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A Myriad Magazine published by HauteLife press.

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  • spring i summer 2008 the myriad restaurant group magazine


    in 1985, when we opened montrachet, French

    food went hand in hand with a certain formality.

    But i took a look around and decided we could

    give new Yorkers the same high-quality food

    and wine experiences without the jacket and tie.

    montrachet showed that luxurious dining did not

    need to be formal or pretentious and didnt have to

    happen in midtown. tribeca was a just-emerging

    neighborhood back then, but i took a chance and

    have never regretted it. myriad is heavily involved

    with the tribeca community because we believe in

    being good citizens in the communities we serve.

    We sponsor local Little League teams, support local

    charities like City harvest and Citymeals-on-Wheels,

    and work with the tribeca partnership.

    With Tribeca Grill, i wanted to create a fun

    neighborhood restaurant that was authentically

    new York, but also comfortable and familiar. robert

    De niro wanted to open a film center here and

    came to me with the idea for an eatery downstairs.

    in 1990, greenwich street was on the outskirts of

    the neighborhood and i thought to myself, Who

    the hell is going to come all the way to the wilds of

    Tribeca? Well, they came! and theyre still coming.

    not just from around the cornerfrom europe, asia,

    and south america. Weve become an important



    Nobu New york City was next, offering a unique take

    on Japanese food in an inventive and original setting

    designed by David rockwell. there are nobus all

    over the world now, and we are involved in several of

    them. Next door Nobu and its no-reservation policy

    brought us back to the idea of accessibility, which

    has always been my philosophical cornerstone.

    Nobu 57 and Nobu London bring the nobu

    experience to a broader audience.

    rubicon in san Francisco focuses on the bounty of

    the wine country nearby and is linked to our tribeca

    restaurants in its philosophy of excellent food in a

    luxurious setting without stiffness or formality.

    Centrico, which opened in 2002, features the

    dynamic regional mexican cooking of aarn

    sanchez. the restaurant is an excellent fit in one of

    tribecas most picturesque corners: a perfect place to

    celebrate, have a great cocktail, and enjoy authentic

    mexican cuisine.

    our latest venture, mai House, which opened in

    2006, represents our affection for Vietnamese cuisine.

    We wanted to serve exquisite food from a country

    whose cooking had been largely unexplored in

    new York, and to serve it in a gorgeous setting.

    Vietnamese food with a new York twist.

    (continued on page 4)

    Considering how long weve been doing this, you might imagine that its all about a love affair with the restaurant business, pure and simple. this would be only partially true, because its bigger than just thatits about a love affair with the city of new York. my brother and i were born and raised here; we are new Yorkers to the core. We love the people, we love the neighborhoods, and we love the home teams (a lot).

    our father, who lived in the city his whole life, did work for restaurants. our mother was an actress who gave us a great sense of theater. they both raised us with a uniquely new York sensibility. i found it fascinating that the city was filled with such diverse places for eating out, and the chefs and restaurateurs of those years were an amazing group. there was no Food network, no glamour; these guys worked hard with no expectation of fame or notoriety. they had tremendous integrity. i knew the restaurant business was for me, and i knew it had to be in new York.

    New York from the Start

    tribeca in the heart

    I knew the restaurant business was for me, and I knew it had to be in New York.

  • the myriad restaurant group magazine spring i summer 20084


    obviously, i am partial to dining in our restaurants. however, if variety is the spice of

    life, my life is seasoned by the amazing array of restaurants that ive enjoyed dining at

    here in new York City. ive had exemplary meals at Joseph Bastianichs Del posto and

    eric riperts Le Bernardin. michael Lomonaco cooks up savory dishes at porter house.

    scott Campbell is now enticing diners in the tranquil setting of the new Leaf Cafe.

