MY Social Sellling Transformation

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I wanted to share the deck that I presented at the Quarterly meeting of the AA-ISP, held at LinkedIn's San Francisco's based office on 3/20/2013.

Transcript of MY Social Sellling Transformation

  • 1. Sales NavigatorSchon MessierAccount ExecutiveLinkedIn Sales Solutions2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

2. My personal transformation towards social selling2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. LSS 2 3. What is the top challenge that I hear across sales leaders? Build MorePipeline**(On average, only 20 - 30% of Sales leadsare generated through Marketing)2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. LSS 3 4. Buying Process has fundamentally changedCustomers are more informed, and they are less responsive to traditional means75 % 57 % 97 % B2B purchaserBuying decisionsOf the time cold influenced are made before calls do not workby social sales rep involvement Corporate Executive Board 2012 Connect & Sell 2012 IBM Buyers Preference Study 2011 2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.LSS4 5. Call From Unknown408-612-3467Contacts Lists CompanyCold Webpage Contact vs.New Schon old Schon TargetedSocialWarmSearch Profile Introduction2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.LSS 5 6. How LinkedIn sales navigator defines social sellingWho What HowWho are the What to How do I get Right People?talk about? a warm intro?+200M+2B Billions members member updates Of connections per week2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. LSS 6 7. Who are the right people?1Find Key ProspectsNew Schon My search yielded 124,789 search results! I dont have time to sort through all these searches By using the premium search filters, it gets much narrower266 Results With TeamLink, I can narrow down to profiles that have connection paths to my team (