-lating and preserving the tra-ditions of several generations in a rapidly disappearing rural landscape.

    Tom said: I was just one of a cluster of generations of sons and daughters, most mainly from the West but from Dublin and many other areas, who grew from childhood to their teenage years having their father home

    twice a year, usually at Christ-mas and in the summer.

    In The Bend at the Church story I have tried to capture how strange and awkward it was ad-justing to his twice yearly visits and the odd memories of want-ing to be close to someone you knew was your father and yet felt like a stranger who disrupt-ed the routine of running the house and the farm under the guidance of a very courageous and loving mother.

    It is just a snapshot in time and I hope it gives a brief glimpse into an era now receding into the past but which has parallels with the emigration the country is now experiencing.

    I think there are many thou-sands of people of my age out there who will identify with some elements of my story and I would encourage many of them to tell of their own experiences so that this strange, unique time, in Irish life is not forgot-ten. Sutton-based freelance writer Tom Rowley .



    awareness week aims to highlight heartburn problem

    pharmacist or GP in Dublin to en-sure you are benefitting from the appropriate treatment.

    Lisa Fitzpatrick said she has suffered from heartburn sporadi-

    The initiative aims to encour-age people suffering from the discomfort of frequent heart-burn to seek help in controlling the problem.

    Ambassadors Dr Ciara Kelly and Lisa Fitzpatrick are encour-aging people to visit their local pharmacist in Dublin during the week to learn about preventing heartburn, a common ailment which affects over 51 per cent of Irish people.

    Heartburn is caused by the reflux or back flow of gastric acid from the stomach into the oesophagus. It occurs when the lower oesophageal sphincter does not close tightly, allowing acid to escape out of the stomach into the oesophagus.

    Unlike the stomach, the oe-sophagus does not have a pro-tective lining so is sensitive to the acid which actually burns the walls of the oesophagus, causing that painful feeling.

    Typical heartburn symptoms include a painful, burning feel-ing behind the breastbone which may be accompanied by an acidic taste in the back of the throat.

    Dr Ciara Kelly said heartburn is generally not a cause for ma-jor concern as most people ex-perience it at some point in their lives.

    However, frequent heartburn which occurs two or more times a week should not be taken light-

    ly, said Dr Kelly. If you are suffering from

    heartburn twice a week or more, my recommendation is to discuss your symptoms with your local

    IRELANDS inaugural Heart-burn Awareness Week takes place from October 19 to 25.

    cally over the last few years.One recent episode was par-

    ticularly painful and I decided to pay a visit to my pharmacist, she said. He was able to recom-mend a suitable medication and thankfully, my symptoms were resolved. Many people are suf-fering in silence week on week and are self-medicating with no expert medical supervision.

    Heartburn Awareness Week has been launched to encour-age sufferers to simply ask their pharmacist for advice on the best treatment for their symptoms.

    For further information on heartburn treatment, visit your local pharmacist in Dublin.

    Dr Ciara Kelly and Lisa Fitzpatrick pictured at the launch of Heartburn Awareness Week.

    Anam Cara to hold information eveningANAM Cara is hosting a Bereavement Information Evening in Applewood Community Centre, Castleview Lawn/Bunbury Gate Road, Swords on Wednesday, October 21 from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

    This event gives parents an opportunity to hear an experienced bereavement professional talk about the many challenges fami-lies may face after the death of their son or daughter.

    It is open to all bereaved parents, regardless of the age of their child or the circumstances of their death and is provided free of charge to parents. Guest speaker is Patricia Wilson. Anam Cara will need to confirm numbers for this event. Email [email protected] before October 20 or phone 01-4045378 or 087-9637790.

    Vaccination service extension is welcomedTHE Irish Pharmacy Union (IPU) has welcomed the an-nouncement by the Minister for Health Leo Varadkar to ex-tend the community pharmacy vaccination service, which will allow pharmacists to vaccinate patients against pneumococ-cal infection and shingles from the beginning of next year.

    IPU President Kathy Maher said it is something they have

    been campaigning for over a long number of years.

