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  1. 1. No-upmms and socks:IladhNun Dc Nuupmu Uw somw V. .. n. .- . ..nn. ... um.. Fvnl n. .. Engnglng cmnmuInlorm Voursuvvonnu 7 u lecluli New Vnlunueu
  2. 2. Effective use of Social Media For Volunteer Program Support
  3. 3. Nonprofits and Social Media93%of nonprofits have at least one social media profile/ t'I"n"
  4. 4. Whats a Volunteer Worth?vauu-mama: Uta? 10x DonationsM Sharing,Petitions E Skilled VolunteeringM Microvolunteering E] Pro Bono Volunteer|2[ Traditional volunteering E Board Service-l-'7'-nr. =rl. ?: Volunteerism and Charitable Giving in 2009. Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund/ Vo| unleerMatch
  5. 5. Where Social Media Fits In Wbivdjhjp. swea-unu vision a. salesman ouoooic_ sun-onvounnaai note nesaou max ( noun 'mn 5 'ucEm onV - - RECOGN- ITION .cIVALUATDNThe volunteer retention puzzle.
  6. 6. How can you use social media to support your volunteer program? 1.") ll,W.i ll
  7. 7. Build Community
  9. 9. This princess totally needs me! Whoa.Death Star ahead.Nevermind! Saving the Universe?Best thing I ever didl
  10. 10. NJ}; rJ9E2W{rO]|Shes depending on you,Luke.Hey,howbout a light saber?g]; }_. ; ;1,; [; }_. . Yup,this is hard.M IBut remember thatForce thing?Give it a shot. "/ ;Xi: i.lT: Yt: i}, lfIfl:11]l Great work Luke!Onefilm down and five more to go!