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NATIONAL. INTERNATIONAL. YOURS. Westlaw India is the first online legal information resource combining Indian and International Law, designed especially for you. With more National and International Legal content than any other source Westlaw India gives you everything you need to succeed. And with our easy-to-use interface you will be able to find what you need with speed and ease.

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NatioNal. iNterNatioNal. yours.Westlaw India is the first online legal information resource combining Indian and International Law, designed especially for you. With more National and International Legal content than any other source Westlaw India gives you everything you need to succeed. And with our easy-to-use interface you will be able to find what you need with speed and ease.


World wide information in one login:Westlaw India is the only database that comprehensively combines International Legal materials with India legal content. By logging in just once, you can access legal materials from India, UK, EU, US, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong & South Africa.

Editorially Enhanced content: Westlaw India provides comprehensive editorial enhancements that makes research easier. The case laws are headnoted, categorized into specific subjects and carries links to cases cited and legislation cited.

Seamless Connection between databases: Westlaw India provides hyperlinks to related documents in the database.

True Prints of cases from UK:Westlaw India has true prints of cases from the Law Reports series of England and Wales & The Weekly Law Reports and Industrial Cases Reports published by the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting.

Latest Content in finger tips:

Westlaw India is updated on daily basis, which means you are always abreast with the current happenings in the field of Law. Access to more than 1000 law reviews and journals, legal encyclopaedias like American Jurisprudence, Corpus Juris Secundum and Black’s Law dictionary makes Westlaw India a comprehensive current awareness tool.

Alerts:Alerts are the ideal way for you to stay informed on just about everything happening in the legal market. And because you’re in control of the content there won’t be any spam.

We are there to help you:Westlaw India provides training support whenever required. We also provide telephonic support on business hours, which is toll free - 1800 266 0288 \ +91 (11) 61102666 . Alternatively, email us your queries at [email protected]









Westlaw India—Law At First Site

International Law LibrariesInternational Content to better inform your arguments Westlaw India also provides vast libraries of International content. So, whether you need to see an International comparison or you are working on a case with an International element, all the information you need is here.

UK primary law content? We’ve got it.

European Union law coverage? We’ve got that too

US Federal Law, journals and law reviews? It’s all here.

On top of all that there is Commonwealth content from Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and South Africa amongst others

We’ve integrated Indian and International content in one place. So, for the first time, you can now search one combined Indian and International online legal resource designed especially for you.

UK Primary LawWestlaw India includes the entire case law and legislation content of our sister service, Westlaw UK.

Westlaw UK has a vast amount of UK case law. With over 300,000 full text case reports and case analysis of all decisions made in the UK from 1865, it provides you with a great place to find UK comparisons and precedents.

To complete your picture of UK primary law, Westlaw India also includes fully consolidated full text of UK legislation. Coverage spans from since 1267 for Acts and Statutory Instruments from 1948. Our UK legislation content is updated daily.

UK JournalsWith a collection of journals from Sweet & Maxwell, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and Tottel Publishing amongst others, you’ll have expert analysis on tap, 24 hours a day. Westlaw India includes all 95 of the journals included on Westlaw UK.

In addition to it all the key articles from the UK and Europe’s leading legal journals are listed in the Legal Journals Index – a journals abstract service unique to Westlaw UK and Westlaw India.

Top Journal titles include:• Cambridge Journal of International &

comparative Law• Cambridge Law Journal• Civil Justice Quarterly• Criminal Law Review• Environmental Law Review• European Human Rights Law Review• European Intellectual Property Review• Intellectual Property Quarterly• Law Quarterly Review• Public Law• Oxford Journal of Legal Studies

Top Case law reporters in Westlaw India include:• Appeal Cases from 1875 (True Prints available)

• Chancery Appeals from 1865 (True Prints available)

• Chancery Division from 1875 (True Prints available)

• English Reports

• European Human Rights reports

• European Patent Office Reports

• Fleet Street Reports

• King’s Bench (True Prints available)

Content Highlights:india Cases from 1895 & Legislation from 1850

united Kingdom:Cases from 1865 & Legislation from 1267Comprehensive eu content from 1952

united states:Cases from 1658 & Fully annotated Statutes

Canada:Cases from 1825 & Fully consolidated legislation

australia cases from 1903

Hong Kong: Cases from 1905 & Legislation from 1997

secondary Materials highlights:• Contains more than 1200 Law Reviews &

Journals from around the world• Includes Legal encyclopaedias like American

Jurisprudence & Corpus Juris Secundum• Black’s Law Dictionary

FAST AND FIRSTEU ContentWestlaw India provides key information on European cases, legislation, treaties, preparatory acts and Parliamentary questions, and information and notices. Ellis and CELEX, the official legal database of the EU, supply us with this data.

The information is divided into 6 broad categories. They are primary legislation, secondary legislation, primary law, preparatory documents, parliamentary questions and case law. EU material is updated on a daily basis.

Westlaw India—Indian Content

Commonwealth LibrariesTo give you the complete global picture, Westlaw India also provides you with content from other Commonwealth jurisdictions including Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Africa amongst others.

United States MaterialsWestlaw India contains complete archives of the following US content:• US Supreme Court Cases• All US Federal Cases• US Supreme Court Briefs• US Court of Appeal Cases• United States Code Annotated• US Law Reviews• American Jurisprudence• American Law Reports

Supreme Court Cases and OrdersFrom your desktop, you can access a complete archive of the full text of decisions delivered by the Supreme Court from 1950 till date, as well as recently delivered Supreme Court Orders.

High Court Cases:• Allahabad High Court – 1913 till date• Andhra Pradesh High Court – 1954 till date• Bombay High Court – 1895 till date• Calcutta High Court – 1896 till date• Delhi High Court – 1966 till date• Gujarat High Court – 1960 till date• Karnataka High Court – 1949 till date• Madras High Court – 1879 till date• Orissa High Court – 1948 till date• Punjab and Haryana High Court – 1947 till date

• Patna High Court – 1931 till date• Chhattisgarh High Court – 2001 till date• Gauhati High Court – 1949 till date• Himachal Pradesh High Court – 1971 till date• J & K High Court – 1950 till date• Jharkhand High Court – 2000 till date• Kerala High Court – 1956 till date• Madhya Pradesh High Court – 1956 till date• Rajasthan High Court – 1949 till date• Uttarakhand High Court – 2001 till date

Top Journal Titles include:• American Criminal Law Review• American Journal of Jurisprudence• American Journal of International Law• Berkeley Business Law Journal• Brooklyn Law Review• Buffalo Law Review• Civil Justice Quarterly• Columbia Law Review• Cornell International Law Journal• Cornell Law Review• Harvard Law Review• Howard Law Journal• Yale Law Journal• Canadian Journal of Law & Jurisprudence• McGill Law Journal• Hong Kong Law Journal• Singapore Journal of Legal Studies


TribunalsYou can also access over 70,000 tribunal decisions from the following authorities:

• Central Administrative Tribunal • Customs Excise and Gold Appellate Tribunal• Customs Excise and Service Tax Appellate Tribunal • Income Tax Appellate Tribunal • National Consumer Disputes Redressal

Commission • Securities Appellate Tribunal• Telecom Disputes Settlement & Appellate Tribunal

• Debt Recovery Appellate Tribunal • Debt Recovery Tribunal • Appellate Tribunal for Electricity • Company Law Board • Central Information Commission • Competition Commission of India• Intellectual Property Appellate Board

Indian Legislation - CoverageCoverage includes all Bare Acts from 1850 to today and a comprehensive collection of Rules and Regulations from 1890.

Central Legislation• Full text of all Bare Acts including amending, repealed and

repealing Acts• Complete amendment history inserted at provision level for

every Act• Links to key cases citing a particular provision• Ability to print or save as PDF the complete Act or selected

provisions• A legal subject classification to improve search across case

law and legislative materials• Full text of Bills showing status of the Bill in Parliament• Full text of Ordinances from 1982 to date

Rules and Regulations

This archive can be browsed by year or via free text searching from our Legislation home page to access full text of all the Rules passed by Parliament, Central Government Ministries/Departments.

Notifications and Circulars

In addition Westlaw India includes over 40,000 Notifications and Circulars covering a wide range of Ministries Including:• Ministry of Commerce and Industries• Ministry of Communication & IT• Ministry of Company Affairs• Ministry of Finance• Ministry of Law & Justice; Ministry of Personnel, Public

Grievances & Pension• Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas

Westlaw india also covers the following regulatory bodies:• Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)• Reserve Bank of India (RBI)• Department of Personnel and Training (DOPT)• Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT)• Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC)

State Legislation:Over 2400 legislation of the following states can also be accessed on Westlaw India:• Andhra Pradesh• Chhattisgarh• Delhi• Gujarat• Haryana• Karnataka• Kerala• Madras• Madhya Pradesh• Maharashtra• Orissa• Punjab• Rajasthan• Uttar Pradesh• Uttarakhand• West Bengal

Journals:Westlaw India now gives you access to the following Journals from india:

• NUJS Law Review• Socio-Legal Review• Indian Journal of Law and

Technology• Indian Journal of Arbitration Law

Unique Features of Westlaw India


CITATOR: For easy reference to the status of any judgment of Supreme Court or High Courts, Westlaw India has provided an added feature i.e. Citator which provides the following facets:

Appellate History

This feature not only provides the status of a judgment i.e., whether it was Mentioned by, Referred by etc. but takes the user to the judgment through a link.

Status Icons

These appear within your search results list and at the top of the case document, so you can instantly tell the status of a case.

Indicates that the decision has received positive or neutral judicial consideration and is good law.

Indicates that at least one point of law has been overruled or reversed. This is an immediate notification that the case is no longer good law.

Moreover, to let the user quickly identify landmark judgments, indicators are provided for judgments passed by a bench of more than 5 judges (constitutional bench).

Hyperlinks to all the central and selected state legislation cited in the judgment.

Cases in PDFAll law reports series published by ICLR on Westlaw UK are available in full text and in PDF (archive dates back to 1865). Where PDFs are available, you will see next to your search results. There will also be an option in the top right of the case document.

NOTE: The Status Icon (Citator) is available for selected Indian judgments

Current Awareness Westlaw India provides for a Current Awareness section. This section lists down the latest Cases and Legislation available on the site. It provides an option to view all the Cases or the Legislation in the last 28 days. Apart from this, it also provides for a daily ‘News’ section pertaining to legal and business areas. Indian Union Budget is also updated under this section with detailed description.



Breadcrumb TrailTo help you keep track of where you are and how you got there a breadcrumb trail appears at the top of the screen. If you want to retrace your steps without running another search, simply click on one of the links. There is a breadcrumb trail no matter where you are on Westlaw India and no matter what you are doing.

Seamless connection between databasesYou can do multi jurisdictional searches across India, UK and EU. Extensive hyper-linking on the service will take you directly to UK judgments referred to in Indian cases as well as UK legislations referred to in Indian judgments

Intuitive Searching Depending on whether you are looking for something general or something very specific, you can tailor the type of search that you carry out. Using our Advanced Search option you can narrow a search down to a case name or the provision number of an Act.

Print, Download and E-MailOnce you have found the information that you need you can easily print, download or email it. This function is available on all documents and search results in all sections of Westlaw India.

Access anywhere, anytimeYou can log in to Westlaw India from any PC, whether at home or in the office. Westlaw India is also Blackberry, Android, Iphone &Ipad compliant, so if you are on the move you can still get access.

Coming soon• Field based citation search that allows you to search cases based on volumes & page numbers of various

case reporters• Judge profiles• Foldering system to save documents in the database

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