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Page 1: Nokia · Model number: Nokia N95-1 Hereinafter referred to as Nokia N95. Your Nokia N95 is a powerful, intelligent

Additional applicationsNokia N95-1

Page 2: Nokia · Model number: Nokia N95-1 Hereinafter referred to as Nokia N95. Your Nokia N95 is a powerful, intelligent

ABOUT ADD-ON APPLICATIONS FOR YOUR NOKIA N95In the memory of your device and on the CD-ROM supplied with the device you will find additional applications from Nokia and third-party developers.

NO WARRANTYThe third-party applications provided with your device may have been created and may be owned by persons or entities not affiliated with or related to Nokia. Nokia does not own the copyrights or intellectual property rights to the third-party applications. As such, Nokia does not take any responsibility for end-user support, functionality of the applications, or the information in the applications or these materials. Nokia does not provide any warranty for the third-party applications. BY USING THE APPLICATIONS YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THE APPLICATIONS ARE PROVIDED AS IS WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW. YOU FURTHER ACKNOWLEDGE THAT NEITHER NOKIA NOR ITS AFFILIATES MAKE ANY REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO WARRANTIES OF TITLE, MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR THAT THE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT INFRINGE ANY THIRD-PARTY PATENTS, COPYRIGHTS, TRADEMARKS, OR OTHER RIGHTS.

© 2006 Nokia. All rights reserved. Nokia, Nokia Connecting People, Nseries, and N95 are trademarks or registered trademarks of Nokia Corporation. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks or tradenames of their respective owners.

Nokia operates a policy of ongoing development. Nokia reserves the right to make changes and improvements to any of the products described in this document without prior notice.




The availability of particular products and applications and services for these products may vary by region. Please check with your Nokia dealer for details, and availability of language options.

Some operations and features are SIM card and/or network dependent, MMS dependent, or dependent on the compatibility of devices and the content formats supported. Some services are subject to a separate charge.


Page 3: Nokia · Model number: Nokia N95-1 Hereinafter referred to as Nokia N95. Your Nokia N95 is a powerful, intelligent

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Nokia PC Suite ...............

Tools ......................Push to talk .....................Settings wizard ..............

Applications..........Games ...............................

For your PC...........Home Media Server ......

Page 4: Nokia · Model number: Nokia N95-1 Hereinafter referred to as Nokia N95. Your Nokia N95 is a powerful, intelligent


reinstalled bookmarks and links for s. You may also access other h your device. Third-party sites are a, and Nokia does not endorse or

. If you choose to access such recautions for security or content.

cesust have service from a wireless

of the features require special features are not available on all ks may require that you make ith your service provider before services. Your service provider can d explain what charges will apply. ve limitations that affect how you s. For instance, some networks may e-dependent characters and

ay have requested that certain not activated in your device. If so, appear on your device menu. Your special configuration such as



tion Introduction

Model number: Nokia N95-1

Hereinafter referred to as Nokia N95.

Your Nokia N95 is a powerful, intelligent multimedia device. There are various applications provided by Nokia and different third-party software developers to help you do more with your Nokia N95.

Some of the applications provided are in the device memory, and some are on the CD-ROM supplied with the device.

To use some applications, you must accept the applicable license terms.

Throughout this document, icons indicate if the application is available in the device memory ( ) or on the CD-ROM ( ).

Refer to the user guide for other important information about your device.

You must install the applications on the CD-ROM to a compatible PC before using them.

Copyright protections may prevent some images, music (including ringing tones), and other content from being copied, modified, transferred, or forwarded.

Your device may have pthird-party internet sitethird-party sites througnot affiliated with Nokiassume liability for themsites, you should take p

Network serviTo use the phone you mservice provider. Many network features. Thesenetworks; other networspecific arrangements wyou can use the networkgive you instructions anSome networks may hacan use network servicenot support all languagservices.

