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Transcript of Norah Jones Returns to Old Influences - Portal de alumnos ... · PDF fileNorah Jones Returns...

  • Norah Jones Returns to Old Influences listeningDo you know Norah Jones music and if so, how would you describe it?

    Listen to the first part of the interview and answer these questions:


    1 What mood opens Norah Jones new album?2 Which genres of music has Norah Jones had forays into?3 When and where did Norah Jones start listening to jazz?4 Which type of songs did Norah Jones always gravitate to?

    Listen to the next part of the interview and make notes on the song Dont be Denied.2

    Listen to the next part of the interview and make notes on Norah Jones family life.2

    Do you like Norah Jones music?b1/1

    5 How does Norah Jones describe the lyrics to Compared To What?6 What things does Norah Jones say will keep you up at night?

    Listen to the final part of the interview and make notes on what the song Tragedy from 2Norah Jones new album is about.

    Whose version do you like the best?b

  • mid-intermediate+ (B2+)week of 24.10.16

    student pages 1


    Norah Jones Returns to Old Influences listeningTeachers notes 1

    2SCOTT SIMON, HOST: Imagine its late on a Saturday night, a smoky bar from the days of black-and-white photos and films. This is the mood that opens the new album by Norah Jones.(SOUNDBITE OF SONG, BURN)NORAH JONES: (Singing) The plot begins with you and me in dark-lit rooms. Your cigarette cuts through. I wear it like perfume.SIMON: After forays into folk and pop, Norah Jones returns to jazz and the piano for her album Day Breaks. She joins us now from our studios in New York. Thanks so much for being with us.JONES: Hi. Thanks for having me.SIMON: You go back with jazz to when you were a teenager in Dallas, I gather.JONES: I do. Thats when I sort of first started listening to it and got mildly obsessed with it.SIMON: Bill Evans and Billie Holiday, Ive read.JONES: Yeah. They were two of my favorites.(SOUNDBITE OF SONG, BURN)JONES: (Singing) Book pages left to turn. Our chapters we should burn.JONES: I always sort of gravitated towards ballads, in general. And the intimacy of that music when its slow is pretty special.SIMON: Lets listen to a little bit from a track from this album thats getting a lot of play now. Its called Flipside.(SOUNDBITE OF SONG, FLIPSIDE)JONES: (Singing) Try to get high but you wanted me low.

    Good things are happening but happening slow. Its some kind of mystery from long ago.SIMON: Is it OK to hear this and think of Compared To What and Les McCann, yeah?JONES: Yeah, that very much inspired this. I remember I was listening to that song and dancing and also feeling angry and, you know?SIMON: Dancing and angry.SIMON: Yeah, the lyrics of that song, you know, theyre very defiant.(SOUNDBITE OF SONG, COMPARED TO WHAT)LES MCCANN: (Singing) The president, hes got his war. Folks dont know just what its for. Nobody gives us rhyme or reason. Half of one doubt, they call it treason.JONES: Theyre very topical. And theyre still relevant so many years later. And I think thats really interesting and sad and also makes you want to shout.(SOUNDBITE OF SONG, FLIPSIDE)JONES: (Singing) You saw your reflection all over the news. Your temperatures well past 102. Put the guns away or well all going to lose.Theres just a lot going on. You watch the news, were so hyperaware of everything now, too. It really will keep you up at night - guns, innocent people getting hurt, terrorism. I mean, politics is crazy, you know. Its a lot.(SOUNDBITE OF SONG, FLIPSIDE)JONES: (Singing) If were all free, then why does it seem we cant just be?


    2 SIMON: Most of the songs on this new CD are originals by you or co-written by you. But there are a few covers. Let me ask you about a Neil Young song you do - not one of his best known ones. First, lets have a clip from Neil Young doing the song Dont Be Denied.(SOUNDBITE OF SONG, DONT BE DENIED)NEIL YOUNG: (Singing) When I was a young boy, my mama said to me, your daddys leaving home today. I think hes gone to stay. We packed up all our bags and drove out to Winnipeg.SIMON: And now, if we could, lets listen to you.(SOUNDBITE OF SONG, DONT BE DENIED)JONES: (Singing) We packed up all the bags and drove up to Anchorage.SIMON: Now, one of the first things you notice is you have a

    lot longer drives than Neil Young did.JONES: Yeah.(SOUNDBITE OF SONG, DONT BE DENIED)JONES: (Singing) They got to Anchorage. She checked in to school.I love that song so much. And I had a hard time singing those lyrics. Theyre so personal to him and talking about being a young boy and moving to Winnipeg. So I kind of changed the perspective. And I made it third person about a girl going to Anchorage, which is something that happened to me when I was 11. My mom and I drove up Anchorage from Texas to live for a little while.(SOUNDBITE OF SONG, DONT BE DENIED)JONES: (Singing) Used to sit on the steps at school and dream of being stars.

    3 SIMON: You have a young family now.JONES: Yeah. I have two little kids.SIMON: They are, what, an infant and a toddler?JONES: Yeah pretty much.SIMON: Ive heard that you have, perhaps, as well as a microwave, a piano in your kitchen.JONES: I do. Its little. Its a little piano. It collects a lot of

    junk mail on top.SIMON: Ever spill oatmeal on it?JONES: No, my mom ingrained in me, very young age, never to put a drink on a piano. And thats always kind of stuck with me. So nobody gets to put any food or drinks on it.SIMON: Norah Jones in New York. Her new album is Day Breaks.

    4 Its a tragedy (x4)He was only twenty fiveHad an open heart and tender mindHe sang through all the hymns he knewHe was searching for a higher signWhen his water was turned to wineAll the darkness became lightBabies and a patient wifeThey just werent enough to keep him highSo he gave them up just to fill his cup

    Every sip would make him feel aliveNo bones in his body were dryIts a tragedy (x4)Now hes finally come aroundHes got wrinkles and a crooked friendHe holds back tears thinking of the yearsThat the bottle had a long time downSo hed sit have another roundSinging hallelujah till it drownsIts a tragedy (x8)