Navidad Christmas Decorations

Navidad Christmas Decorations


Whether it’s the piñatas at the Navidad or Christmas carnival like Las Posadas parades or the beautiful poinsettias, Christmas decorations in Mexico are most often colorful and vibrant.

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Navidad Christmas Decorations

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Christmas tree ornaments

and other general decor.

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The Christmas tree is mostly a contemporary American influence on the Mexican way of life however since it has gained popularity in the region; Mexicans are now putting their own traditional twist to it.  Hence it is common to come across yuletide tree ornaments with a traditional Mexican theme like snowmen wearing sombreros, angels in ponchos, tiny piñatas, jalapenos etc.   Apart from such Christmas tree ornaments, general items of yuletide décor such as nativity scenes, holly and mistletoe boughs, stockings and Santa replicas are also pretty common

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Traditional Mexican yuletide décor

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As mentioned before, contemporary yuletide décor items mainly imported from the United States have found favor in Mexico however that doesn’t suppress the need for traditional Mexican yuletide decor items.  One is most likely to find traditional Mexican Christmas decorations at Las Posadas’s processions which are in fact Navidad or Christmas carnival like parades

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On a Las Posadas procession one is bound to come across elaborate paper floats and piñatas whilst the streets are often lighted up with fire lights and led lighting.  Elaborate nativity scenes are also an important component of traditional yuletide décor in Mexico.