Your service provider mfeatures be disabled or these features will not device may also have a

Page 5: Nokia · Model number: Nokia N95-1 Hereinafter referred to as Nokia N95. Your Nokia N95 is a powerful, intelligent





changes in menu names, menu order, and icons. Contact your service provider for more information.

Support Applications provided by third-party software developers are supported by these developers. If you experience problems with an application, obtain support from the relevant website. See the web links at the end of each application in this guide.

Page 6: Nokia · Model number: Nokia N95-1 Hereinafter referred to as Nokia N95. Your Nokia N95 is a powerful, intelligent


re information on the service

the service provider from the listtails of the previous ordersed is a single shop service, you are rvice provider, and the images s the images you selected in

ons and from the following:e image before ordering a print. view the your orderer—to adjust the product details s for the selected image. In the

you can select the product and the der. The available options and service provider. view and change the image details

fo—to change the customer and

more images to the orderremove images from the order is a retailer group service, you are vice provider, and need to select a u want to collect your prints. The


ry GalleryPrint onlineWith Print online, you can order prints of your images online directly to your home or to a store where you can pick them up. You can also order different products with the selected image, such as mugs or mouse pads. The available products depend on the service provider.

In order to use Print online, you must have at least one printing service configuration file installed. The files can be obtained from printing service providers that support Print online.

Order printsYou can only print images that are in .jpeg format.

Press , and select Gallery > Images & video.1 Select an image or images and Options > Print >

Order prints.2 Select a service provider from the list.3 Select Options and from the following:

Open—to start the connection to the service providerInfo—to view information about the service provider, for example, the address of a store, contact details,

and web links to moproviderRemove—to removeLog—to view the de

4 If the service providconnected to the sepreview view displayGallery. Select OptiPreview—to view thScroll up or down toOrder now—to submChange product ordand number of copieproduct order view, type you want to orproducts vary by theScroll left or right toof the other images.Change customer inorder informationAdd image—to add Remove image—to

5 If the service offeredconnected to the serstore from where yo

Page 7: Nokia · Model number: Nokia N95-1 Hereinafter referred to as Nokia N95. Your Nokia N95 is a powerful, intelligent




your service provider for details ice. For more information on ers, see

e for the first time in the Online prompted to create a new

ser name and password for it. To gs later, select Online share > ‘Online share settings’, p. 8.

lery > Images & video, the files Options > Send > Web upload. e share from the main camera.

create a new account for a Add new account or the service the services list. If you have fline or modified an account or web browser on a compatible

s list in your device, select ces. To select a service, press the

ice, the selected images and dit state. You can open and view , add text to them, or add new

images preview view displays the images you selected in Gallery. Depending on the service provider, you may have options for browsing and searching for stores with different search criteria.To check details, such as opening hours of the selected store, select Options > Info (if provided by the service provider).Scroll to the desired retail pick up point, and press the scroll key. You can preview the images before ordering, change image details or customer information, or add or remove images from the order. To order the prints, select Options > Order now.

Online shareWith Online share, you can share your images and video clips in compatible online albums, weblogs, or other compatible online sharing services on the web. You can upload content, save unfinished posts as drafts and continue later, and view the content of the albums. The supported content types may vary depending on the service provider.

Get startedTo use Online share, you must subscribe to the service with an online image sharing service provider. You can usually subscribe to the service on the web page of the

service provider. Contact on subscribing to the servcompatible service providsupport.

When you open the servicshare application, you areaccount and define the uaccess the account settinOptions > Settings. See

Upload filesPress , and select Galyou want to upload, and You can also access Onlin

Select service opens. To service, select Options > icon with Create new in created a new account ofservice settings through aPC, to update the serviceOptions > Retrieve serviscroll key.

When you select the servvideos are shown in the ethe files, reorganize themfiles.

