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  • 1. Editorial Board Discover MagazineEditor Advisory BoardAmy Lee Antonio AReports Editors Jeffrey MCarbett A Barash GMarie D Brown BMarketing Head Davis JFord K John D Antony NGraphic Designer Elizabeth AJanice G James PHenry K Barbie MStephen MPR DepartmentDavid VLudvik S Copyright 2011 Fortnightly Publications Ltd. All rights reserved.The copyright for all the editorial material contained in Discover Magazine, in the form of layout, content. No part of this publicationmay be published in any form whatsoever without the prior written permission of the publisher.Disclaimer: Although great care has been taken in compiling and checking the information given herein to ensure that it is accurate,the publisher shall not be in no way directly or indirectly responsible for any error, omissions or inaccuracy in this publication whetherarising from negligence or otherwise. Fortnightly. does not guarantee, directly or indirectly, the quality or efficacy of the product orservice described in the advertisements or other material which is commercial in nature in this publication.
  • 2. EditorialW elcome to Discover magazine, the fortnightly publication that gives you an insight into upcoming stars of the future. Each week we provide you with success stories from all around the world, from different fields and walks of life.This special issue focuses on the recent graduate Miss Naina Aggarwal. Naina has just finished herMasters in International Public Relations from Cardiff University and after having received a distinctionon the course, she is set to take the world of public relations by storm.Find in this issue an exclusive and candid interview with star herself. Just turn to page 3 and discoverwhat drives Naina and the story behind her passion for Public Relations as a profession; solve the Editorialmystery behind her year at University and be a part of her life as she shares her future plans.You will also get the unique chance to see for the first time ever, the published preview of her statementof results and the comments made by her professors on her dissertation on page 9 and 11.Think youve had enough? Well not yet! Turn to page 13 and find a portfolio of the various campaignsand written work produced by Naina during her year at university. These include the executivesummary of the Integrated Marketing Plan devised to bring Pinkberry to the United Kingdom market;the brochure design and sample content of Enfuse Youth Londons website; a press invite for the mosttalked about natural gas exploration conference of the year, Rock Energys Energy Extraction and lastbut not the least, press releases for the Yummy chocolate factory and Rock Energy.Thats all for now. Signing off till next time, with a new face and new start.Yours trulyAmy Lee
  • 3. Naina Aggarwal Chairperson Youthwing Heart Care Foundation of India ple dont in spite of disea ses occurring, peoTo promo te a society where nce in the field onal as well as international presesuff er. To have a nati ltants to hospitals , government ainers, consuof hea lth awareness as tr the development of health itutions, and in bodies and research inst ankind. s for th e betterment of m awareness program from all all aspects of health for people awareness about der one To create , incorporati ng all pathies un sections of the society of life plicable health g and designin g cost effective re roof by conceptualizin s. awareness module
  • 4. Introducing the New Kid on the Block: Naina AggarwalH ailing from the culturally diverse, multi-religious and extremely colorful land of India, Naina Aggarwal, is a creative and enthusiastic public relations post- graduate; who has just completed her New KidMasters in International Public Relations at Cardiff University and has passed with adistinction.Naina has over three years part-time experience working with a number of Charities,International Corporations and International Organisations. She has previously held theposition of the Chairperson of the Youth chapter of an NGO - Heart Care Foundation of India,gained invaluable experience through summer internships with global brands such as Coca-Cola India, the United Nations, Enfuse Youth London and a IJCP, a medical communicationsgroup.Naina firmly believes in having a positive attitude and taking all challenges in her stride. Inan exclusive interview with Davina Patel, Naina talks about her life, her career and the lessonslearnt along the way.As I walk into the penthouse suite of The Taj Hotel at St James Park in London, I wascompletely overwhelmed by the smell of lavender. Dozens of bottles of mineral water lined a
  • 5. perfectly elegant table and across it was a tall, slender figure, an image of perfection. Q. If I am correct, you completed your bachelors degree in Political Science honors from Delhi University with a first class honors, then why Public Relations? A. The three years I spent studying Political Science Honors at the Lady Shri Ram College in New Delhi were invaluable and created for me, a strong base upon which I could build any career of my choice. My interest in Public Relations came as a matter of chance when I initiated the youth chapter of an Indian charitable organisation, the Heart Care Foundation of India. It was while I spent most of my time actively promoting the charity, engaging young people, interacting with the media and organizing events and publicity stunts; that I discovered my passion for public relations. Q. Tell us about your experience doing your masters in International Public Relations from New Kid Cardiff University? A. My year at Cardiff University was just incredible. It not only made me a more confident individual but it also helped inculcate in me a global perspective. The MA IPR course was an apt base for a strong future career in Public Relations. I am today equipped to design Integrated Marketing Plans, Public Relation Campaigns; Social Media canvasses and organize press conferences. I also have established a strong contact base with professionals in the field and made friends from all over the world. Q. If I am not wrong, you wrote your own research thesis by the end of the course. Tell us more about it? A. Yes I did indeed. My research thesis was titled Rebranding Non-Governmental Organizations through Public Relations an integrated campaign for the Loomba Foundation; a global NGO