    Extending the vaccination service to include pneumococ-cal infection and shingles is an acknowledgement of the success of the current flu vaccination service delivered in pharma-cies, said Ms Maher.

    Twenty-three per cent of pa-tients vaccinated in pharmacy against the flu during the last flu season had never been vac-

    cinated before and 83 per cent of these patients were in the At-Risk Category.

    We intend to build on this success in making these essen-tial vaccinations more accessible to the public and making a dif-ference when it comes to the uptake of these vital immunisa-tions.

    The IPU is the representa-tive body for 2,100 pharmacists across the country.


    Stephen Travers: Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy for fAst lAsting positive results! STephen Travers personally works and trains with the worlds leading experts in the fields of personal development, hypnotherapy and neuroscience, such as Doctor Ronald Ruden and paul McKenna. During the last decade Stephen has successfully treated thousands of people for quit smoking, weight loss, anxiety, panic attacks, trauma, phobias, confidence, public speaking and various other psychological and emotional issues. he also provides consulting and coaching services to optimize peoples performance in personal and professional development areas, such as sports, relationships and business. Stephen has two full time successful private practices in Dublin 4 and Dublin 7.

    stephen graduated from and is member of the institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & psychotherapy in 2005 and did training in various highly effective psychotherapeutic therapies with Doctor Joseph Keaney. stephenwas appointed the Certified Havening techniquestrainer for ireland by Doctor ronald ruden, the creator of these breakthrough neuroscientific techniques for anxiety and stress related issues, due to his skill, knowledge and expertise in this groundbreaking healing modality. He has treated hundreds of clients with this new breakthrough scientific therapeutic approach known as Havening.

    Stephen Travers is one of only a handful of International havening Techniques practitioners that has earned this prestigious position of trainer. It is my privilege to work side by side with such a skilled healer and therapist. As quoted by Doctor steven J ruden, Director of education, Havening techniques international

    heres a list of what Stephen Travers: Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you with Quit smoking in one session or you get free sessions until you do! think Yourself thin: Weight loss program Anxiety, panic Attacks, phobias, stress, fear, Worry, Distressful Memories post traumatic stress, Disorder, Anger, grief, sadness, Compulsions, Cravings, emotional eating issues. Chronic pain, Abandonment issues, iBs and other stress related issues etc... Confidence, public speaking,personal Development

    please see website for more information and clients video success stories. For a complimentary phone consultation you can

    call Stephens clinic on 01 484 7834 or 086 178 6809

    Stephen Travers: Advanced hypnotherapy



  • 16 21 Oct 2015 NOrthside PeOPle West

    The daa team celebrates the award success with Tnaiste and Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton and TV3 weatherman Martin King (far right).

    Finglas party animals invited to free day out PET owners in Finglas have the perfect excuse to spoil and pamper their pets this weekend thanks to the local Maxi Zoo store which has organised a host of free events to celebrate its birthday.

    The fun day out includes a free pet health check, free nail trimming, pet care advice, some great special offers, childrens face painting, a colouring competition for kids, plenty of family fun and the obligatory balloons and cutting of the birthday cake.

    Pet owners and their pets are welcome to drop by the store at Clearwater Retail Park any time this Saturday, (October 24) between 12 pm and 5pm. The first 20 dog owners through the door with their pet will receive a free goodie bag for their pet.

    Maxi Zoos team of pet experts will be joined by vet Paul Kelly between 2-5 pm who will be answering questions and providing local pet parents with all they need to know to keep their family treasure fit and healthy.

    The free health check is a great way to ensure that your family pet is in the best of health, said Alice Cross, Executive Director of Maxi Zoo Ireland.

    We are delighted to celebrate another year of

    business in Finglas. We enjoy great support

    from local pet owners and look forward to meeting them again on Saturday and to helping them to ensure that their pet stays fit and healthy.

    All of the in-store activities planned for the day are geared towards providing local pet owners with expert advice on how to provide their pet with the best care, nutrition and training,

    Customers can learn how to manage their dogs weight, how to groom their dog so that it always looks its best and how to teach their dog a new trick or two.