Page 8: Nokia · Model number: Nokia N95-1 Hereinafter referred to as Nokia N95. Your Nokia N95 is a powerful, intelligent


ay vary depending on the service

tings settings, in Online share, select

n create new accounts or edit eate a new account, select ount. To edit an existing account, ptions > Edit. Select from the

r the desired name for the account

lect the service provider you want ge the service provider for an ust create a new account for the

you delete an account in My elated to the account are also e, including the sent items for the

rd—to enter the user name and or your account when you service

select the size in which the images vice


ry To cancel the web upload process and save the created post as a draft, select Back > Save as draft. If the upload has already begun, select Cancel > Save as draft.

To connect to the service and upload the files to the web, select Options > Upload, or press .

Open online serviceTo view uploaded images and videos in the online service and draft and sent entries in your device, select Images & video > Options > Open online service. If you create a new account offline or modify an account or service settings through a web browser on a compatible PC, select Options > Retrieve services to update the services list in your device. Select a service from the list.

After you open a service, select from the following:

Open in Web browser—to connect to the selected service and view the uploaded and draft albums in the web browser. The view may vary depending on the service provider.

Drafts—to view and edit the draft entries and upload them to the web

Sent—to view the 20 latest entries created through your device

New post—to create a new entry

The available options mprovider.

Online share setTo edit the Online shareOptions > Settings.

My accountsIn My accounts, you caexisting accounts. To crOptions > Add new accselect an account and Ofollowing:

Account name—to ente

Service provider—to seto use. You cannot chanexisting account; you mnew service provider. Ifaccounts, the services rdeleted from your devicservice.

User name and Passwopassword you created fregistered to the online

Upload image size—to are uploaded to the ser

Page 9: Nokia · Model number: Nokia N95-1 Hereinafter referred to as Nokia N95. Your Nokia N95 is a powerful, intelligent




Application settingsDisplay image size—to select the size in which the image is shown on the display of your device. This setting does not affect the upload image size.

Display text size—to select the font size used to display text in draft and sent entries or when you add or edit text to a new entry

AdvancedService providers—To view or edit service provider settings, add a new service provider, or view details of a service provider. If you change the service provider, all My accounts information for the previous service provider is lost. You cannot change the settings of predefined service providers.

Default access point—To change the access point used to connect to the online service, select the access point you want.

Page 10: Nokia · Model number: Nokia N95-1 Hereinafter referred to as Nokia N95. Your Nokia N95 is a powerful, intelligent


ile S




Mobile Search Use Mobile Search to get access to search engines, and find and connect to local services, websites, images, and mobile content. You can use the application to find and call local restaurants and shops, and use the advanced mapping technology to assist you in finding their location.

Use Mobile SearchPress , and select Search.

When you open Mobile Search, a list of categories is displayed. Select a category (for example, images), and enter your text into the search field. Select Search. The search results are displayed on the screen.

More informationFor additional help and instructions on the application, select Options > Help.

For more information on the application, visit also

Page 11: Nokia · Model number: Nokia N95-1 Hereinafter referred to as Nokia N95. Your Nokia N95 is a powerful, intelligent





in the main view, a folder, or a Buy. A submenu opens where of the item and view price

e options depend on the service

t is free of charge, select

nload!our device with the most recent ur service provider and other

ange the settings, select rom the following:

hich access point is used to ovider’s server and whether to the access point every time you

omatically open the content or ding, select Yes.

o automatically download a application, select No. To be


With Download! you can discover; preview; buy; download; and upgrade content, services, and applications that work with your Nokia N95. Games, ringing tones, wallpapers, applications, and much more are easily accessible. The items are categorized under catalogs and folders provided by different service providers. The available content depends on your service provider.

Press , and select Download!.

Download! uses your network services to access the most up-to-date content. For information on additional items available through Download!, contact your service provider, or the supplier or manufacturer of the item.

Download! receives ongoing updates, and provides you with the latest content your service provider offers for your device. To update the content in Download! manually, select Options > Refresh list.

