Napoleonic Europe

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Napoleonic Europe. Rise of Napoleon. 1792 Became captain 1794 Promoted to brigadier general at age 25 1795 Saved National Convention from Parisian mob 1796 Made commander of French army in Italy 1797 Returned to France as conquering hero to train army for invasion of Britain - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Napoleonic Europe

Napoleonic Europe

Napoleonic Europe

Rise of Napoleon1792 Became captain1794 Promoted to brigadier general at age 251795 Saved National Convention from Parisian mob1796 Made commander of French army in Italy1797 Returned to France as conquering hero to train army for invasion of Britain Stuck Egypt to threaten British holdings in India1799 Participated in coup dtat that led to his virtual dictatorship Made first consul, head of three-man executive1802 Made consul for life1804 Crowned himself emperor

Napoleon at HomeWanted to strengthen own power2 Major Areas of Change:ReligionLawNapoleon and ReligionRemember, its the Enlightenment ideal!RATIONALISMCatholic France, Muslim EgyptReligion provided morality and supportNapoleon and ReligionConcordat of 1801Pope could depose French bishops, but Napoleon named new onesPope forced to acknowledge accomplishments of Revolution, prevented from getting Church lands back, and force to recognize Catholicism as religion of majority, NOT stateRelationship between church and state changed:No state religionC and Pro. Clergy on state payrollC church no longer enemyNapoleon and LawNapoleonic Code: apply Enl/FrRev to lawEquality of all citizens; right of individuals to choose profession, religion; abolish serfdom and feudalismNapoleonic Code: stop radicalDivorce more difficult; property in control of men; women in minority status; protect property; conscription allowed for militaryNapoleon and LifeReconstructed Bureaucracy: meritocracyReconstructed Economy: Continental SystemCut British out of EuropeOnly loosely appliedReconstructed Culture: bring religion back, but also stressed physics and chemistry; also encouraged arts, architecture, monuments, police force, sewer systems.Napoleon AbroadTaking CS and CN with himFought CoalitionsMajor enemy: Britain, esp. w/sea powerDefeated Prussia, Austria, destroyed HREEventually defeatedBritish sea powerNationalism of invaded areasInvasion of Russia, Great Retreat

End of NapoleonExiled to ElbaReturned, 1815; defeated again and sentenced to St. HelenaQuick-WriteDoes Napoleon carry on the Revolution, End the Revolution, or Both? Defend your answer in a well-written paragraph.

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