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Neil Lazarus is an internationally acclaimed expert in the fields of Middle East politics, public diplomacy and effective communication training.

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  • Phone to order ++ 972 505433356

  • Your seminars are both educational and informative...together with your dry humor and extensive knowledge you provide an essential service to Jews and Christians alike fighting...hatred

    Natan ScharanskyFormer Minister of Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs

  • Seminars Available by Neil Lazarus

    In this seminar Neil Lazarus will teach you how to use the internet to fight anti-Semitism and hatred on the net. If you have a phone or an ipad, you can make a difference.Digital diplomacy is not just about sharing on facebook, its much more. Students will learn how to make in less than 5 minutes videos, websites, and cartoons. They will learn firsthand knowledge about sharing on line to guarantee that thousands of people see their

    Colleges and campuses worldwide have become the arena for violent attacks against Israel. This seminar provides hands on experience dealing with anti-Semitism on campus and countering some of the bigger questions of Israeli policy. This seminar is apolitical and enables students to feel comfortable standing up for Israel. It also discusses the problem of boycotts, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) against Israel.Seminars can be designed for the specific needs of students and can include how to run a campaign on campus and dealing with anti Israeli academics.

    Violence in Jerusalem, Operation Defensive Edge, ISIS, the Iranian charm offensive, troubled US Israel relations; civil war in Syria and the stalled peace process have created a new reality for Israel. Participants are provided with an understanding and an overview of Israels position in a changing Middle East and the major issues in the region.ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, the crisis in Syria and Egypt, Lebanon, the future of the territories and the tensions within the Israeli Government will all be discussed.

    Political Update: WhatNow for the Middle East?

    Israel PublicDiplomacy (advocacy)

    Digital Diplomacy

  • Learn how to speak with the media so that you will be quoted and guarantee your next interview. Participants are filmed and their interviews analysed.

    If you want to improve your public speaking skills this seminar is for you. Whether you despise or love to speak, within a few hours you will be empowered to present even more effectively.This workshop shows you how to speak with impact, motivate others and be remembered.

    Building in East Jerusalem and the creation of new settlements havemade the headlines internationally.This unique tour will enable participants to see and discuss the effects and problems involved in deciding the future of the West bank. In addition, we will look at the ramifications of building Jewish areas in East Jerusalem.

    This alarming seminar explains the rise of new anti semitism and the merging of leftwing, rightwing and Muslim hatred towards the Jews. This seminar is crucial for anybody worried about the rise of anti semitism worldwide and wants to learn how to fight it. Anti semitism is not confined to the campus or university and this seminar explores all of its dimensions.

    New anti semitism

    Media training

    Effective public speaking

    Tours of East Jerusalem and the West Bank

  • Designed for teachers this seminar shows teachers how to integrate social media and the internet into their classes. No experience is needed. Just an open mind. Within an hour your students will not want to leave your class. You will be telling them to take out their cell phones not put them away!

    Using recent examples from the major news channels, Neil leads a provocative discussion and analysis of Israels changing image in the television. This is a crucial seminar for anybody that wants to understand Israels media problems and the difficulties facing Israel in the international media.

    This seminar provides an easy to follow step by step guide on how to combat the boycott of Israel. So whether you are confronted by this in your church, school or union you will be empowered to fight it BDS successfully

    Using social media in the classroom

    Israel in the Media

    Fighting BDS

    Fighting BDS

  • About Neil LazarusNeil Lazarus is an internationally acclaimed expert in the fields of Middle East politics, public diplomacy and effective communication training.

    Described as Mr Israel Advocacy by the Times of Israel, he is fast emerging as one of Israels leading key note speakers. His presentations are motivating, informative and challenging. Neil speaks to over 30,000 people a year and his presentations are causing an international sensation.

    He is a favored speaker for Jewish Federations, Community Leadership as well as student leadership groups. He is a welcomed guest at many Christian friends of Israel organizations.

    Neil Lazarus has helped train a new generation of Israeli diplomats and spokespeople. He is the author of The 5 Rules of Effective Israel Advocacy

    His client list is extensive and have included; The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Israeli Ministry of Tourism, Jewish Federations, JCRCs, Sky TV, Russian English TV, Keshet Television, The World Bank, Harvard University Extension Courses in Israel, Yad Vashem, Hillel, Hadassah, Birthright and The Jewish Agency of Israel, UNESCO, The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzalia, and many more.

    He acted as the public diplomacy policy advisor for Israels leading reality television program, The Ambassador.

    Born in Britain he received his first degree in Political Science at the University of Wales. Neil immigrated to Israel in 1988 and soon after received his Masters Degree at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

    His presentations are substantive, educational and hugely entertaining. He successfully communicates an impressive body of knowledge on Israel and the Middle East. There is no one in the field of Israel advocacy that is currently having a greater impact than Neil Lazarus.

    Orli GilFormer Israeli Consulate General

    to Chicago and the Midwest

    I would highly recommend your seminars and training sessions as important contributions to building a stronger Israel Advocacy community.

    Miriam Ziv.

    Ambassador of Israel to Canada

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    Middle East Current Affairs, Public DiplomacyEffective Communication Training

    Educating Motivating Challenging


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