To hide a folder or a catalog from the list, for example, to view only the items you use frequently, select Options > Hide. To make all the hidden items visible again, select Options > Show all.

To buy the selected item catalog, select Options >you can select the versioninformation. The availablprovider.

To download an item thaOptions > Get.

Settings for DowThe application updates ycontent available from yoavailable channels. To chOptions > Settings and f

Access point—to select wconnect to the service prhave the device to ask foruse it

Automatic open—To autapplication after downloa

Preview confirmation—Tpreview of the content or

Page 12: Nokia · Model number: Nokia N95-1 Hereinafter referred to as Nokia N95. Your Nokia N95 is a powerful, intelligent




d! asked separately each time before downloading a preview, select Yes.

Buy confirmation—To be asked for confirmation before buying content or an application, select Yes. To start the buying process immediately after you select Buy, select No.

After you complete the settings, select Back.

Page 13: Nokia · Model number: Nokia N95-1 Hereinafter referred to as Nokia N95. Your Nokia N95 is a powerful, intelligent




old the device near your ear is in use, because the volume .

riority over PTT activities.

ss pointquire you to use an internet r default access point. Other u to use a WAP access point. ider for more information.

connection, you may need to ider for assistance with the isit


ls > Push to talk > Options >

enter the following information:

ct Notify if you want to see a calls. Select Auto-accept if you


Push to talk Push to talk (PTT) (network service) is a real-time voice over IP service implemented

over a GSM/GPRS network. PTT provides direct voice communication connected with the push of a key. Use PTT to have a conversation with one person or with a group of people.

Before you can use PTT, you must define the PTT access point and settings. You may receive the settings in a special text message from the service provider that offers the PTT service. You can also use the settings wizard application for configuration, if supported by your service provider. See ‘Settings wizard’, p. 17.

Press , and select Tools > Push to talk.

In PTT communication, one person talks while the others listen through the built-in loudspeaker. Speakers take turns responding to each other. Because only one group member can talk at any time, the maximum length of time that one person can talk is limited, usually to 30 seconds. For details about the length of talk time for your network, contact your service provider.

Warning: Do not hwhen the loudspeakermay be extremely loud

Phone calls always take p

Define a PTT acceMany service providers reaccess point (IAP) for youservice providers allow yoContact your service prov

If you do not have a WAPcontact your service provfirst-time connection or

PTT settingsPress , and select TooPTT settings.

Select User settings, and

Accepted list calls—Selenotification of incoming

Page 14: Nokia · Model number: Nokia N95-1 Hereinafter referred to as Nokia N95. Your Nokia N95 is a powerful, intelligent


ter the PTT access point name. The eded to establish a connection to .

he IP address or domain name of from your service provider.

user name obtained from your

password, if required, to make a ssword is usually provided by the ften case-sensitive.

ols > Push to talk. PTT the service when started.

l, PTT automatically connects to ve when the application was last n is lost, the device automatically l you choose to exit PTT.

ols > Push to talk > Options > after exiting application? is d close the service, select Yes. To tive on the background, select No.


s want PTT calls to be answered automatically. Select Not allowed if you want PTT calls to be rejected automatically.

PTT call alert tone—Select Set by profile if you want the incoming call alert setting for PTT to be the same as the incoming call alert tone defined in the prevailing active profile.

Callback request tone—Select a tone for callback requests.

Application start-up—Select if you want to log in to the PTT service when you switch on your device.

Default nickname—Enter your default nickname that is displayed to other users. Your service provider may have disabled the editing of this option in your device.

Show my PTT address—Select In 1 to 1 calls, In group calls, In all calls, or Never. Your service provider may have disabled some of these options in your device.

Show my login status—Select Yes if you want your status to be shown or No if you want your status to be hidden.

Select Connection settings, and enter the following information:

Domain—Enter the domain name obtained from your service provider.

Access point name—Enaccess point name is nethe GSM/GPRS network

Server address—Enter tthe PTT server obtained

User name—Enter yourservice provider.

