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Lecture: Tangram Tiles Experience a second grade math lesson plan while creating a tangram tile. We will walk through the process used to create a tangram tile out of clay through a second grade lesson plan developed in partnership with teachers and math professors to reinforce student learning in geometry

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  • 1.Tangram Tiles with Melissa Gohman Please grab a tile and have a seat

2. What is a Tangram? 3. Fold 4. Fold again 5. Corner to center 6. Corner to center 7. Corner to center 8. Fold edge to center 9. Tangram 10. Making a Tangram Tile Cut Smooth Decoration Underglazes 11. Grandfather Tangs Story by Ann Tompert 12. Fox 13. Rabbit 14. Dog 15. Questions? 16. Thank you Melissa Gohman Please fill out your survey