  • 6. that works for the empowerment of widows and their children. During the process of theresearch I got the unique opportunity to attend the International Widows Day Conferenceat the United Nations Headquarters in New York. I also got a chance to interview six highprofile PR professionals and renowned dignitaries such as Cherie Blair, Yoko Ono, Lord RajLoomba and Mr Vijay Dutt. My thesis was awarded a distinction by my university and hasbeen recommended for an award.Q. That sounds amazing! Congratulations from all of our readers and the team at Discovermagazine. Tell us Naina, what are your plans now?A. Well, my focus right now remains to find a job and step into the actual working world ofPublic Relations. I feel that my biggest USP, as a candidate is that I bring to the table whatthe companys core value demands; a person who is willing to learn and develop continuouslyby taking initiative, being dedicated and having a passion for my work. My varied work New Kidexperiences and my masters degree have helped inculcate in me a symbiotic mix of thetheoretical and working knowledge required as a stepping-stone for a successful PR career.So I have my fingers crossed!Q. Seriousness aside, why dont you tell our readers what you like doing in your spare time?A. Well, I am a foodie so I love cooking. I am passionate about dancing and have been trainedboth in Indian classical and Western dance. I have always been passionate about social workand love spending my weekends working for the benefit of those who need help. I feel thatthe satisfaction you get out of helping others is one that you cant get from anything else.To find out more on Naina Aggarwal turn to the next page.You can also follow her on twitter:!/ nainaaggarwal
  • 7. Naina AggarwalPublic Relations Postgraduate
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  • 11. Naina Aggarwal Interned with Coca-Cola,
  • 12. l i o t f o o rP
  • 13. Executive Summary (Integrated Marketing Proposal for Expansion of Pinkberry to the UK) Pinkberry is an iconic frozen yogurt brand in the US. The companys success has been replicated in the Middle East and Mexico, making it a global brand. Our proposal is to expand Pinkberry further by penetrating the UK market. Our analysis shows that the UK would be an ideal environment, as there is no major frozen yogurt brand already present. Competition is weak, with independent stores and locations concentrated in London. Although the economy is in recovery, spending habits on leisure activities and eating out still remain high. The government is currently encouraging the growth of businesses in order to pull back the economy to its entirety thus making the UK an apt market to exploit. We believe that for the success of our brand, it is imperative to adopt the pathway of the adaptation within standardization model of marketing. Creating a globally recognized brand remains one of our main missions and we aim to achieve this by maintaining a uniformity in terms of store and website design, product standards, franchise policies, brand positioning and company values in all stores across the world. However, we do not deny the existence of differences in cultures, values and attitudes amongst nations and wish to adapt to the UK culture, in order to domesticate our brand thereby creating a feeling of belongingness amongst the people. Our new logo for the United Kingdom, embossed with the British crown will imbibe the essence of the British culture. Our seasonal flavors will reflect the demands of the population and our raw materials will be sourced from local British sources. Our promotional strategies will be a perfect blend of advertising, public relations and digital marketing. The Pinkberries, an entourage of six Pinkberry girls that ride on pink Vespas will be our brand mascots, who will be seen touring around the country creating brand presence. The pink Vespas will be our primary mode of transport for all activities from delivery to promotion.2 We will have two primary ad campaigns, which will be aired on national television in 30-second slots. We will also flavour of the week campaigns, a Pinkberry iPhone application, Pinkberry groupie cards, scratch the berry contests giving out discount incentives to people and two for one Pinkberry days where people can double their pleasure at the price of one. For our guerrilla-marketing stunt we will use Trafalgar square as our destination on a perfect Sunday afternoon and a giant Pinkberry cup shaped slide as our tool to reach the masses. As a part of our public relations strategy we will tie up with Weight Watchers in order to emphasize on the low fat characteristic of our product. We will make optimum use of all special occasions such as Valentines Day where we will provide specially customized Pinkberry flower bouquets to increase our brand awareness. We will fully utilise all channels of digital media such as Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and a user-friendly website making Pinkberry an easily accessible brand. Our CSR strategies will include making October the month of Breast Cancer support, promoting the importance of a healthy and balanced diet in schools through our brand ambassador Jamie Oliver and conducting a Pinkberry marathon in order to raise money for the patients suffering from the Coeliac disease. We plan to launch Pinkberry in the 2012 fiscal year and using the strategies mentioned above, we expect to gain a significant market share and increased brand awareness.
