Nano-Education Initiatives from the MRSEC programs Dan Steinberg, Princeton MRSEC Eileen Sheu, Univ....

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Nano-Education Initiatives from the MRSEC programs Dan Steinberg, Princeton MRSEC Eileen Sheu, Univ. of Chicago MRSEC

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Transcript of Nano-Education Initiatives from the MRSEC programs Dan Steinberg, Princeton MRSEC Eileen Sheu, Univ....

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  • Nano-Education Initiatives from the MRSEC programs Dan Steinberg, Princeton MRSEC Eileen Sheu, Univ. of Chicago MRSEC
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  • Materials Research Science and Engineering Centers (MRSECs) Currently 31 University-based Centers across the country* Research: Biomaterials, Hard Condensed Matter Phenomena, Electronic Materials, Energy/Sustainability, Magnetism/Spintronics, Mechanics of Materials, Multiferroics, Nanotechnology, Photonic Materials, Polymers, Soft Condensed Matter/Materials 73 Interdisciplinary research groups (IRGs), 4 initiatives 50 IRGs have nano-focus Educational Outreach and Knowledge Transfer Shared Instrumental and Computational Facilities (*4 Centers phasing out)
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  • Integration of Research & Education High School student, Moyukh Chatterjee, develops a high vacuum system at the Princeton MRSEC in Jason Pettas lab. He won lots of NJ science fair awards. Bi nanowires via AAO templating, produced in Chatterjees vacuum system. Univ. of Chicago REU student, Rodney Goldsmith from Xavier University of LA, at the AFM. K. E. Mueggenburg, X.-M. Lin, R.H. Goldsmith, and H.M. Jaeger, Elastic membranes of close-packed nanoparticle arrays, Nature Materials 6, 656 - 660 (2007). Faculty-student teams from UPR-San Juan in Christian Bineks lab, and from UPR-Humacao in Peter Dowbes lab, Nebraska MRSEC
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  • Focus on Diversity/ Emphasis on Mentoring Partnerships for Research & Education in Materials (PREM) Cal-Northridge/ Princeton CCNY/ Chicago Clark Atlanta/ GA Tech Howard-PGCC/ JHU Jackson State/ UCSB Norfolk State/ Cornell NM Highlands/ U Wash STC Tuskegee/ Cornell UNM/ Harvard UPR-Humacao/ Penn UPR-Mayaguez/ Wisconsin UT-Pan Am/ Minnesota UT-San Antonio/ Northwestern Xavier Univ. LA/ NYU Programs for Local K-12 Students Undergrad and gruaduate tudents from the UPR- Humacao/Penn PREM High school student participants in the Jackson State/UCSB PREM Middle school students participate in NWU MRSEC, UCSB MRSEC activities
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  • Consideration for Different Learning Styles Gigantic carbon nanotube balloon structure from UW Madison MRSEC Giant buckyball from UMD MRSEC. Sometimes bounces around physics building atrium. Itai Cohen, Cornell MRSEC, illustrates the nanoscale through dance Plasma etched imprint resist, UMass MRSEC Reaction-induced phase separation in thermosets, UMass MRSEC The UMass MRSEC initiated a partnership with the Boston MOS. This included an exhibit of images from the VISUAL program
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  • Real nano-phenomena and experiences Philippe Guyot-Sionnest, Chicago MRSEC, with desktop interactive to demonstrate properties of CdSe quantum dots. OK/AR and Yale MRSECs use table-top SEMs for programs for local schools. Harvard MRSEC REU students, and others, after a tour of the Clean Room Portable MBE system from the Yale MRSEC used for teacher professional development programs Nationwide access to MRSEC Shared Facility Intrumentation. Especially Invites researchers from PUIs, high schools
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  • Partnerships in Formal and Informal Science Education UW MRSEC (GEMSEC) graduate student talks about her research in conjunction with the Strange Matter exhibit at the PacSci Center MIT graduate students demonstrate nanoscience at the Cambridge Science Festival MRSECs involved with a number of ISE partners & collaborations Vin Crespi, shares ideas at a FI/Penn State MRSEC activity development meeting Northwestern MRSEC member, R.P.H. Chang initiated both Materials World Modules and NCLT. Christine Jones (Colorado MRSEC), Marni Goldman (Stanford MRSEC), collaborated with the NanoLeap Curriculum
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  • Working together to achieve excellence Creation of inter-MRSEC logic models at Princeton Education Coordinators meeting Inter-MRSEC logic model resulting from Princeton meeting. At MIT, Prof. Isiah Warner from LSU talks to Education Coordinators about importance of mentoring.
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  • Acknowledgements DMR-MRSEC Program Officers Thomas Rieker Sean Jones Charles Ying (& former program officers) Rama Bansil William Brittain W. Lance Haworth Carmen Huber Maija Kukla Ulrich Strom MRSEC Centers Brandeis University University of Minnesota Brown University University of Nebraska California Institute of Tech. University of Oklahoma/ Carnegie Mellon University University of Arkansas Colorado School of Mines University of Pennsylvania Columbia University University of Southern Mississippi Cornell University University of Washington Harvard University University of Wisconsin, Madison Johns Hopkins University Yale University Massachusetts Inst. of Tech. New York University Northwestern University Ohio State University Pennsylvania State University Princeton University Stanford/IBM ARC /UC Davis/UC Berkeley University of Alabama University of California, Santa Barbara University of Chicago University of Colorado University of Maryland University of Massachusets, Amherst National Science Foundation