    Maxi Zoos birthday bash takes place from midday this Saturday (October 24) at Clearwater Retail Park across from Tesco

    Dublin2020 City of Culture bid submittedTHE Dublin2020 campaign culminated last week after the Bid Book, which outlines why Dublin should win the title of European Capital of Culture, was handed over to judges.

    European Capital of Culture is awarded for one calendar year, highlighting the diversity, rich-ness and integration of cultures in Europe and the chosen city

    For 2020, Ireland and Croatia have been announced as Europes chosen countries. Four cities in Ireland are competing to win the Irish nomination title and all

    handed over their bid books last week.

    Dublins application has been influenced hugely by the thoughts and ideas that have come from meetings, chats and workshops the Dublin2020 team have had with the capitals citizens.

    The Dublin handover was cel-ebrated with a free gig in Temple

    Bars Meeting House Square last Saturday (October 17), featuring performances by Anderson, Dar-ling and The Hot Sprockets.

    The Dublin2020 team say the cultural, social and economic benefits of being European Capi-tal of Culture would be vast.

    It will give Dubliners an op-portunity to rethink the city, a spokesperson said.

    Previous capitals of Culture are testament to how the title could provide an excellent oppor-

    tunity for regeneration, raising international profile, enhancing perceptions of the city in the eyes of its own citizens, boosting tour-ism and giving a new lease of life to the capital.

    Judges are now due to arrive in Dublin in November to assess the application, interview the Dublin2020 team and consider whether the city will be put for-ward on the shortlist for host city for European Capital of Culture in 2020.

    Cabra rapper Lethal Dialect is backing the Dublin2020 bid

    THE Dublin Airport Author-ity (daa) has been named as Q Mark for Quality Management Systems national winner at the National Q Mark Awards.

    The prestigious award was presented by Tnaiste and Min-ister for Social Protection Joan Burton at an event described as

    the Oscars of Business Excel-lence.

    The daa was also declared Best in Customer Service at the presentation ceremony.

    Dublin Airport business awards

    50 Ways to Reward Your Mammy

    Baz and Nancy from hit TV show 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy paid a visit to EZ Living Furniture in Blanchardstown, D15.


    two boys to get the best possible start in life, said Linda Reidy, par-ent and campaign supporter.

    We strongly believe that an Educate Together school would provide an open, inclusive envi-ronment where they could learn and grow.

    Crucially, parents have also ex-pressed a desire that a new school in the area should adopt the equality based approach that Edu-cate Together stands for, as many parents fear that their children will be made to feel excluded in a school in which faith formation is carried out during school hours.

    Overwhelmingly, parents want a new school to reflect the cultural diversity of the area.

    My partner and I are from dif-ferent backgrounds and dont feel that our daughter should attend a school that represents just one

    of these backgrounds, explains another local parent and advo-cate, Julie Napier, who feels that Educate Together schools teach children to embrace their back-grounds rather than feeling em-barrassed or singled out.

    We want our daughter to be proud of who she is and see multi-culturalism as an advantage.

    Educate Together schools are national schools, open to all, ir-respective of social, cultural or religious background.

    They are child-centred and of-fer a school experience that is truly inclusive - children are never separated according to religion or gender in an Educate Together school. Educate Together has been providing this equality based edu-cation for over 30 years and its success can be measured by the long waiting lists for all its schools

    in Dublin. The Dublin North Central Edu-

    cate Together Campaign says lo-cal parents now have the chance to have a local Educate Together school.

    The Department of Education and Skills will soon run a process during which they will ask school patrons to provide evidence of pa-rental preference.

    Educate Together is now col-lecting expressions of interest from parents who want an Edu-cate Together school.

    To express an interest and pre-enrol a child, visit

    For more information or to help with the campaign, email [email protected]


    Local parents push for educate together school

    The school will open in Septem-ber 2016 and it follows increasing pressure on school places in ar-eas like Drumcondra, Marino and Dublin 1.

    The news was perhaps most ea-gerly welcomed by those involved in the Dublin North Central Edu-cate Together Campaign.

    The campaign was established four years ago by a group of parents and local residents who believe that the area will benefit hugely from having educational options that meet the needs of its diverse community.

