Nicholas lab: C. elegans research

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Nicholas lab: C. elegans research. Working with worms Postgraduate induction 2013 Yee Lian Chew. C. elegans – the roundworm. Small – 1 mm long in adults Anatomy has been fully mapped Highly stereotypical - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Nicholas lab: C. elegans research

  • Nicholas lab: C. elegans researchWorking with wormsPostgraduate induction 2013Yee Lian Chew

  • C. elegans the roundwormSmall 1 mm long in adultsAnatomy has been fully mapped Highly stereotypicalReproduce sexually by mating with males and also by self-fertilisation (maintained as a haermaphrodite population)Short-lived Transparent

  • What we doMatthewMalloryPriyaIreneAnnaDuyguHannahSashiHongYee LianAaronEstelleSlavica

  • C. elegans techniques we useGeneration of transgenic lines biolistic transformation and microinjectionMolecular biology techniques including DNA/RNA work, qPCR, RNAiStaining, western blot, mass spec (iTRAQ)Microscopy EM, confocal, fluorescence, dissecting scopeDissections germline stainingAnd of course, lots of fun with worms

  • Worms are transparent and yes, they have brainsThey have 302 neurons

  • Co-localisation studies using transgenic C. eleganspdpy-7::HIS-24::mCherrypctbp-1::ctbp-1::gfpMerge Matthew Hoe

  • Any questions?Contact the boss: [email protected]