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  • 1. NCTsNCT Tournament NCT Pre-exam NCT TournaN Tournament
  • 2. ARPANET, the first version of the internet, was originally created by a) Universities b) Hippies c) US Dept of Defence d) US Dept of Employment and Training e) all the above Answer: (a) universities
  • 3. The internet works by sending small amounts of information through the phone and related systems in the form of: (a) pings (b) bits (c) frames (d) packets (e) all the above Answer: (d) packets
  • 4. Axel Bruns notion of citizen journalism isa) An example of produsageb) An outcome of the Web 2.0 environmentc) Driven by the shortcomings of mainstream mediad) All of the above Answer: (d) all of the above
  • 5. In computer terms, the concept "open source" refers to: (a) the latest movies that anyone can download from the internet. (b) software that you must pay to download (c) leaving the lid off the ketchup (d) commercial software that your friend copies for you (e) software that is free for anyone to download and modify Answer: (e) software that is free for anyone to download and modify
  • 6. Which of the following is NOT an example of Utopia? (a) Saint Simon New Christianity (b) Samuel Butler Erehwon (c) William Morris News from Nowhere (d) William Gibson Neuromancer Answer: (d) William Gibson Neuromancer on the basis that the cyberpunk genre depicts futuristic dystopias
  • 7. In what ways does Axel Bruns suggest the advent of internet has impacted on traditional news media?a) It has enabled the development of citizen journalistsb) It challenges that traditional gate keeping function of news mediac) It has challenged the traditional role of journalistsd) It encourages readers to engage with news information by enabling them to comment on news storiese) All of the aboveAnswer: (e) all of the above
  • 8. Which ancient philosophers theory foreshadowed our captivation to the representations of reality in the flicker of computer, television and cinema screen? a) Aristotles theory of communication b) Platos allegory of the cave c) Socrates ironic method d) Diogenes cynicismAnswer: (b) Platos allegory of the cave
  • 9. Messages gain meaning from all the other messages that you have previously received and sent. This is known as a) intersubjectivity b) intertextuality c) interpolation d) interference e) all the above Answer: (b) intertexuality
  • 10. John Logie Baird was responsible fora) Developing the first photographic imageb) Patenting the first phonograph that records soundc) Transmitting the first television signald) Developing the first answering machineAnswer: (c) Transmitting the first television signal(now we know where Logies come from!)
  • 11. What are the characteristics of produsage?a) User-led Content Creationb) A Paradigm Shiftc) When Users are also Producersd) Things like Wikipediae) All the aboveAnswer: (e) all of the above
  • 12. Who said a tool is an extension of the hand; a wheel is an extension of the leg; and a book is an extension of the eye.a) Marshall McLuhanb) Raymond Williamsc) Axel Brunsd) None of the aboveAnswer: (a) Marshall McLuhan
  • 13. How would we define convergence in the context of New Communication Technologies?a) The digitisation of telephone, radio, television and print media so that they can be accessed from a computer.b) the interaction of multimedia forms providing complex, interactive means of communicationc) businesses that engage in cross platforming contentd) all of the abovee) none of the above.Answer: (d) all of the above
  • 14. Theory-Jamming isa) Slang used by hackersb) A short story by William Gibsonc) A song by the Black Assasinsd) A critical process towards understanding communicationAnswer: (d) A critical process towardsunderstanding communication
  • 15. In Sue Halperns book reviews, Jaron Laniers book which critiques attempts to monetize the internet is calleda) Mind Control and the Internetb) The World Wide Mind: The Coming Integration of Humanity, Machines and the Internetc) The Filter Bubble: What the Internet is hiding from youd) You are not a Gadget: A ManifestoAnswer: (d) You are Not a Gadget: A Manifesto looks at the way businessessuch as Google have attempted to make money out of the world wide web.