    tony Fortuna and arthur Backals Lenox room has evolved into the welcoming t-Bar

    steak & Lounge. stephen Lofreddos zo and zo townhouse, and Jimmy Bradleys

    the red Cat take good care of their guests, as do Jimmy nicholas and Bill telepan at

    telepan. a pretheater dinner at District with patricia Williams cooking sets the stage

    for a great evening. Jean-georges Vongerichten and Daniel Boulud bring joy to the

    palate at each of their enterprises. David Burke serves exemplary food and a good

    time at each of his restaurants. one of our myriad alumni, michael trenk, runs a tight

    ship as gm at Capital grille, and ed Browns menu

    resonates at 81 restaurant. as restaurant Chairman

    for nYC & Co., i serve on a committee with such

    stellar restaurateurs as Danny meyer, tony may, steve

    hanson, penny glazier, allan Kurtz, and rita Jammet.

    they are all wonderful ambassadors of hospitality.

    With all of this quality, variety, and hospitality, its

    easy to see why new York City is the restaurant

    capital of the world.

    tracy nieporent Director of Marketing and Partner

    The Myriad Restaurant Group

    tracy nieporent: Culinary Camaraderie

    our success comes from having a passion and soul for what we do and executing it well. and im proud that our restaurants have stood the test of time and provide a setting where locals and visitors alike can create lasting memories in this fabulous city.

    Drew nieporent Owner

    The Myriad Restaurant Group

    eric ripert and tracy Nieporent at City harvests 2008 Practical magic Ball

  • spring i summer 2008 the myriad restaurant group magazine 5

    tribeca grillrestaurant

    The heart of our success has always been our people. Our staffs personality, efforts and talents are what Tribeca Grill reflects and why it remains so vibrant today, says managing partner martin shapiro. Foremost amongst our team is Executive Chef Stephen Lewandowski, whose market-driven menu is one of the hallmarks of our restaurant.

    stephens contemporary american fare is based in classical technique while reflecting his creative passion. he enrolled at the Culinary institute of america on his 21st birthday. after graduation, he started at manhat-tans abbey restaurant before moving on to gotham Bar & grill and then Fantino in the ritz Carlton. he spent several years with ritz Carlton, cooking in various cities. in 1999 he was named executive sous chef for the peabody orlando, overseeing all five restaurants for the 1000-room hotel. stephen started at tribeca grill in 2000 working under Chef Don pintabona as his sous chef, and one year later was promoted to chef de cuisine. When Don moved on to pursue other projects in 2002, stephen took the reigns as executive chef. here, he takes a moment to reflect on his passion for cooking and the menu at the grill.

    what inspired you to become a chef? i remember always being in the kitchen when i was growing up in central new Jersey. i have five brothers and a sister, so sundays were a big day for us. thats when the family sat down and had a large meal. my father led the cooking and i helped out peeling and cutting vegetables. i was interested in business but after much thought decided to rule out the traditional path, college, etc. i got a job cooking at a local catering hall. a friend in the industry pushed me to attend the Culinary institute of america. it was the best experience i ever had - unforgettable and incredibly influential.

    what did you learn as you were honing your skills after graduation from the CIa? i learned a lot at the abbey and an incredible amount under alfred portale at gotham Bar & grill. Both afforded me terrific opportuni-ties in the beginning of my career to learn, experiment, and grow. my next move was Fantino in the ritz Carlton, where the executive chef taught me about managing a large kitchen, how to motivate people and really get the best out of them. and the ritz Carlton philosophy of

    sitting With the CheF executive Chef Stephen Lewandowski

    this year tribeca grill celebrates its 18th anniversary. the grill continues to stay true to its roots as a neighborhood restaurant by serving food

    that is simple, honest and without pretension.

    Total Quality Management really offered me great skills in leadership, including a large focus on employee training and mentoring. all of my experiences before joining tribeca grill have influenced me and helped me cultivate my style.

    how do you describe your cuisine and the menu at the Grill? the grill has a robust contemporary american menu. my style is earthy, with a focus on simplicity and clean flavors.

    tribeca Grill places large emphasis on its wine program. how does this factor into your menu? We are proud to be one of only five restaurants in new York City to be honored with the coveted Wine spectator grand award. Weve received the award every year since 200