Nonprofits and Gen Y - You Need a Strategy to Succeed

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he Fountain of Youth The Fountain of Youth How to Communicate with the Next Generatio

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This is a session I led last week in West Virginia for 100 nonprofit leaders about how to reach the next generation with their messaging. I discussed how Gen Y is changing the communication world and what makes for a good nonprofit strategy in reaching them effectively.

Transcript of Nonprofits and Gen Y - You Need a Strategy to Succeed

  • 1. The Fountain of Youth The Fountain of Youth How to Communicate with the Next Generation
  • 2. Generation Y Millennials Born after 1980 76 million Collaborators Access Work/Life Balance Engagement
  • 3.
  • 4. Community doesnt happen in one physical space.
  • 5. Authority is needed, but it must be relational .
  • 6. Helping people connect relevant dots will be the hallmark of a good organization.
  • 7. If youre able to have a conversation , then youre doing something right.
  • 8. Get digital Get relevant Get simple Get practical Get original
  • 9. Technology and the Internet are a strategy , not a solution
  • 10. Use processes that are both digital and analog
  • 11. Embrace, dont fear, the ever-changing world of technology
  • 12. Work with strategic partners to ease the learning curve
  • 13. Top two reasons most nonprofits want to use social media: Free Everyone Else is Doing It
  • 14. Those are the two worst reasons to start using social media.
  • 15. When nonprofits should use social media: To start conversations with a new audience To deepen conversations with an existing audience To make all conversations more efficient
  • 16. strategy Who are you talking to? Who do you want to talk to? What are you saying? Can people understand you? What tools are you using? Are you using new media? Are people talking about you? Is anyone listening? Whos talking back? Can people have a conversation with your organization? Are you saying something that matters? Do you understand the changing media landscape? Whats next? Whos speaking for you?
  • 17. Benefits of a Social Media Strategy A Social Media Strategy helps your organization have a consistent message and voice A Social Media Strategy helps link your online outreach to your organizations traditional media initiatives A Social Media Strategy can help increase the amount and depth of advocacy your organization does
  • 18. strategy It all starts with a
  • 19. Pieces of a social media strategy Audience
  • 20. Audience Strangers Friends Donors Loyal Donors Advocates
  • 21. Pieces of a social media strategy Goals
  • 22. Goals Long-term Short-term
  • 23. Pieces of a social media strategy Resources
  • 24. Resources People Time Money Tools
  • 25. Pieces of a social media strategy Action
  • 26. Action Who What When What platform What purpose Outcome
  • 27. Its about the future of your fundraising. In its first year, Causes raised $2.5 million on Facebook and MySpace. Generation Y currently controls more than $211 billion in spending power.
  • 28. Its about the future of your clients. According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, the growth rate of college student volunteers (approximately 20%) is more than double the growth rate of all adult volunteers (9%). In 2005, approximately 30.2 percent of college students volunteered, exceeding the volunteer rate for the general adult population of 28.8 percent.
  • 29. The future of your organization depends upon it. Its about the future of your workplace. According to Deloitte and Touche, over 1/3 of our work force will need to be replaced in the next 20 years. According to the Bridgespan Group, nearly 640,000 new senior managers will be needed in the nonprofit sector in the next 10 years.
  • 30. Start the conversation Make the commitment Find the champion
  • 31. strategy Volunteer recruitment Board development Press relations Strategic planning Employee relations Buzz building Public relations Communications Donor appreciation Development Event planning Volunteer retention Employee recruitment Community relations Advocacy Alliance building
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