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Norah Jones “Don’t know why?”
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  • 1. Dont know why?

2. Norah Jones is established as a very dynamic artist in this music video, she doesnt comply with generic music conventions that would be expected of her as a mainstream artist. This in turn makes her less generic and make Jones seem as though she has musical integrity. The overall tone and the pitch of the music video are beautiful and this is because there is a really rich tone that is created through the blues and the blacks. The video complies with the principles that were set by Goodwin. Goodwin notes that in music video artists tend to use close-up shots as they help to establish in the video that the star is and also means that there is image is part of the brand package that is sold. Although, Norah Jones is not generic in the music video in compassion to video that are generic and back with heaps of money and finance into the video, there are a lot of close ups and mid- shots that help to establish who are the star is. Although, this is quite a mainstream feature of music video it does work well with the overall feel of the music video, as the whole music video is revolving around Norah Jones meaning that this type of cinematography fits in with the video and establishes her as an artist. Which aids the organic essence of the video seeing as she is on a beach? The natural calming tone of the video is re-emphasized through the lyrics which work well with the location of the beach. This is because the lyrics are calming and very organic- which is clear when she is singing lyrics that revolve around the weather. It is also matched by the waves splashing on the beach. The way that Jones is very normal and realistic to the normal everyday world which may gain her a bigger fan base in a sense as she is relatable with the greater public. The colour of the music video is also reliant on the way she is dressing as it is clear that the music video wants to have a dark blue tone to the image quality which makes the video have a very natural tone. Overall Feel 3. Goodwin Analysis Above are some screenshots that I took from the music video, Dont know why? "and as you can see, the music video does comply to the ideas and concepts of Goodwin who noted that stars use close ups to establish who the main artist is in the music video. Here are a few shots of the music video tat I took and they did comply with the principle that Goodwin established, she is shown as an attractive female in the framing and although the music video is not generic in the sense it does not have the clich up beat narrative it does comply with cinematography that is evident in the majority of music videos. The music video also complies to other parts of the approach that Goodwin established such as a link between the visuals and lyrics. This is clear when Norah Jones is walking down a man made pier that corresponds to the lyrics I dont know why I didn'tt come. Last of all, the music video features notions of looking which addresses the point that Goodwin made, that artist tend to film the artist moving the head as it helps to express who the artist is. 4. CLEAR CONVENTIONS; Natural Tone Range of shots Main focus on the main artist No Clear narrative Musical integrity Welcoming vibe Things to take into account