NLP Secrets Seminar 2012 - Overcome Procrastination - 24012012

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How to overcome procrastination using NLP,(Neuro Linguistic Programming), TLT (Time Line Techniques) and Hypnotherapy. NLP is about understanding the way that we think and ultimately produce results. Quantum is about inter-connectivity, especially through Time, Energy, Space & Matter. This presentation is about leading our thinking towards manifesting abundance in a rapid, practical, sustainable way.

Transcript of NLP Secrets Seminar 2012 - Overcome Procrastination - 24012012

  • 1.Grant HamelsNLP SECRETSSEMINAROvercome Procrastinationin 2012Presented ByGrant Hamel (BCom Hons, NLP Trainer)

2. To find out how to STOP procrastinating 3. To Inspire You to Learn & Usethe Latest Technologies in Accelerated Human Change Time Line Therapy 20 Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP) 30 Hypnotherapy 50 4. On 4th January 2012 Advanced Driving Marketing Campaign over 50 bookings and payments plus another 100 additional referrals 5. In less than 20 minutes 6. THINK 7. The Problems ofTodayWere Created by The Thinking ofYesterday 8. Study done in 2002:Group A 3 assignments due at deadline (3 weeks)Group B Picked a separate deadline per assignmentGroup C One assignment a week2002 study conducted by Klaus Wertenbroch and Dan Ariely 9. Managing yourSTATEis key to achieving RESULTS 10. Leveraging NLP Loosen The Model Leveraging Logical Levels (Somatic Process) Manage the Process State Control, Anchors & Submodalities Break the Pattern Use the NLP technique (Parts Integration) 11. Study done in 2011:Group A People who meditateGroup B People in businessGroup C Students2011 research by Mario Dosa 12. Time LineGestaltPersonal Breakthrough 13. Leveraging Time Line Therapy Loosen The Model Leveraging Logical Levels (Somatic Process) Clearing Process State Control, Anchors & Submodalities Establish a Compelling Future Use Future Pacing 14. Handbook of Neurofeedback by James REvans 2007:Group A People with lower serotonin levelsGroup B People with lower dopamine levelsGroup C People with ADHD 15. Greek word hypnos, meaning "sleep."During hypnosis, your body relaxes and your thoughts become more focused Hypnosis can actually teach people how tomaster their own states of awareness 16. Reframing the problem Becoming relaxed, then absorbed(deeply engaged in the words orimages presented by a hypnotherapist) Dissociating (letting go of criticalthoughts) Responding (complying with ahypnotherapists suggestions) Returning to usual awareness Reflecting on the experience 17. Leveraging Hypnotherapy Induction Deepening levels of trance Auto Suggestion These are through agreement by therapist Repitition The key value in hypnotherapy is repetition (habit) 18. Dont think about a blue banana.Your body is designed to produce behaviourbased on what you think about.What are you focusing on? 19. In just 10 to 20 minutes 20. C - Chunk it downSet up stepping stonesReframe the barrier as a chance to learn U - Understand itGet clear about what you wantNOT what you dont want R - Relate to itASSOCIATE (FEEL it, SEE it, HEAR it ) to tap into your POWERManage your STATE T - Take Action ImmediatelyNo matter how small a stepDO NOT spend time thinking about it 21. Leveraging the POWER ofNLP, TLT and Hypnotherapy NLP Changing patterns TLT Clearing Blockages Hypnotherapy Establishing new patterns 22. Change Career People seeking to move away from that old career into a career that makes a difference with others and energises them. Enhance Business Therapists, coaches and business people enhance their business and increase their sales through a deep value add to their clients Start a Career Enthusiastic people who want to help others study to become highly paid NLP Coaches & Therapists 23. NLP Secrets Seminar 2 Hour FREE SeminarNLP & Time Line Therapy Workshop 2 Day Training at R3,500 NLP Practitioner CoachIncluding NLP, Time Line Therapy & NLP Coach Certification 6 Month Training at R18,999NLP Master Practitioner CoachIncluding NLP Master Practitioner, Time Line Therapy Master Practitioner & NLP Master Coach Certification 6 Month Training at R24,999 24. Explode Your Potential A powerful NLP and Time Line Therapy seminar for personalbreakthrough to success. NLP Basics Establishing a frame and learning some powerful NLP techniques for rapid success Time Line Therapy Clearing Engaging a group personal breakthrough process to clear all limiting behaviours and negative emotions Vision Board Establishing a compelling future and a clear vision board 25. Latitude TrainingYour NLP Training & Coaching CompanyRapid transformation easily & 994 3262 / 021 423 7348