  • 16. LulzSec, an offshoot of the loose online collective Anonymous are an example ofa) What hat hacktivismb) Online pranksters showing off their hacking skillsc) Criminal acts of information theft and sabotaged) All of the aboveAnswer: (b) Online pranksters showing off their hacking skills
  • 17. Adam Turing a) worked with Ada Byron (Lady Lovelace) on the development of an Analytical Engine in the 19th centuryb) invented the first digital computerc) developed a computer designed to break secret German "Enigma" codes during WW2.d) Developed the first operating system for the PC in 1978.Answer: (c) developed a computer designed to break secret German "Enigma" codesduring WW2
  • 18. Who proclaimed video games an art form for the digital agea) Gilbert Seldesb) James Newmanc) Alan Grossmand) Henry JenkinsAnswer: (d) Henry Jenkins
  • 19. Who first defined the communication model as The speaker produces a message that is heard by the listener. a) Raymond Williams b) Plato c) Aristotle d) Shannon and Weaver Answer: (c) Aristotle
  • 20. Shannon & Weaver s Mathematical Theory of Communication is deficient in its failure to account fora) Intertextuality in which messages gains meaning from all the other messages that person has previously received and sent.b) Interactivity in which communication is usually acted out as a two way processc) Intersubjectivity where receivers of messages interpret them according to their own experience.d) Intermediation where communication takes place through various forms of technologye) a & cf) b & dAnswer: e) a & c
  • 21. Auguste and Louis Lumire were responsible fora) The invention of the first movie camera and the first commercial cinematic screeningb) The invention of the first Calculating machinec) Inventing the first working telephoned) Inventing the telegraph and laying the first telegraph line from Paris to London.Answer: a) the invention of the first movie camera and the firstcommercial cinematic screening
  • 22. What did Walter Benjamin, Raymond Williams, Louis Althusser and Stuart Hall have in common?a) They all subscribed to media effects theoryb) They all contributed to the understanding of communication in animalsc) They were all interested in the political and cultural role of media and communication in society.d) None of the aboveAnswer: c) They were interested in the political and cultural role of media andcommunication
  • 23. Jean-Luc Goddard a) Is the key character in the French film Alphavilleb) Developed the discipline of semiotics as a way of theorizing the role of signs in social lifec) Was an important figure in French New Wave cinemad) All of the above Answer: c) Was an important figure in French New Wave cinema (He was also the director of Alphaville)
  • 24. Charles Babbage a) invented the first digital computerb) created a machine called the difference enginec) conceived the Analytical Engine in the form of a massive, brass, steam-powered, general- purpose, mechanical computerd) all of the abovee) b and cf) none of the aboveAnswer: d) all of the above
  • 25. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniaka) Were members of the home brew clubb) Were two computer nerdsc) Founded the computer company Appled) Developed the first personal computere) All of the aboveAnswer: e) all of the above
  • 26. Who was responsible for the idea of the interneta) A group of computer nerds known as the home brew clubb) A group of academic, government, and industry researchers concerned about what would happen to communications if a nuclear bomb was dropped.c) The IBM/Microsoft partnershipd) Tim Berners-Lee in the early 1990s.Answer: b) This group was called the RAND Corporation
  • 27. What does IRC stand for?a) International Rand Corporationb) Internet relay chatc) Internet relay communicationd) Internet response code Answer: b) Internet relay chat
  • 28. The world wide web is a) another name for the internetb) a network of computersc) a software system that shares all information accessible as part of a seamless hypertext space.d) All of the aboveAnswer: c) the network of computers that is called the internet is notthe same as the world wide web which is part of the softwareenvironment
  • 29. Cyberspace is a) A good example of a memeb) a spatial metaphor that represents the symbolic or informatic environment of the internetc) the collective imagination of internet usersd) all of the aboveAnswer: d) all of the above
  • 30. Burning Chrome in William Gibsons short story refers toa) amphetamine abuseb) cyberpunk slang for the fusing of organic and mechanical elements in the human bodyc) cyberpunk slang for computer hackingd) hacking into the computer system of a criminal money launderer.Answer: d) Chrome is the name of the money launderer
