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  • FLORIAN SCHULZ Professional nature and wildlife photographer based in southern GermanyPHOTOGRAPHER

  • FREEDOM to ROAM - YELLOWSTONE to YUKONWELL-KNOWN_ Awarded by the Independent Book Publishers (IPPY Awards) one of the Top Ten Outstanding Books of the Year under the category: Most Likely to Save the Planet._ Uses his photography to inspire individuals to take action in the protection of large endangered ecosystems

  • CONTRIBUTIONYoungest Founding Member of International League of Conservation Photographers Empowers conservation-minded photographers to use their talents to help create an understanding for the natural world.

  • LIVINGArticles & Images: published by internationally recognized magazines ( BBC Wildlife Mag (Britain), Natures Best, Outdoor Photographer,etc. )Recognized speaker in the topics of conservation visions: delivered over 70 lectures across the United States, Canada and Europe, with audiences up to a thousand people

  • STYLEUses sort of warm or cool tinting set (analogous color theme) to set the mood and setting for the audience to understand the photograph.

  • SPECIAL TECHNIQUEPassionate about composition, lighting and drama to create stunning images.

  • DISTINGUISHPhoto taken by Florian SchulzWarm or cool color tint set, choose of lighting and drama foreground to set audience in the mood of the moment.Photo taken by Art WolfeUse color (complementary) and contrast to distinguish the object from background.

  • CHOSEN PHOTOSPhoto taken by Florian Schulz_ Depth of field by blurring the background, also the reflection of the birds on water add sense of depth for photo._ Uses similarity of the birds, the color of pale brown and orange , the gesture of birds hiding their head in their wings create a warm, relaxing, peaceful feeling.

  • CHOSEN PHOTOSPhoto taken by Florian Schulz_ Depth of field: blurring the background, strong use of Natural Light make the snowy owl family stands out. Uses pieces of white color of the grass on the foreground, which similar to the owl fur color, make the owl fit to the environment, more natural._ Composition: Two mature owls on both sides, chicks in the middle, gesture of the left owl (spread his wings, his head point to the chicks) create a sense of family, protective, caring.

  • CHOSEN PHOTOSPhoto taken by Florian Schulz_ Very strong, dynamic Leading and Focus: Strong Color contrast and Details on the foreground catch viewer's eyes right at the moment they look at the photo. Then the rhythm of the river (Leading line) lead our eyes all the way to the top center of the photo, where stay the Strongest Light. To emphasis more on this Light spot, Florian also capture the clouds and mountains, which also point to it.

  • CHOSEN PHOTOSPhoto taken by Florian Schulz_ Contrast: Uses Light to create silhouette of the tree and bird._ Framing, Rule of Third and Light to emphasis the bird, viewer can point out the bird even its silhouette is similar to the tree.

  • CHOSEN PHOTOSPhoto taken by Florian Schulz_ Point of interest (the frog): contrast between rough skin of the frog and smooth of leaves, between skin color, Lead in line (tree leaves), very dark area and a hint of reflection light in the middle also add a contrast effect which force us to look at the center.