PTT password—Enter a data connection. The paservice provider and is o

Log in to PTTPress , and select Toautomatically logs in to

When login is successfuchannels that were acticlosed. If the connectiotries to log back in unti

Exit PTTPress , and select ToExit. Log out from PTTdisplayed. To log out ankeep the application ac

Page 15: Nokia · Model number: Nokia N95-1 Hereinafter referred to as Nokia N95. Your Nokia N95 is a powerful, intelligent




lltions > Contacts, mark the l, and select Options > Talk to

n status of othersbe to the PTT login status of Contacts, the contact, and atus or Hide login status.

equest desired name, and select request.

k request a callback request, 1 new yed in standby mode. Select

To start a one-to-one call, select Talk 1 to 1.

nfigured channels. Public one who knows the URL for the

If several applications are open and you want to switch from one application to another, press and hold .

Make a one-to-one callSelect Options > Contacts.

Select the contact to whom you want to talk from the list, and select Options > Talk 1 to 1.

Press and hold the entire time you are talking. When you have finished talking, release .

To talk to the contact in other views in PTT (for example, the contacts view), press and hold . To make a new phone call, end the one-to-one call. Select Disconnect, or press .

Tip! Remember to hold the device in front of you during a PTT call so you can see the display. Speak towards the microphone, and do not cover the loudspeaker with your hands.

Answer a one-to-one callTo start a one-to-one call, press . To dismiss the call, press .

Tip! To make a one-to-one or group call from contacts, select Options > PTT options > Talk 1 to 1 or Talk to many.

Make a group caTo call a group, select Opcontacts you want to calmany.

Subscribe to logiTo subscribe or unsubscriothers, select Options > Options > Show login st

Send a callback rIn Contacts, scroll to theOptions > Send callback

Respond to a callbacWhen someone sends youcallback request is displaShow > Callback inbox. a contact and Options >

ChannelsYou can join public precochannels are open to anychannel.

Page 16: Nokia · Model number: Nokia N95-1 Hereinafter referred to as Nokia N95. Your Nokia N95 is a powerful, intelligent


er you log in to the PTT service, one indicating that access is

old the entire time you are h talking, release .

a channel by pressing while ng, Wait is displayed. Release , n to finish talking, and press has finished. Alternatively, keep or Talk to be displayed.

a channel, the first person to press ps talking talks next.

the PTT call, select Disconnect or

members of a channel when you e channel, select Options > Active

to a channel when you are ptions > Send invitation to open can only invite new members

of a private channel, or when the nel. Channel invitations are text


s When you are connected to a channel and talk, all members joined to the channel hear you talking. Up to five channels can be active at the same time. When more than one channel is active, use Swap to change the channel you want to talk to.

Select Options > PTT channels.

To connect to a public preconfigured channel for the first time, select Options > New channel > Add existing. When you join a preconfigured channel, you must fill in an URL for the channel.

Create your own channelsTo create a new preconfigured channel select Options > New channel > Create new.

You can create your own public channels, choose your own channel name, and invite members. Those members can invite more members to the public channel.

You may also set up private channels. Only users invited by the host are allowed to join and use private channels.

For each channel, define Channel name, Channel privacy, Nickname, and Thumbnail (optional).

When you have successfully created a channel, you are asked if you want to send channel invitations. Channel invitations are text messages.

Talk to a channelTo talk to a channel aftpress . You hear a tgranted.

Continue to press and htalking. When you finis

If you try to respond toanother member is talkiwait for the other persoagain when the speaker

pressed and wait f

When you are talking in when someone sto

When you have finishedpress .

To view currently activehave an active call to thmembers.

To invite new membersconnected to it, select Othe invitation view. Youwhen you are the host channel is a public chanmessages.