    The Dublin North Central Cam-paign, along with patronage body, Educate Together, is busy putting

    the finishing touches to an appli-cation for patronage, which will be submitted to the Department of Education and Skills in the com-ing months.

    The campaign is in a strong po-sition and continues to gain mo-mentum with the first pre-enrol-ments for 2020 already received.

    Much of the feedback the cam-paign has received from parents in support of Educate Together as patron has stressed a desire for their children to experience the child-centred, inclusive and innovative approach that Educate Together have strived to create in their schools nationwide.

    Like any parent we want our

    THERE was a broad welcome across the whole of the Dublin North Central Area in February this year when Minister for Education and Skills, Jan OSullivan, announced a new primary school for the area.

    Educate Together stands for an equality based approach to education

    Career & Academic.. ..Focused Programmes

    COMPUTING & MULTIMEDIA JAVA Programming Fundamentals to Advanced CompTIA A+/Cisco IT Essentials&6&2&&1$&HUWLHG1HWZRUN$VVRFLDWH0&6$0LFURVRIW&HUWLHG6ROXWLRQV$VVRFLDWH 3D Modelling & Animation Level 5


    HEALTHCARE & CHILDCARE STUDIES Early Childhood Care & Education


    +HDOWKFDUH6XSSRUW/HYHO Maternity Care Support

    Springboard: Enrolling NOW for January Intake




    Margaret Aylward Community College

    The Thatch Road, Whitehall, Dublin 9

    Phone 01 8375712

    with a

    Halloween ThemeThursday 22nd October

    6.00-8.00pmAll Girls Post-Primary school

    Come and meet our teachersand look around our school

    All welcomeChildren must be accompanied by an adult



    AT 6.00, 6.30, AND 7.00




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    Audi focuses on technicalexcellence

    nicians complete a paper-based technical assessment and prac-tical test before taking part in the programme, which occurs in a classroom and practical work-shop environment.

    Lookers Audi Managing Direc-tor Steve Dean said the newly-launched scheme was already proving to be a success among the new talent being attracted to the company.

    Our Technician Immersion Scheme is unique across the UK and Ireland and were very im-pressed by the calibre of candi-dates who have engaged with us and who are already providing an unrivalled quality of service and

    In a major fi rst for the UK auto-motive industry, the new Lookers Audi Technician Immersion Pro-gramme is now being rolled out across all nine dealerships in the UK and Ireland.

    Already 136 skilled technicians are now providing full vehicle support and maintenance to cus-tomers of the premium Audi car brand.

    The new programme, which is designed to revolutionise the recruitment and training envi-

    ronment for the next generation of qualifi ed technical specialists, provides selected new recruits with access to specially-designed, comprehensive training pro-grammes delivered by Lookers Audi master technicians.

    This includes a special focus on the exciting new technologies deployed that make Audi one of the most advanced vehicle brands on the market.

    After an initial evaluation process, successful recruit tech-

    AN INNOVATIVE new scheme designed to promote technical ex-cellence, training and enhanced career development has been launched by Lookers Audi, a division of leading UK automotive retailer Lookers Plc.

    Pictured at the Service Centre of Lookers Audi are Senior Technician Neil McKerley, Scott Chalmers, one of the fi rst batch of newly recruited technicians and Steve Dean, Managing Director of Lookers Audi.

    Irish motorists are wasting millions of Euro on fuelIRISH motorists could be wasting over 18 million a year on fuel and putting lives at risk by driving on dangerously underinfl ated tyres, if fi gures drawn from a UK-wide study conducted by Michelin were applied here.

    After inspecting tens of thousands of cars over an eight-year period through the free Fill-Up-With-Air tyre check programme, Michelin found that 62 per cent of cars checked had underinfl at-ed tyres of which 37 per cent were dangerously

    underinfl ated or very dangerously underin-fl ated. Some fi ve per cent had a punctured tyre and one per cent had tread depths below the legal minimum.

    Running on tyres underinfl ated by as little as 7psi can increase fuel consumption by about 1 litre every 833kms.