  • 14. Website Content and Brochure Designing for Enfuse Youth London
  • 15. Naina Aggarwal Interned with IJCP
  • 16. Press Conference InvitationTopic: Possibilities of shale and coal bed methane extraction in the United KingdomWe are pleased to inform you that Rock energy is holding a press conference to discuss their possibleinvestment in shale and coal bed methane extraction in the United Kingdom.The press conference will be addressed by Rock Energys CEO - Miss Ashley Krupnik, its Press Officer-Miss Naina Aggarwal and will be chaired by Miss Theresa Liao. Also present will be Rock Energysresearch expert on the world energy market Miss Ania Markowska.Subject of the Press ConferenceWe are Rock are committed to bringing the future of energy to the present. We are a major contributorto the development on the UKs energy market, not just through the products and services we provide,but also through our extensive research and exploration into energies of the future. We are looking atinvesting in shale and coal bed methane projects in the UK and we want to reassure our stakeholders Invitationthat all their concerns and opinions will be taken into due consideration. Thus in order to discussthe possibilities of shale and coal extraction projects in the UK and to enlighten you with our vision,our mission and our strategic plan for the same we invite you to join us for a press conference.We would request your good self to please send your official press reporters and press photographersto the below given place and time, so that they can cover the session and speak to the presentdignitaries on the concerned topic Press Conference DetailsWhere: Room 3.14, Bute Building, Cardiff University CampusWhen: Tuesday, 22nd of March 2011Time: 9:20 amNote: The press conference will be followed by a lunch where the press will be allowed to interactwith other present notables.Thanking youMiss Ashley KrupnikCEO ROCK ENERGYTel: 07761428638
  • 17. Naina AggarwalInterned with UN-Habitat, Water for Asian Cities Program The United Nations Human Settlements Programme, UN-HABITAT, is the United Nations agency for human settlements. It is mandated by the UN General Assembly to promote socially and environmentally sustainable towns and cities with the goal of providing adequate shelter for all.
  • 18. Rock EnergyLeicester SquareLondon, United KingdomDE21 4SAPress ReleaseFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 22nd 2011- London, United KingdomROCK ENERGYS INVESTMENT IN SHALE AND COAL BED EXTRACTION IN THE UNITED KINGDOMRock Energy, the UKs leading developer of natural gas, has announced plans to explore 11 shale and coal bed methanereserves located around the country.The shale and coal bed methane reserves Rock Energy has identified in the UK remain to be in the exploratory stages.The reserve in question is located in Lancashire, Northern England. There are 11 other shale and coal bed methanereserves that have been identified throughout the UK; Rock Energy is currently in the permit and licensing stages tobegin exploration.Ashley Krupnik, CEO of Rock Energy, spoke for the current operations: Just over a decade of experience and knowledgeallows us to implement industry-leading processes, procedures and controls throughout all projects acquired.Natural gas is an essential player in the future of energy. With the use of highly advanced technological breakthrough,namely the combination of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling, unreachable natural gas reserves can now beaccessed. Press ReleaseAnia Markowska, Environmental Expert for Rock Energy, says: Despite the promise of alternative energy sources -called renewable energy, they currently provide only about seven percent of the worlds energy needs. Thus, instead ofjust focusing on renewables, an option including a blend of less polluting fossil fuels and renewables is the best solutionfor now. If the permit and licensing stages to begin exploration succeed, the hydraulic fracturing process will be used toextract the gas.Hydraulic fracturing is a stimulation process used to maximize the extraction of underground resources oil, natural gasand geothermal energy. Being an essential process for the production of natural gas from shale formation, the gas andoil industry since the 1940sAnia Markowska said, Fracking is a proven technological advancement which allows to safely recover natural gas fromdeep shale formations. Properly conducted modern hydraulic fracturing is a safe, sophisticated, highly