National Op Shop Week - BSL donation journey 2014

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During National Op Shop week 2014, we want to share the story of how your donated goods to BSL are sorted, processed, and then sold in our op shops, providing low-cost goods to shoppers and raising vital funds for our programs and services.

Transcript of National Op Shop Week - BSL donation journey 2014

  • 1. We are grateful for all donations that we receive and can accept a wide range of items including books, clothing, furniture and even fridges!
  • 2. We collect items from homes in Greater Melbourne for FREE through our 1300 DONATE service OR donations can be dropped off at any of our stores across Greater Melbourne
  • 3. Items collected both in-store and through 1300 DONATE are transported to our central sorting facility for assessment
  • 4. Items that arent high enough quality to hit the shop floor are recycled in a number of different ways depending upon the item. All recycling options have been arranged to bring in further funds for the Brotherhood such as selling scrap metal.
  • 5. Quality items are sent to our network of stores to sell. To ensure that our customers get a bargain each time they shop with us, our stores also follow a clothing price guide so items like t-shirts, skirts and shorts are always $4, jeans and pants $5 and so on.
  • 6. Not only do families and bargain hunters pick up great quality items at traditional op shop prices, but all profits made are reinvested into the many programs and services that help disadvantaged Australians. For more information visit
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