    At an average petrol/diesel fuel price of 1.37 per litre, this means that almost one third of all cars in Ireland could be consuming an additional 18 million a year on fuel Michelin estimates.

    Michelin found that 62 per cent of cars checked had underinfl ated tyres of which 37 per cent were dangerously underinfl ated or very dangerously underinfl ated.

    skill to customers of the world class Audi marque, he said.

    This new and unique re-cruitment and training process provides us with an excellent indication of the capability of those candidates applying and the additional training and up-skilling needed to ensure we can attract and maintain the technical talent in the market-place.

    Lookers Audi has also intro-duced special fi nancial incen-

    tives and dedicated career de-velopment plans to new recruits as part of its concerted focus on raising technical expertise and knowledge and across its net-work.

    Neil McKerley, who assists in delivering the Audi Technician Programme, said: Audi deliv-ers innovative vehicles which are packed inside and out with the very latest technological ad-vancements which have helped to make them one of the worlds

    best-selling premium car brands and this new recruitment proc-ess and training programme has been designed to maintain excel-lence in this area.

    Robin Henderson, Aftersales Manager, Lookers Audi, added: At Lookers Audi, we value tech-nical talent, commitment and passion in equal measure.

    I am delighted that the scheme is proving to be such a success for everyone who loves the Audi brand.

    LINDERS RENAULT FINGLASClearwater Retail Park, Finglas, Dublin 11Tel 01

    LINDERS RENAULT CHAPELIZODChapelizod Road, Dublin 20tel 01 6299600

    Model shown: KADJAR Signature Nav 1.5 dCi RRP 29,290. Price excludes metallic paint, delivery and dealer-related charges. Maximum recommended delivery charge 725. Finance Example: KADJAR Expression+ RRP 24,990. Deposit 8,359. Term 36 monthly payments of 249. APR 6.9%. Total cost of credit 2,779 inc doc & Terms and conditions apply


    Renault KADJARStart living

    Book a test-drive



    Honda teams shine again in this years MPG Marathon

    simple, smarter driving tech-niques.

    This years event challenged competitors to fi nd the most ef-fi cient route between set check-points, taking into consideration possible congestion hotspots.

    The performance of the Hon-da teams once again highlights the outstanding real-world fuel economy of Hondas super-e -cient 1.6 i-DTEC engine under the scrutiny of rigorous independent testing. Not content with just lift-ing last years MPG Marathon title for Best Outright MPG, in June Honda R&D engineers Fergal Mc-Grath and Julian Warren set a new Guinness World Record for fuel economy.

    Behind the wheel of a Civic Tourer 1.6 i-DTEC the pair crossed all 24 mainland EU countries, cov-

    ering over 13,000km in just 25 days, averaging an incredible 2.8 l/100km (100.31 MPG) for the en-tire journey.

    Fergal McGrath said: Once again the MPG Marathon attract-

    ed a tough line-up, and while we didnt manage to scoop the over-all title for the second year in a row we are very pleased with our performance.

    Congratulations to everyone,

    but particularly to Paul and Shaun who pipped us on best improve-ment in the CR-V.

    The Earth Dreams Technol-ogy 1.6 i-DTEC engine is available across the Honda range.

    Meanwhile, a pairing of 17-year-olds recorded an incredible average 3.0 l/100km (93.81 MPG) just weeks after passing their driving tests.

    Topping the league for Honda was Paul Clifton, a transport correspondent for the BBC, and former police inspector, Shaun Cronin.

    Their CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC recorded an average 3.4l/100km (84.34 MPG) - some 31.37 per cent over the cars quoted fuel economy to take fi rst place for Best Per-centage Improvement.

    Following in third place in the category were last years winners,

    Fergal McGrath and Julian War-ren. Once again in a Civic Tourer 1.6 i-DTEC, the team achieved an average 3.1 l/100km (90.46 MPG) - 24.94 per cent over the Tourers quoted fuel economy.

    The achievement also earned the team fi rst place for Outright MPG in their class of diesel cars with CO2 emissions of 100g/km or more.