engineered andcontrolled procedure.Rock Energy prides itself on transparency. Rock Energy uses a minimum amount of chemicals in the fracking fluid thatare well within the European regulations as well as exercising caution and the utmost care when constructing wells anddrilling near aquifers.XXXNote to Editors:About Rock Energy:Headquartered in London, Rock Energy is a major contributor to the development of energy on the global market, notjust through the products and services they provide, but also through extensive research and exploration into the energiesof the future.For further information, please contactNaina AggarwalTel: +44 (0)1355 8460000Fax: +44 (0)1355 8460001E-mail: [email protected]
  • 19. 79 Charing Cross Road, London, England, United Kingdom Postcode: WC2H 0NE Tel: (+44) 7764589123, Email: [email protected] News Release Dec 5th 2011 Embargo until - 8th December 2010 8:00 GMT. ITS THE SEASON TO FORGET LOVE, BECAUSE EVERY WOMAN IS FALLING FOR THE YUMMY CHOCOLATE BAR! London, United Kingdom, Dec 5th 2011 - Its time for every woman to unleash her inner chocoholic, for the Yummy Chocolate Company is all set to launch its organic, low calorie, healthy and fair trade Yummy Chocolate bar, a dairy milk chocolate bar. The product launch will be held in simultaneous events across London, New York Beijing, Moscow, Nairobi and Sydney on the 8th of December 2010. The Yummy Chocolate bar is a revolutionary product; a result of an investment of a mammoth 2 billion pounds, the largest amount ever spent on developing a chocolate bar. It contains only 100 calories for a 40-gram bar and is iconize by its distinct purple color wrapper, making it ideal for young trendy women. For young women, who indulge in chocolate twice as much as men, the chocolate bar makes a perfect treat to enjoy at break times and provides as alternative to desert at meal times and for an end of evening desert says Karl Karlson, the President of the Yummy Chocolate Company. Keeping in mind that women like to share their chocolate treat, we have designed the chocolate bar into two segments, making it ideal for sharing. The yummy chocolate bar is vegetarian and has no traces of peanut making it suitable for all types of people. It is created with such perfection that it only melts in your mouth and not in your hands and is easy to hold or keep in New Release your handbag. The Yummy Chocolate bar is available in two sizes, the 40 gram and 80 gram bars. It is manufactured at existing factories located in Cardiff, Colorado and Beijing and the two new factories at Moscow and Nairobi. It is now available at all leading departmental stores at a retail price, which is constant with the already existent non-organic and fair-trade chocolate bars, thus making it a chocolate bar definitely worth a try! xxx ENDS xxx Notes to Editors About Yummy Chocolate Company The Yummy Chocolate Company was founded on the 23rd of October 1985 when its co-founders Hailey Wang, a restaurateur, and Holly Simon, a chef with a fascination for desserts and chocolates, blended past inspirations from their chocolate tasting excursions across the European Union and created the perfect marriage of extraordinary taste palates and a social experience to satisfy the chocoholic residing within each one of us. The current President of the Yummy Chocolate Company is Karl Karlson who took up his position towards the end of November 2009. Karl has been working with the Yummy Chocolate Company since the past five years and continuously strives to make the Yummy Chocolate Company the equivalent of Coca-Cola in the chocolate market. Karl has a family and two children, a daughter aged 5 and a son aged 3 years old. He is a chocoholic and normally eats one Yummy Chocolate bar every day. Karl feels that the yummy chocolate bar is his favorite product and the investment in its production is a part of their long-term business strategy to secure reliable and more cost-effective production facilities across the world. He believes that women buy twice as much chocolate as men and hence the chocolate bar is targeted towards women from the age group of 18-35. For more information please log onto or contact the Public relations team of Yummy Chocolate Company. 53 Oxford Circus Road, London, England, United Kingdom Postcode: WC3H 0NE Tel: (+44) 7764589573 Email: [email protected]
  • 20. Naina Aggarwal with thePresident of India An Honour indeed!!To know more see:Twitter: http://nainaaggarwal.wordpress.comLinkedin: