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  • 1. Collaborative DesignSparkFun Electronics Inc 9 years old 135 employees (41 dogs) Self-funded 50/50 global/domestic split Making it up as we go

2. SparkFun Builds Businesses 3. You can build it! 4. Website! 5. Warehouse? 6. Three Outcomes 7. Three OutcomesSell a fewKeep your day jobMake enough topay for more tools 8. Three OutcomesSell PebbleQuit your day jobGo to China 9. Three OutcomesPit of DespairCant quit. Must ship.This is what youll get. It took us about 6 minutes to test/cal, screw, andkit this. We just have.... 150 to go... (900 minutes = 15 hours) 10. Collaborate! 11. Collaborations Work 12. Some Collaborations Dont Work Its hard It doesnt always work out 13. The Nut to Crack Funding Marketplace Community Help Designed for unorthodox-manufacturing Crowd sourced assembly 14.