Nighthawk Gaming Router Model XR300 Quick Start ... uick Start Nighthawk Gaming Router Model XR300...

download Nighthawk Gaming Router Model XR300 Quick Start ... uick Start Nighthawk Gaming Router Model XR300 Router

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Transcript of Nighthawk Gaming Router Model XR300 Quick Start ... uick Start Nighthawk Gaming Router Model XR300...

  • Quick Start

    Nighthawk Gaming Router Model XR300


    Power adapter (varies by region)

    Ethernet cable

    Package Contents

    Your router comes with the following pro gaming and Nighthawk features. For more information, visit

    Pro Gaming and Nighthawk Features

    Gaming dashboard. Get an overview of your router settings.

    Geo-filter. Reduce lag by setting a distance limit between you and game servers or other players.

    Quality of Service (QoS). Set the bandwidth allocation for each device and application that is connected to your router.


    VPN server. Securely access your home network when you’re away from home.

    Network monitor. Check your network for bandwidth- hogging devices and identify what causes lag.

    Nighthawk app. Manage your router and WiFi network with the app.

  • a. Position the antennas.

    For the best WiFi performance, position the antennas as shown.

    b. Unplug your modem, remove and reinsert the backup battery if it uses one, and then plug the modem back in.

    c. Use the Ethernet cable to connect your modem to the yellow Internet port on your router.

    Note: If your Internet connection does not require a modem, connect your main Ethernet cable to the yellow Internet port on the router.

    d. Connect the router to a power source.

    The router’s Power LED lights solid white when the router is ready.

    a. Make sure that the WiFi LED lights white.

    b. Look for the sticker on your router that displays your router’s WiFi network name and password.

    Your Preset Wir eless Settings

    WiFi Network N ame (SSID):

    Network Key (P assword):

    Your Preset Wireless Settings WiFi Network Name (SSID):

    Network Key (Password):

    c. Connect to your WiFi-enabled computer to your router’s WiFi network using the WiFi network name and password on the sticker.

    Note: We recommend that you use a computer instead of a mobile device to set up your network.

    d. Launch a web browser.

    The installation assistant automatically displays.

    e. If the installation assistant does not display, visit

    f. Follow the prompts that display to install your router and connect to the Internet.

    The router’s Internet LED lights white when the router is connected to the Internet.

    Set Up Your NetworkSet Up Your Hardware1


    2 Support

    Thank you for purchasing this NETGEAR product. You can visit to register your product, get help, access the latest downloads and user manuals, and join our community. We recommend that you use only official NETGEAR support resources.

    Si ce produit est vendu au Canada, vous pouvez accéder à ce document en français canadien à

    (If this product is sold in Canada, you can access this document in Canadian French at

    For regulatory compliance information including the EU Declaration of Conformity, visit

    See the regulatory compliance document before connecting the power supply.

    Extend your router’s warranty and technical support with NETGEAR ProSupport for Home (US only). For more information, visit

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