    Organised by Fleet World magazine, the MPG Marathon is 650km worth of driving designed to be a true real-world test that demonstrates the benefi ts to both the environment and the motorists pocket of employing

    THE three Honda teams which took part in this years MPG Mara-thon continued the marques solid track record of success, scoop-ing fi rst and third place for Best percentage improvement on quoted fuel economy and best in class MPG.

    Three Honda teams took part in this years MPG Marathon.


    2015 ix40 Saloon Executive 1.7 Diesel Eco Beige 30,595 24,950 5,645

    2015 ix20 Deluxe 1.4 Petrol Black 21,345 17,950 3,395

    2015 ix30 Tourer Deluxe 1.6 Diesel Cashmere & White 26,345 21,950 4,395

    2015 ix35 Comfort 1.7 Diesel Black 28,595 25,900 2,695

    2015 ix10 Deluxe 1.0 Petrol Blue & Grey 15,095 13,500 1,595

    2015 ix10 Deluxe 1.0 Petrol Automatic Black, Grey & Silver 17,095 15,500 1,595

    2015 ix20 Classic 1.2 Petrol White, Blue & Red 17,345 15,950 1,395

    2015 ix30 Classic 5Dr 1.4 Petrol White & White 21,345 18,950 2,395

    2015 ix30 Deluxe 5DR 1.6 Diesel Black 25,095 22,500 2,595

    2015 ix35 Comfort 1.7 Diesel Cashmere, Blue & Grey 28,595 26,500 2,095

    2015 ix35 Executive 1.7 Diesel Cashmere, Blue & White 30,095 27,500 2,595

    Huge selection of other makes & models on our

    On presentation

    of this voucherwe will include


    All vehicles have low road tax and remainder of 5 year manufacturer

    warranty and AA membership.We have limited supply of

    all above vehicles.



    T&Cs apply selected vehicles only / Exp: 29th October 2015

  • 20 21 Oct 2015 NOrthside PeOPle West

    Cherish gold in dcor for 2016

    for typography and graphics find-ing their way off pages and post-ers and directly onto walls.

    Words & Pictures is all about using lettering as decorative mo-tifs whether thats a single over-

    sized letter painted on a wall or a handwritten message on a chalk-board wall.

    The palette for this trend rang-es from graphite grey to biro ink blue.

    WELL all be going for gold when it comes to home dcor next year - Cherished Gold, to be exact.

    Thats because this is the col-our announced as Colour of the Year 2016 at a highly anticipated event at Somerset House in Lon-don recently. The event coincided with publication of Dulux Colour Futures, which with the help of a panel of colour experts, trend predictors and style gurus has been predicting interior trends for the past 13 years.

    The overarching theme in Col-our Futures 2016 is Looking Both Ways and its a celebration of contrasts. But the gathering of interiors experts in London were all waiting to hear which colour is going to be hot for 2016.

    The choice of Cherished Gold is an evolution from this years shade, Copper Blush, and it ties nicely into the ongoing trend of using metallic tones in the home.

    Gold and tones of gold are be-ing used everywhere in the design

    world, said Rebecca Williamson, Senior Colour Design & Content Manager at Dulux.

    Its a recurring colour and material at design fairs and in graphic design as well as in ar-chitecture, fashion, beauty and interior decorating.

    For 2016 Cherished Gold is a beautiful next step, a natural transition from Copper Blush.

    As metallics continue to add that feel good factor into our homes, this earthy gold inspired hue will offer that little touch of glamour in an authentic and per-sonal way.

    Warm and subtle, Cherished Gold pairs equally well with fresh pastels and rich jewel tones alike. The shades earthy quality means its a good choice for most types of space.

    Dulux has teamed Cherished Gold with a selection of coordi-nating hues in Colour Futures 2016 as a suggestion to add some extra sparkle to homes.

    Bright enough to attract atten-tion on its own, Cherished Gold

    also blends well with other tones, such as soft pinks or a duck-egg blue.

    The overriding palette for 2016 is all about muted soft colours with a focus on mid-tones, but

    with extra warmth to make things that little bit more sophisticated.

    So ditch that orange for coral, yellow for ochre and use midnight instead of bog-standard blues.