Page 17: Nokia · Model number: Nokia N95-1 Hereinafter referred to as Nokia N95. Your Nokia N95 is a powerful, intelligent




es your device for operator, ring settings based on your


nt settings in Settings wizard of your device, SIM card, of the data in the settings wizard emory.

may have to contact your te a data connection or other

tion for the first time, you are gs configuration. To start the

ancel the operation, select Exit.

card inserted, you are asked to of your operator and your provider). If the country or e wizard is not the correct one,

of Settings wizard after the lect OK. If the settings ed, the settings are not defined. ou can start to use the

n their own menu locations.

Respond to a channel invitationTo save a received channel invitation, select Options > Save channel. The channel is added to your PTT contacts, channels view.

After you save the channel invitation, you are asked if you want to connect to the channel. To open the PTT sessions view, select Yes. Your device logs in to the service, if you are not logged in already.

If you reject or clear the invitation, the invitation is stored in your messaging inbox. To join the channel later, open the invitation message, and save the invitation. To connect to the channel, select Yes from the dialog.

View the PTT logPress , and select Tools > Push to talk > Options > PTT log > Missed PTT, Received PTT, and Created PTT.

To initiate a one-to-one call from PTT log, press .

Settings wizard

Press , and select Tools > Sett. wizard.

Settings wizard configure-mail, PTT, and video shaservice provider informat

The availability of differedepends on the features operator, and availability database in the device m

To use these services, youservice provider to activaservices.

When you use the applicaguided through the settinwizard, select Start. To c

If you do not have a SIM select the home country operator (wireless serviceoperator suggested by thselect one from the list.

To access the main view settings configuration, seconfiguration is interruptAfter closing the wizard yconfigured applications i

Page 18: Nokia · Model number: Nokia N95-1 Hereinafter referred to as Nokia N95. Your Nokia N95 is a powerful, intelligent


only if you have the application and you have subscribed to the

eo call, you must have a USIM card UMTS network.

figure your video sharing (network gs wizard asks you to enter the ser name, password, video sharing assword; and select OK.

ring settings, Settings wizard asks ideo sharing address to a contact.

noblems with Settings wizard, visit s website atettings.


s E-mailWhen you choose to configure your e-mail settings, Settings wizard asks you to enter the e-mail address, mailbox name, user name, and password.

If the e-mail service provider you enter is unknown, the wizard asks you to define the mailbox type and incoming and outgoing mail servers. Contact your service provider for more information.

To start using the new mailbox after entering the required information, select Yes, or select No to return to the Settings wizard main view.

OperatorWhen you choose to configure your operator (wireless service provider) settings, Settings wizard asks you to select from the available settings, then OK.

Push to talkThis option is available only if you have the application installed in your device, and you have subscribed to the service.

When you choose to configure your push-to-talk (PTT) (network service) settings, Settings wizard asks you to define the PTT nickname, user name, and password.

Video sharingThis option is available installed in your deviceservice.

To be able to make a vidand be in coverage of a

When you choose to conservice) settings, Settinvideo sharing address, uproxy user name, and p

After creating video shaif you want to add the vSelect Yes or No.

More informatioIf you experience any prthe Nokia phone

Page 19: Nokia · Model number: Nokia N95-1 Hereinafter referred to as Nokia N95. Your Nokia N95 is a powerful, intelligent






Press , and select Applications > Games and a game. For instructions on how to play the game, select Options > Help.

Page 20: Nokia · Model number: Nokia N95-1 Hereinafter referred to as Nokia N95. Your Nokia N95 is a powerful, intelligent


rver requires Microsoft Windows erating system. If you have a

PC, you may need to change to work with your Nokia N95. stallation instructions.

edia filesngs, digital photos, and video clips, compatible PC and add the files or Media Server.

rs where you keep compatible s watch folders. When you place

h folders, Home Media Server adds d keeps them updated

om PC to your device5, connect to the Home Media atible PC.PC, using the Home Media Server our Nokia N95 in the devices menu.ibrary you want to transfer.a file.



