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NetAstra 5000 Product Overview. NetAstra Solution Highlights. High capacity per Sector 200Mbps aggregate throughput Ethernet connectivity High capacity end user equipment –10, 20, 50Mbps Up to 16 SUs per sector Guaranteed SLA and capacity per Subscriber Unit - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of NetAstra 5000 Product Overview

  • NetAstra 5000 Product Overview

  • NetAstra Solution HighlightsHigh capacity per Sector200Mbps aggregate throughputEthernet connectivity High capacity end user equipment 10, 20, 50Mbps Up to 16 SUs per sectorGuaranteed SLA and capacity per Subscriber Unit Small and constant latency- 4 to 10msec typical under full sector loadWide range of frequency bands - 4.9 to 6GHz, 3.3-3.8GHz

    High capacity PtMP for bandwidth demanding applications and guaranteed SLA

  • NetAstra AU-5x200 High Capacity Base StationFully outdoorSmall form factor ODULow Power consumptionHigh TX power for long rangeMIMO/Diversity

  • NetAstra SU 5xxx - High Capacity Subscriber UnitSmall Form Factor Antenna.ODU is connectorizedHigh Gain Integrated Antenna Connectorized ODU

  • NetAstra 5000 HPMP Main FeaturesServiceRadio Performance Configurable Maximum Information Rate (MIR) per SU Enhanced QoS 4 level queue per SU Networking features VLAN, QinQ per SU Long Range 40km @ 20Mbps Advanced OFDM & MiMO 2x2 / Diversity for nLOS performance Enhanced interference mitigation capability Inter & intra site sync. to reduce self interference Dedicated traffic bandwidth allocation ensuring SLA & latencyLow latency, min < 3msec , typical 4 to 10msecChannel BW 10, 20, 40 MHzRegulation- FCC/ETSI/WPC/UNI /MII

  • Operational Multi band Base Stations and SUs Simple to deploy Fully integrated with Netronics Lagacy solutions:Coexists with NetStream 5x100-200 / NetStream 5x36-05Common Link ManagerCommon NMS

  • Secured Service Level Agreement Example Unexpected reduction of User-1 performance (e.g. lower modulation than planned) doesnt affect Other Netronics users in the sector except user 1. Thus, securing others SUs SLAPlanned Capacity (Mbps)

  • NetAstra Unique Selling Points Highest Base Station capacity for the best user experience 200MbpsHighest spectrum efficiency for grater ROI - ~ 5bps/HzSecured Service Level Agreement for demanding applicationsLow latency Compact Subscriber Units (SUs) with low visual impact Co-exist with NetStream Point to Point linksLong Range -40km Carrier grade solution

  • Applications

  • NetAstra 5000 Value Proposition High capacity connectivity to BW demanding & high-end applications in urban to rural deployments: Service Providers Access business users with demand for high capacity and SLARural and remote broadband connectivity Backhaul of access solutions e.g. Wireless PtMP and landline DSLAMGovernment & Enterprise NetworksHQ - branches broadband connectivityUtilities connectivity Gov. networks connectivity e.g. education, Health careAccess for high capacity video surveillance cameras

  • Urban - High Capacity SLA Corporate Access SU 5xxxSector Capacity- 75Mbps7 clients @ 5Mbps2 clients @ 10Mbps1 clinet @ 20 MbpsSUs range 6km @20MHz Channel BW Service Provider Application

  • Urban - High Capacity Corporate AccessNetStream 5x200Service ProviderPremisesNetAstraAU 5x200 Multi sectors can be backhauled with NetStream 5x200

    Service Provider Application

  • Medium Capacity Corporate Access - Self Backhaul Built in backhaul from AU site to the Service Provider premisesAssumption that the provider premise is located within the served sector NetAstraAU 5x200 Service Provider Application

  • Sub Urban - Medium Capacity Corporate Access Single ODU covers 2 sectors using 2 uni-polarized antennas (SIMO), one per sector Capacity- each sector up to 25 Mbps Service Provider ApplicationNetAstraAU 5x200 NetStream 5x200Service providerPremises

  • Rural Broadband Connecting Communities Broadband connection to remote communitiesSector Capacity- 30Mbps5 villages @ 6Mbps

    SU range 30km @20MHz Channel BW Sector Capacity- 48Mbps8 villages @ 6Mbps

    SU range 20km @20MHz Channel BW Service Provider ApplicationNetAstraAU 5x200 NetStream 5x200Service providerPremises

  • Safe City Video surveillance Access to high capacity cameras, collocated camerasBackhaul of mesh WiFi cloud, carrying Video surveillance NetStream 5x200Service providerNetwork High resolution Camera Collocated CamerasPrivate Network ApplicationNetAstraAU 5x200 Service providerPremises

  • High Capacity Inter-Office connectivity HQTwo modes of operations:WLAN : Traffic from branch to branch is switched back by the AU Access : Higher network hierarchy switches the traffic

    Private Network ApplicationNetAstraAU 5x200

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