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World War I Virtual Museum

Transcript of Nicole Hartl (Milly)

  • 1.Walter's World Museum

2. World War 1 Exhibit 3. Trench Warfare 4. EXIT 5.

  • A solider stuck in barbwire Fencing.


  • Reason 1 Create New Countries
  • Russia: Poland, Finland, Latria, Lithuania, and Estonia
  • Austria Hungry: Austria, Hungry, Checkoslovaki, and Yugoslavia
  • Ottoman Empire: Divided up between the Allies
  • Reason 2 Punishes Germany
  • Must take full responsibility for the war
  • Pay for the war 33 billon dollars
  • Reason 3 Creates the Leagues of Nations (Unites Nations, UN)
  • Organization of countries designed to maintain peace and stability


  • General Pershing lead the U.S. troops
  • By 1917 Germany controlled: Belgium, Italy, and France
  • In 1918 Russia has a revolution and they drop out of the war
  • Now Germany can concentrate on the Western front
  • By July, 1918 the U.S. have 1 million troops in the war
  • We cut off the German rail line which supply the German troops
  • We attack through the Argonne Forest. It takes 47 days and 1.2 million soldiers were cut off their supply
  • By October 1918 German lines are crumbling
  • In November the Allies have captured the high ground and Germany surrenders
  • The 11 thhour, the 11 thday, of the 11 thmonth in 1918 the war ends.


  • Reason 1 Sinking the Lusitania
  • The Lusitania was a passenger ship that was secretly carrying ammunition.
  • A German Submarine sunk the ship (U-boat)
  • 1,198 passengers died (128 American)
  • President Wilson demanded that the Germans apologized and pay for damages


  • Reason 2 Unrestricted Submarine Warfare
  • Sussex Pledge
  • Germany promised not to sink merchant ships without first warning them and rescuing passengers
  • By 1917 Germany is defeating Russia on the Easter front, they want a quick victory on the Western front
  • To do this they used unrestricted submarine warfare
  • Sinking ALL ships headed towards allied Nations


  • Reason 3 Zimmermann Note
  • Zimmermann was a German officer
  • He sent a letter to Mexico asking them to attack the US
  • In exchange he promised that Germany would aid them in retrieving some of the land that the US took from them


  • Militarism Building up the Military
  • The Military was built for two reasons
  • 1) Protect their colonies
  • 2) Peer pressure
  • They used mandatory draft to accomplish this
  • Russia Had the largest army, Germany was the best trained, and Britain had the largest Navy.


  • Mud
  • Rats
  • Smell
  • Body Rot
  • Cold
  • Staying Dry
  • Maggots
  • Lice
  • Disease


  • To protect their position and to cut down on losses both sides dug trenches.
  • At night supplies were brought in and scouts were sent out.
  • At dawn/dusk attacks came: Hit them with artillery and then went over the top.
  • Soldiers had to go through barbwire, machinegun fire, and craters.


  • Nationalism Pride In You Country
  • Pan-German Movement
  • -The hope to unite all German speaking people
  • Pan-Slavic
  • -The hope to unite all Slavic (Russian Speaking) people
  • EX- Bosnia 95% speak Slavic language yet is controlled by Berman Speaking Austria


  • Imperialism- Competing for Colonies
  • European nations were competing for land
  • They believed Bigger is Better
  • EX Africa, Bosnia, Allsace & Lorraine


  • Nationalism Pride in your country
  • Imperialism Competing for Colonies
  • Militarism Building up the Military
  • Alliance Forming partnership with other nations

Allies Great Britain France Russia United States Central Powers Germany Austria Ottoman Empire