PC For your PC

Home Media Server Important: Always enable one of the available

encryption methods to increase the security of your wireless LAN connection. Using encryption reduces the risk of unauthorized access to your data.

Home Media Server uses UPnP architecture to connect to compatible devices through wireless LAN. UPnP architecture uses the security settings of the wireless LAN connection.

With Home Media Server you can easily catalog music, pictures, and video files on your compatible PC. You can create custom music playlists, photo albums, and movie collections. You can transfer compatible media files to your device and back up files from your device to your PC. You can use your device as a remote control, and show media files from the device or PC to a UPnP compatible networked home media player such as a PC, television, or stereo system.

Install Home Media Server on a PCInstall the Home Media Server application to your compatible PC from the CD-ROM supplied with your

device. Home Media Se2000 or Windows XP opfirewall to protect yoursettings to allow the PCFollow the on-screen in

Manage your mTo keep track of your solocate the files on your entire folders to Home

You can designate foldemedia files on your PC anew media files in watcthem to your library anautomatically.

Transfer files fr1 Using your Nokia N9

Server on your compOn your compatible application, select y

2 Select a media file l3 Select a single medi

Page 21: Nokia · Model number: Nokia N95-1 Hereinafter referred to as Nokia N95. Your Nokia N95 is a powerful, intelligent





device on which the file is

Home Media Server, visit kia or press F1 in the Home

to open Help.


PC applications developed for .

C Suite, you need a PC that runs 00 or XP and is compatible with th connectivity, or infrared.

ite, you need to install it on your plied with your device for more

a PC Suite is available in CD-ROM. For further load the most recent version of

in Nokia PC Suite are as follows:

4 Select the option to transfer the file to the Nokia N95.

Transfer files from your device to PC1 Using your Nokia N95, connect to the Home Media

Server on your compatible PC; or on your compatible PC, using the Home Media Server application, select your Nokia N95 in the devices menu.

2 Select the file you want to transfer.3 Select the option to transfer the file to the Home Media

Server on your compatible PC.

Show files from PC in other devicesYou can use your Nokia N95 as a remote control to show compatible media files from Home Media Server on your compatible PC in other UPnP compatible devices of your home network. For example, you can use your Nokia N95 to control playback of compatible music files stored on your PC through your UPnP compatible home audio system using a UPnP compatible multimedia receiver.

Control media files with your Nokia N951 Using your Nokia N95, connect to the Home Media

Server on your compatible PC.2 Select the media library containing the file you want to

control.3 Select a media file.

4 Select the compatibleshown.

More informationFor more information on Server application

Nokia PC

Nokia PC Suite is a set ofuse with your Nokia N95

To install and use Nokia Pon Microsoft Windows 20a USB data cable, BluetooBefore using Nokia PC SuPC. See the CD–ROM supinformation.

A full user guide for Nokielectronic format on the information, and to downNokia PC Suite, visit www

Some useful applications

Page 22: Nokia · Model number: Nokia N95-1 Hereinafter referred to as Nokia N95. Your Nokia N95 is a powerful, intelligent


n, and to download the most recent te, visit



PC Get Connected—to connect your device to a compatible

PC for the first time

Synchronise—to synchronize contacts, calendar, to-do, and note items, and e-mails between your device and a compatible PC personal information manager (PIM) with Nokia PC Sync

Backup—to back up data from your device or restore saved data from the compatible PC to the device with Content Copier

Store images—to store images and videos from your device to a compatible PC with Image Store

File manager—to manage the contents of your device folders through Microsoft Windows Explorer with Nokia Phone Browser

Transfer music—to create and organize digital music files on a compatible PC and transfer them to a compatible device with Nokia Music Manager

Connect to the Internet—to establish a network connection with One Touch Access using your device as a modem

View multimedia—to view images and videos, and convert video and audio files with Nokia Multimedia Player

More informatioFor further informationversion of Nokia PC Sui