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Narrative Portfolio of personal journey through research, community organization and design for social innovation.

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  • 1. -5.; _ i7A1_% _M WeW(_ _,_ _, ., . 5-, ;, x r l i

2. .-r] 7C an 3. United by- -a desire to_ create5'1changeDesign Innovative Social SolutionsCommunity Building 4. Academic Study&Human interaction,Theology _ _ wellness modalities Psychology Nutritional Science & knowledge systemsCognitive Linguistics Traditional Healing collectivelyCulture Sr fit?Cognition 5. ow >"~Bu i Id i n g - food Sr tea- event organization- grassroots organizing- evangelism Sr promotion - independent music 8r art - social good projectsApplied understanding through life experience.- traditional culture- startup workSOClEll EIWEICECIESS 6. Greatest academic achievement:Master's Thesis @ Sussex UniversityUtilizing cognitive science to model Traditional Chinese Medical Theory 7. Cognitive Modeling of Chinese Medical Theory. :iil. ;iiiiI: i ~'l!4"l3l' Tl-l 3 IiIIii: rri:mi-. iili Tiii:Conceptual r YinYang & Blending Theory /The Five Elements rl T / Ht ~ v VConceptual Blending,Chinese Five Element TheorySI Cognitive Coherence 8. Goal: Conduct a case study of Chinese medical theories (YinYang and Five Elements) as an illustrated complex knowledge system within the larger human cognitive framework. Method: Utilize key insights & models provided by conceptual blending theory to look at specific mechanisms involved in the creation of theseelaborate knowledge systems. 9. Conceptual Blending,Chinese Five Element Theory,and Cognitive Coherence Nathan Davis M. A. Thesis University of SussexCognitive Linguistics Dept.Under supervision of:Vyv EvansAbstractChinese medicine is an ancient form of health care that has relied heavily upon analogical thinking in order to build a complex system of knowledge networks.Cognitive linguistics is a modern approach to understanding encyclopaedic knowledge networks within the human mind.In this study,conceptual blending theory-from cognitive science and linguisticsis utilized to illustrate possible cognitive constructs within the Chinese fiveelement theory of Chinese medical philosophy.Chinese five-element theory uses a system of analogy and metaphor to understand cosmological patterns of interaction,both within the human body and through interaction with environmental factors.Conceptual blending theory provides a model through which the cognitive reality of these analogical connections can be illustrated and understood by the Western scientific mind.In order to achieve this goal,extensive introductions have been provided to both conceptual blending theory and Chinese five-element theory.This is followed by a series of cognitive models created through the application of conceptual blending to five-element theory.This theoretical data analysis is intended to provide a basis for further study into the application of conceptual blending theory to Chinese scientific philosophy. SummaryThis case study represents the first step toward establishing mutually beneficial avenues of communication and research between cognitive science and Chinese medicine.The relevance of such an endeavour is established by aligning the similarities between both systems-such as "levels of truth and metaphoric extension of embodied experience.Upon establishing connections between both systems a more detailed case study is carried out by applying conceptual blending theory from cognitive science to YinYang and Five Element theories in Chinese medicine.Conceptual blending provides the means by which the cognitive networks behind these knowledge systems can be modeled and available to conscious awareness.This case study begins the process of modeling the conceptual integration networks involved in both theories and their metaphoric extension of embodied experience to abstract objective patterns of interaction in the world. 10. Conceptual Blend FrameworkFIRE -Maximum Yang-Summer-Noon -South-Mature Yang -Yang within YangFig.Y:Yin-Yang CycleM ETA L -Growth of Yin-Autumn -Sunscl -WestS _ -Immature Yinn within Yang -WOOD Growth ol'Yang-Spring -Sunrise -East-Immature Yang -Yang within Yin WATFR Maximum YinWinI: r-Midnighl -NorthYin/ Yang CycleYIN Y/ N(i-Mature Yin -Yin within Yin$1" Generic ,Space . 1 ;t .4 Applied to embodied categorical information from Chinese medical theory 11. YinYang network blend builtimage-schematic content mapped& elaborated with lexical information through cross-space mapping from relevant domains Fig 1Yin-Vang Cycle Network BlendSpan-S:|=Cwlic l)u_ 2 Yin/ 'aIig ('_c| (- /Input .1: suwn;_ nn-n. in llmt 'lIremei:I SunmicvIIIICI Spring Aulunm Inlrnnl smsun cniuh . mi~nIlIs x [Ix-Illenls . Illl(I.lumyvcralurc.-Llnlly / rhllllt sciusunml my Generic spm { DlinhllnTrnnrc I lnlcnulI cllglliKc) yFig.lbYin-Vang Cy: -lo Blend:Scusonsl Phenom.Motion Inpul 2; 'in an:(mai)n. L'r| IInL mm.ursmus r. .m~nn~ '. .ng Ym Inlenal rrlaliic l. cnIuh Vcl-IIHU| u>_ nuIr. IvN| Iun.|vn| Ii: rvIi: d I Illlend I:Scaled in rii Yin-Yang cyue I I. mnr. .icd Hlcnd I Ink 2.! 2h S| rIL'llr< Ali 'in Yang | .')LlE u~ciLi~ Iclt-rem:lnimr lnr ~. 'lIm[)VSl0n in all cycles Ph= m>m: rIiIlugiI. .Il Mnlu-n Aim Ll{. 1iIIi. l_iL'2|IHlghllghlul elunrnls calhcr, Icm mum... .in. n urn | uII. IlIl).II'nn$IIInrI_ | )aIlcmcrl mniipnvm 12. Ilwlll rnr1btful ir. ..-ii iii. .. I ii . .. .MIMI).'in "an;l_ck Ii 5 Elulnunl Pilllurrnx Nerwiwii Isiiiid n. .. 1|:i . ... .i i. ... .. . ii . ..,Fig.3. .. ,ii. .ii. ...i, ii. i YinYang map extended to Grlling . .., .,. , riinimiiiii;1J1)DIklhr (D1VHIDII lrlvlllllli . ii. - IKIII ,1 Li-i~IIul4ll iii ,. ii-viii uni ii.lLlI. (lll IVIHII mi A llr in II ii. _< vllltl i-i. .ii Rxgni iv.mliirni II| lI-I iii., i. ... i.. i VI in g _r iii. ii. ..i . i iii llili urrxm ii-n. .i. llNV( Vlml Ib1lrml'Rl n llA lrrnl (Al 'lH i. niii. i. iii i iiii VHIIIH Vlalwr i NI II-IIIMD-I i. ... .ii illlll to Five Element Patterns_ , K ii. i.ii. i 7 V,. I i. ,.. .i >/ -.. i.. ... . / . /r viixvliiui W N.l| YlIl). ., -iiigii. i. . i. .ii. i.i. .i. i. i. ii.I . ..i . r.i. .i. ..ii IIIVAATIT .In-llhlll U)Ll41IIAAllInzflllihll i. .. ll 'IlIi -llllui. . TI I. ru iii,l. lll ; Illli IUKVIIII L. __, __I um . i . .ii. i H ilamutwinpiiizinnit? -llllli II)I . lli. ..i .ii. .. '. I1LlIIll VI l . . in i lli Klnld 1- ix i. i..llIV)Il| :(-In Firlllllrlt-l