  • 31. Web 2.0 refers toa) an evolved stage in the use capacity of the world wide web.b) Greater interactive engagement with the world wide webc) The development of social networking sites, user created web sites, self-publishing platforms, tagging, and social bookmarking.d) All of the aboveAnswer: d) all of the above
  • 32. Who posed the notion that the medium is the message?a) Shannon and Weaverb) Aristotlec) Marshall McLuhand) PlatoAnswer: c) Marshall McLuhan
  • 33. What is a MUD?a) massive multiuser online role playing gameb) an acronym for Multiple User Dungeonc) a computer program that responds to text commands onlyd) all of the abovee) none of the aboveAnswer: d) all of the above
  • 34. Where was the first continuous full length feature film produced?a) New Jerseyb) Australiac) New York Cityd) FranceAnswer: b) Australia The film was the Story of the Kelly Gang (1906)
  • 35. What are some of the reasons that James Newman (2004) puts forward for studying computer games?a) The size of the video game industryb) The popularity of video gamesc) Because it is a cultural form evolving from humancomputer interaction.d) All of the abovee) None of the aboveAnswer: d) all of the above
  • 36. What term do you use for activities such as signing petitions on-line, Get-up political campaigns organised through emails and the web, or emailing your local member of parliament about issues that concern you?a) Cyberpolitics,b) A waste of timec) eDemocracyd) all of the aboveAnswer: c) eDemocracy
  • 37. In Lister, Martin et al (2009) popular culture is defined asa) The commercially produced artefacts of entertainment (television programs, films. Videogames etc)b) The lived practices, experiences and contexts in which these artefacts are engaged with and consumedc) All of the aboveAnswer: c) all of the above
  • 38. Who explained the mathematical theory of communication as the process where the speaker produces an effect on the transmitter which sends a message that may be affected by noise but nevertheless is intercepted by the receiver which converts it into an effect that is heard by the listener? a) Marshall McLuhan b) Aristotle c) Jorge Luis Borges d) Shannon and WeaverAnswer: d) Shannon and Weaver
  • 39. David Cronenberg isa) The author of the science fiction book Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep?b) The director of Blade Runnerc) The director of eXistenZd) Director of The Matrix trilogyAnswer: c) the director of eXistenZ
  • 40. Copyright is a legal system thata) Gives the copyright holder the exclusive right to reproduce their workb) Prohibits non-copyright holders the right to use the images, ideas and information embedded in copyrighted materialc) All of the aboveAnswer: a). The second option is incorrect because you cannotcopyright ideas or information
  • 41. What is the formal term you use for the ordering of actions and events as they actually appear in a film?a) Storyb) Plotc) NarrativisationAnswer: b) plot
  • 42. Lister, Martin et al (2009) New Media: a critical introduction offers concepts that are useful for the study of technocultures; such as a) The notion that everyday life is the site in which meanings and uses of NCT are worked out b) Cyberspace has evolved to become a separate virtual and emancipatory domain separate from society c) All of the above d) None of the aboveAnswer: a) the notion that everyday life is the site in which the meanings anduse of the NCT are worked out
  • 43. Film genres are defined bya) Audience expectationsb) contentc) the type of actors used to portray charactersd) stylistic strategies including sound tracke) narrative structuref) all of the aboveAnswer: f) all of the above
  • 44. What is usually referred to by the term mise en scene? a) filming techniques such as camera angle, movement, and editing b) cinematic framing c) everything that is heard within the film d) everything that is seen within the frame e) narrative compositionAnswer: d) everything seen within the frame
  • 45. Who first defined the Law of Produsage?a) Raymond Williamsb) William Gibsonc) Stephen Stockwelld) Axel Brunse) Marshall McLuhanAnswer: d) Axel Bruns
  • 46. Melanie Swalwels article on the first micro- computers of the 1980s focuses ona) The critical role of university researchers in developing the personal computerb) The importance of Depart. Of Defence funding in the development of early computer networkingc) The activities of computer hobbyists in Australiad) None of the aboveAnswer: c) the activities of computer hobbyists in Australia
  • 47. The end of the silent era came in 1927 with which movie?a) The Jazz Singerb) The Kelly Gangc) Gone with the Windd) IntoleranceAnswer: a) The Jazz Singer