    Theres also an emerging trend

    Enjoy a new lifestyle in the sunMASA International, one of Spains leading estate agents for the past 33 years, has announced its return to Ireland.

    MASA boasts thousands of satisfied customers and clients are now enjoying a whole new lifestyle in the warmth of the sun and have become friends of the company ever since.

    Now you too can enjoy the experience of the sun warming your face each morning with a little help from your friends MASA International agents. The company invites you to go along to one of its exhibitions at the Regency Hotel, White-hall, on Sunday, October 25, from 11am to 5pm; the West County Hotel, Capelizod/Lucan on November 8; and the Clay-

    ton Hotel (formerly Maldron), Cardiff Lane, off Sir John Rogersons Quay on November 15.

    MASA International is with you every step of the way and

    has new properties for you to check out.

    For more information con-tact Angela on 087-6648759 or Jim on 089-4956788.

    House & HomeREACHING

    340,000 READERS WEEKLY


    STEP UP YOUR WINDOW AND DOOR SECURITYwith our new EXTRA shootbolts, window locks & hinge claws

    Claim your VAT back under the NEW HOME RENOVATION INITIATIVE

    We are fully Tax Complaint and VAT Registered


    FREE back door with a full order of house (front & back)

    T&Cs apply


    Protect your home from burglaries

    participants, 29 per cent report-ed that their home had been bur-gled at some stage.

    It is perhaps least surprising that Dublin is responsible for almost a half of Irish burglaries, with 38 per cent of polled Dublin-ers stating they had been a victim of this crime at one point of their lives.

    AA Home Insurance is urging homeowners to take the neces-sary precautions to help reduce the risk of becoming another sta-tistic in the final quarter of the year.

    If you have a home alarm system installed not only will it

    RECENT statistics that show 44 per cent of home burglaries were recorded in the Dublin Metropolitan Area should act as a warning to householders, according to AA Home Insur-ance.

    Data from the Central Statis-tics Office (CSO) also confirms that burglaries are up nine per cent across the country in the first six months of 2015.

    Longer hours of darkness in the evenings may be one factor in making burglars feel they are more likely to get away with it, and with kids back in school the

    typical house is more likely to be empty during the day, says AA Director of Consumer Affairs, Conor Faughnan.

    Whatever the reason the data does show that in recent years we have seen an increase in burgla-ries in the period from October to Christmas.

    We are asking people to re-view their home security now and to be mindful that over 27,000 Irish homes are affected by this awful crime every year. The dis-tress caused to families is far greater than the financial loss.

    In a previous AA Home Insur-ance survey of almost 15,500

    increase the safety of you and your home but it can also save you money on your insurance premium, Faughnan adds.

    Remember to tell your insur-ance company that you have one, but then you must also remember to use it consistently.

    AA HoME INsuRANCE Top TIpsTo HElp sECuRE youR HoME:

    Get an audible home alarm

    installed and use it regularly it functions as a deterrent for prey-ing crooks.

    Develop a routine of locking all doors and window before go-ing to bed, leaving your home or even going as far as your garden.

    With spare keys, avoid flower pot hiding places and keep them safe with neighbours if needs be.

    Expensive items such as lap-

    tops, tablets, smartphones, and televisions should be concealed as much as possible. When in-stalling a TV, try to position it so its difficult to see from the out-side of your home.

    If you are going on holidays, refrain from broadcasting it on social media that you are jetting off to a sunset paradise by do-ing so you are essentially inviting burglars into your home.

    House & HomeNo.1FoR All DuBlINREADERsHIp


    FREESurvey & Quotation Call: 1890 911 910Unit 6 Western Parkway Business Centre, Ballymount Dublin 12



    Call in to our 4000 Sq. ft. SHOWROOMS TODAYand try out for yourself

    Installers of both straight and curved stairlifts

    Grant available & Vat reclaimable

    Tel: 01 4568000

  • 22 21 Oct 2015 NOrthside PeOPle West


    Working with recruitersCormac Spencer

    WHEN searching for a new job many people will seek the help of a recruiter to work on their behalf. However, from my experie