Nexans GPH 33kV High Voltage Cable Connectors & Lugs (800-1200sqmm)

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Transcript of Nexans GPH 33kV High Voltage Cable Connectors & Lugs (800-1200sqmm)

  • Nexans Australmold - 41 Lambeck Drive, Tullamarine, VIC 3043

    PH: (03) 9338 1600 - FAX: (03) 9338 9675 WEB: - E:

    The new GPH mechanical connector M800-1200.

    Reliable. Simple & quick installation. Electrically tested.

    Nexans Power Accessories Germany GmbHSpecialist for cable accessories and cable technology

    Nexans Power Accessories Germany GmbH has been a leader in pre-assembled cable accessories for more than 55 years. The company is specialized in manufacturing of low, medium and high voltage accessories as well as mechanical connectors and cable lugs. It is also able to offer customer-specific high-voltage ferrules and lugs.

    Range-taking mechanical con- nectors and cable lugs for po-wer cables in medium voltage applications up to 1200 mm

    Nexans Power Accessories Germany offers with the mechanical GPH connector M630-1000 and cable lug C630-1000 two very successful medium voltage products equipped with shear-off-head bolts for connecting and branching large conductor cross-sections. The IEC- tested technology of the M and C series is working in interferece-free operation in standard field applications for 20 years.

    In the medium voltage area the mar-ket tends more and more towards the use of large cross-section alumi- num conductors. Particularly by connection of On and Offshore wind parks to the medium voltage power grid, the conductor cross- sections up to 1000 mm are inadequate and no longer fulfill the new market requirements.

    Therefore, we have extended our offer and have developed the new mechanical power connector M800-1200 with our patented GPH shear- off-head bolts. Like all other mecha- nical connectors of Nexans Power Accessories Germany this product is also electrically tested according to the IEC standard.

    Range-takingLong-lasting connection of copper and aluminum conductor cross-sections 800-1200 mm.

    High installation qualityThe mechanical connector M800-1200 can be installed quick and simple with common commercially available inner and outer hexagon tools.

    Electrical performance at its bestThe patented GPH shear-off-head bolt clamps the conductor in the connector always with an optimum contact force. The torque moments follow the rule that large conductor cross-sections need high torque moments and smaller cross-sections need lower torque moments.

    Reliability and tested safetyLike all mechanical medium voltage connectors and cable lugs by GPH, the M800-1200 was also tested successfully according IEC 61238-1 class A. The tests were carried out in an accredited, independent test lab. The test certificates of the indepen-dent specialists confirm the excellent performance of the product and are available on request.

    One stop shopFrom one source we offer for your medium voltage applications reliable and economic cable accessories and kits with com-ponents optimally harmonized.Nexans provides the appropriate heat-shrinkable straight joint of the GTS-series that also contains the new GPH M800-1200 mechanical connector.

    The facts make the difference.

    Jack NottidgeT&D